I adore tea parties! 
And since you are visiting this page, I bet you do, too!

Whether it's a festive tea with a table full of goodies for the whole family,
or just a quiet cup by yourself,
I hope you take time for a cup of tea today.

Pretty teacups: 

Favorite Teapots:

Cream and Sugar:

Tea cozies:

Family teas in my parent's backyard:

( a couple of the photos in the family tea section were taken by my sister.)

Iced tea for two, out on the deck:

Tea in the garden:

Simple Tea For One:

Tea For Two:

Breakfast Tea:

Tea with children:

(this photo was taken by my sister.)

Tea with friends and family at tea shops:

(the shop owner snapped this photo for me.)

Christmas Teacup Exchange:

This page is updated from time to time. So I hope you will visit again soon.
(Most photos are my own, but a couple were taken by my mom and sister.)


  1. I'm helping my daughter plan an English Tea for a bridal shower. I have been collecting enough tea cups and saucer for 42! Your tea parties look lovely.

    1. Meggie, a bridal tea sounds just perfect! You will have quite the teacup collection when the shower is over.

  2. I LOVE your tea cup collection! I write some about food too, and I probably have too many "onsies-twosies"
    I can't help but pick up that pretty little cup and saucer:)

    Nice to meet you-

    1. Tracy, I agree. It's so hard to pass up pretty little teacups and saucers. And I adore the mismatched look.


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