Green Glass:

"Paneled Thistle" vaseline spooner by Higbee

"Pearl Flowers" three footed bowl, maker unknown

"Sunflower" footed cake plate, maker unknown 
"Twiggy"leaf bowls, by Indiana Glass

"Block Optic" sherbet dishes,  by Hocking
"Patrician" (Spoke) plate, by Federal Glass Co.
"Crinkle",  by Morgantown

Apple Orchard,  by Hazel Atlas

Clear Glass:
"Moonstone" bowls, by Anchor Hocking

"American" plates,  by Fostoria

 "Iris" pitcher, by Jeannette Glass Co.

"Iris" bowl, by Jeannette Glass Co.

Amber Glass:

Hobnail shoe by Fenton

Pink Glass:

Milk Glass:
"Mayfair" (Open Rose) by Hocking

Corning Ware:
"Cornflower Blue" casserole dishes by Corningware

Georges Briard:
Strawberry bent glass platter

Swanky Swigs:

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  1. You have a wonderful dishware collection. I'm smitten with milk glass and hobnail. I'm adding all the time. You can never have enough:)

    1. Tiffany, you are so right. Once you start collecting glass you are always on the lookout for the next pretty piece that you might happen to run across. I like milkglass too, and need to do a blog post on that one of these days, so I can get some pictures added here.

  2. I'm so glad I checked out your "Glassware". I also have some clear green glassware, but don't know where it came from. They may be dessert bowls.

    1. Meggie, I hope you will share pictures of your green glass on your blog someday soon. I'd love to see it!


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