Paper Dolls

All the paperdolls pictured here are from my own personal collection and that of my daughter.
Click on any picture to enlarge it.
(This is a work in progress.  I am still in the process of getting pictures of all
my paperdolls on this site. So I hope you will come back again soon.)

A birthday card  from my Grandmother  when I was 9 or 10 was
the start of my paperdoll collection.    1967?  1968?

Vivian "VIV" Trillow Smith 

"From the Land of Make Believe" - Hallmark 1947 

"Dolls Of The Nations"- Hallmark 1948

"Little Women"  (Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy) - Hallmark 1949

Storyland Dolls- American Greetings

"A Storyland Doll"/ "A Forget Me Not Doll"  -  American Greetings  1949

Holly Hobbie
American Greetings/ Forget Me Not 1969

American Greetings 1972

American Greetings/ Laurel 1974

American Greetings/ Forget Me Not 1976

American Greetings 1977

American Greetings/Laurel 1978

American Greetings/Forget Me Not 1987

American Greetings/ Forget Me Not 1979

American Greetings/ Forget Me Not 1983

American Greetings 1989

Joan Walsh Anglund
J.W.A.- Ambassador/Hallmark 1988
J.W.A. - Ambassador/Hallmark 
J.W.A.- Ambassador/Hallmark 
J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping - Valentines  1987

J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping- Easter 1981

J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping- Easter  1984
J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping- Easter 1991
J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping - Christmas 1978
J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping- Christmas 1980
J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping- Christmas 1981
J.W.A. Children's Page- Good Housekeeping- Christmas  1993

Jack And Jill Magazine

(Ann Eshner,  Jack and Jill Magazine Feb 1956)

Marjolein Bastin
Vera The Mouse,  Marjolein Bastin- Hallmark

Karen Reilly
 Karen Reilly- American Greetings
"Vicky"- Karen Reilly-  American Greetings
 Mermaid- Karen Reilly- American Greetings

"Vicky"-  Karen Reilly -  Forget Me Not /American Greetings

"Vicky"-  Karen Reilly- American Greetings

Grace Drayton

"Dolly Dingle" - Grace Drayton- Reproduction of 1917 Pictorial Review dolls.
Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum- Dover 1978 

Queen Holden

"Foreign Dolls"-  Queen Holden- Platt and Munk 1957

Tom Tierney
"Irish Dancer"- Tom Tierney - Dover 1998

Lucy Rigg
Lucy and Me 1982
Lucy and Company 
Lucy and Company 1985
Lucy and Me
Lucy and Company 1982
Lucy and Company 1985
Lucy and Me

Holly Hughes

Mary Engelbreit

Ann Estelle and friends

Berta And Elmer Hader
"Miriam Has A Happy Easter"
Good Housekeeping  Apr 1924

"May I Be Your Valentine?"
Good Housekeeping   Feb 1924

"Ann Goes To The Sunday-School Picnic"
Good Housekeeping June 1924

"Betsy Rose" - Michel and Co.
"Baby Comfort"- Michel and Co.
"Fanny Louise"- Michel and Co.
Michel and Co.
Michel and Co.

Strawberry Shortcake

Forget Me Not- American Greetings  1980

American Greetings 1981

 American Greetings 1984

Liddle Kiddles
Liddle Kiddles 1966

"Storybook Kiddles Sweethearts"- Whitman 1969

Betsy McCall
Magnetic Betsy McCall on my refrigerator door.

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Bobbs Merrill Co. 1974
Bobbs Merrill Co. 1974
Bobbs Merrill Co 1977

Peck Aubry 1999

Whitman 1954


 Princes Diana and Prince Charles- Tom Tierney 1985

Bridal Paperdolls
"Bride And Groom" - Whitman /Western 1979

Assorted People Paperdolls

Playcard Gibson

Garris - Gibson

Frances Vu- Paramount
Playcard Buzza
Christina- Playcard Buzza/Gibson
Hallmark Mahogany
American Greetings 1980
Sondra- Playcard Gibson
Sandy- Playcard Gibson
Playcard Buzza /Gibson


Christina- Playcard Gibson

Peggy Jo Ackley- The Family Line

American Greetings

"Here's Sue"-  Hallmark

Theresa Borelli-  Fancywork Magazine- Winter 1997/98

Theresa Borelli- Fancywork Magazine Summer 1998

"Marie Taglioni" - Brenda Sneathen Mattox- 
Contemporary Doll Magazine 1993

Troll- Workbasket Magazine 

"Front And Back Dolls and Dresses"
James and Jonathan/Lowe 1964

Doll House Cut Outs  #2129
#2129 Landoll Publishing Co., Huron Ohio

"Effanbee's Wee Patsy Paper Dolls and Playhouse" -
John Axe-   Hobby House 1995
"Cinderella" - Disney
"Alice In Wonderland"- John Tenniel -
B Shackman and Co. 
"Amy"- Whitman- 1968

"Sketchy"-  Mattel 1970

 "Polly Pal"- Leon Jason- Lowe

"Heather, Jill and Anne"-  Artcraft/ Saalfield  1971

Baby Grows Up-  Whitman 1955

"Rosebud" - Whitman- Mattel 1975

"10 Little Theater Paperdolls" - Saalfield

"Sugarplum Dream" - Current 1990

Joan and Betty

"The Sunshine Family" - Whitman 1978
"Sabrina and The Archies" - Whitman 1971

"Barbie's Boutique"- Whitman  1973

"Mary Ann,  Mary Lou,  Mary Jane"- Hilda Miloche
Whitman 1959

"Merry Teens" - Saalfield 1953

Carnation Advertisement

"Career Girls" (Jean the nurse) - Samuel Lowe 1940's

"Career Girls" (Laura the artist) -Samuel Lowe 1940's

"Square Dance" (Betty)- Samuel Lowe 1950's
"Little Women" - Saalfield 1963

"Miss Victoria Rose" - Current  1991

"Miss Unity" - Peggy Jo Rosamund-
United Federation of Doll Collectors 1989
(St. Louis Convention)

"Amanda Goes West"  -L.C. Ross-  Tx. Tech. Univ. Press 1983

"Gone With The Wind" - Peck Aubry  1999

 "Shamrock Paperdolls"-  Saalfield

"Madeline Paperdolls"- Ludwig Bemelmans

"An American Girl" Paperdolls
"Dutch Treat"- Saalfield/Aftcraft
"Keiki Friends" - Yuko Green- 
Island Heritage 2010

"Japanese Kimono"- Ming-Ju Sun - Dover 1986

Madame Alexander "Brunette International Series" - Peck Gandre 1993

"Irish Girl and Boy" - Kathy Allert - Dover  1995

"Scandinavian Girl and Boy" - Kathy Allert - Dover 1993

"Life In  An Eskimo Village" - Joan Arend Kickbush - 1959

Paperdolls From Denmark

 Iben Clante-  CarlsenVerlag  Copenhagen  

Iben Clante- Carlsen Verlag  Copenhagen 

Paperdolls From Spain
Tinez-  Barcelona

Bear Paperdolls
Sisung- Buzza/Gibson
Playcard Gibson

Carlton Cards

"Daisy" - Ming-Ju Sun- Dover 1990

"Teddy Bears"- Whitman 1978

"Teddy Bear Family"- Golden Book 1980

"Goldilocks And the Three Bears" - Lowe 1975

Audrey Christie- Recycled Paper Products Inc 1983
Audrey Christie- Recycled Paper Products Inc 1983

"Hug"-  Ted Menton 1983

"T.J. SoloBear" - Ted Menton  1983

Bunny Paperdolls
Garris- Playcard Gibson
Sisung- Buzza/Gibson 

Forget Me Not/American Greetings

Peter Rabbit and Family- Beatrix Potter- Merrimack Publ.

Cat Paperdolls
American Greetings

"Heather Honeypaws"-  Current 1989
Forget Me Not/American Greetings
"Cheerleader Kitty"

Other Assorted Animal Paperdolls

"The Bushytail Family" -  Kathy Lawrence
1992  Shackman

"Poochie Paperdoll" - Golden book  1983

American Greetings
"The Three Little Pigs"
"Miss Piggy" - Colorforms 1980
"Turkey" - Ladybug Magazine

"Victorian Mouse" - Crystal Collins Sterling - Dover 1986

Canada Cut-Outs Postcards
"Canadian Mountie"- Fill-A Niche Trading Co. 1990
"Fisherman"- Fill-A-Niche Trading Co. 1991
"Inuit Girl"- Fill-A-Niche Trading Co. 1991 
"Hockey Player"- Fill-A-Niche Trading Co. 1991

Hanky Paperdolls
Two's Company

Walking PaperDolls
Ambassador Cards- Hallmark 1978

Greetings Inc.

American Greetings  1979

Forget Me Not /American Greetings  1971

"Toodles The Toddler"-  Artcraft/Saalfield 1966 

Cradle Paperdolls
Playcard Gibson

Garris- Playcard Gibson

 Paperdoll Tea Party Cards

Lace-Up Paperdolls
"Paperdolls With Lace On Costumes" - Saalfield 1955

 "Polly And Molly And Their Dollies"- Saalfield 1958  

"When I Grow Up" lacing kit-  Current 1980

Lace up cat-?

Girl Scout Paperdolls
Scout Uniforms from around the world

Wood or Felt Paperdolls- Children's Toys
Crayon Kids - clothes attach with velcro

Crayon Kids

Crayon Kids

"Princess Elise" -  Wooden Paperdoll, magnetic dress up toy
Melissa and Doug

"Madeline" - Felt board toy
Ludwig Bemelman

 Paperdoll Gift Wrap

Forget Me Not/ American Greetings
Buzza- Gibson Greetings
American Greetings 1976
Hallmark 1981
Rust Craft

Gordon Fraser

Current 1981
American Greetings 1972


Gordon Fraser

Paperdoll Fabric 
Michael Miller  # F-1628
Michael Miller  #C-2245
Daisy Kingdom 1998
Alexander Henry 1997

Paperdoll  Plates

Paperdoll  Sheet Music

Valentine Cards
 (Sondra,  Gibson Greeting Cards Inc.)

 (Eileen,  DaySpring Cards)

(Garris,  Buzza/Gibson Greeting Cards Inc.)


(Lucy Rigg,  1982 Lucy and Me Inc.)

Halloween Cards

I am still working to get scans/photos of all the paperdolls  in my collection up on this page,
so I hope you will come back to visit again.

Paperdoll Links:

Teri Pettit- Paper Doll Land


  1. What a fabulous collection! I didn't have access to many paper dolls when I was growing up so I made my own. I drew each one and then drew their outfits. I spent hours playing with them. I'm glad I had an imagination and was able to do that.
    I drew and painted a lot when I was growing up, but then my whole family did that. Thank you for sharing. They are all so cute.

    Christmas blessings,

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Sandi. I used to draw clothes too. (I think you can see some of them in that first picture with Sherrie.) It's so important to foster imagination and creativity during childhood, and it sounds like you had an ideal one.

  2. Cleared out my mom's house last summer and found some of my paper dolls and some of hers. One of mine actually has a little hair wig. So cute. I love your collection.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you found your childhood paperdolls! You'll have to share some pictures. I do have a girl scout paperdoll that has real hair. (as in not paper.) I don't think I have her pictured here, yet. I need to get the rest of my dolls photo'd/scanned and up on this page soon.

  3. Wow! You sure have a great collection!!!! I love them, I have a few tucked away I'll have to do a small post on them! Thank you for sharing:)

    1. Betty, I hope you will share your paperdolls. I can't wait to see them!

  4. You knew I'd eventually find this page! love it. Was catching up with Marge8's blog and found your link. Work has been a bit crazy and I don't visit fellow bloggers as much as I would like.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to visit my paperdoll page, Linda. I'm glad you like it! I enjoy my visits to visit your, blog, too.


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