Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lilacs And Real Life

It's a beautiful day!  
And the lilacs are starting to bloom.

Sometimes real life gets totally crazy.  
(I'm sure you can relate.)
Funerals, bridal showers, graduations, 
moving kids home, son's acceptance to law school... 

I promise I'll be by to visit you just as soon as I can.  
 Until then, I hope you have time to enjoy the beauties of spring.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Hull Lamb Planter

Recently several blog friends posted photos of cute lamb planters in an "Easter Parade".
I have a little Hull lamb planter that I found several years ago.
I bring him out of storage at Easter and any other time I need that cuteness factor.
Here he is at a baby shower I hosted recently. 
I love his pink ears and sweet little blue bow.
(It's cold paint, applied after the firing process, and if not careful, it can scratch off.)

Hull Pottery (Ohio) produced wonderful and unique ceramic pieces from 1905-1986.
A lot of you are familiar with their most popular piece, 
the Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar. (1943)
In the 40's-60's Hull was well known for their florist-ware.  
The company survived leadership changes, flood and fire, but 
 was finally brought down by foreign competition and multiple union strikes.
And so they closed their doors forever.

I don't know which year my lamb planter was made,
but if any readers own a Hull Pottery reference book, please let me know.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Before The Kettle Whistles

Let's have tea.
 My house.  
Four o'clock.

If you start now, you'll be here before the kettle whistles. 

* * *
Four Different Forget-me-not Tea cups:
Royal Albert (England)- "Memory Lane","Forget Me Not" & un-named variation
Shelley (England)- "Primrose"

Footed Dish:
H&C (Selb Bavaria)- handpainted forget me nots, signed Wollaston

Tea Pot:

Embroidered Linens:

Royal Doulton (England) Beswick Ware, Beatrix Potter's Tom Kitten

Teddy Bear:
made by my friend H.

* * *
I'm joining
Tea Time Tuesday with Sandi
Teacup Tuesday with Terri and Martha
Tuesday Cuppa Tea with  Ruth
Friends Sharing Tea with Bernideen

Friday, April 12, 2013

StoryLand Dolls

I recently found the final paperdoll from this 14 card collection.
These sweet little Birthday Greetings  and Get Well Wishes 
were published by American Greetings starting in 1949.  
I do not know who the illustrator was. (I'm working on that.)

Each card features a nursery rhyme or fairytale character, front and back,
and includes a rhyming story on the inside.  
(Many are missing their feathers.)

I've seen these with "A Forget Me Not Doll" and also "A Storyland Doll"
printed on the back, but do not know which label came first.

They are very similar to the Hallmark cards, by a different artist, 
that I've shown on past posts.

Curley Locks,  Sleeping Beauty,  The Queen of Hearts

Snow White,  Cinderella,  Mary And Her Little Lamb

 Goldilocks,  Little Red Riding Hood,  Little Bo Peep

 Little Miss Muffet,  Little Boy Blue,  Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Jack and Jill,  Little Girl With The Curl

I have to admit that Mary with her little garden of daisies is pretty adorable!  :-)
Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Welcome Sight


The first flowers of spring.
A welcome sight after our long, snowy winter.

(Pyrus Calleryana- Bradford Pear)

What's blooming in your garden?

 (Vinca Minor- Periwinkle)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Collection of Potholders

I think my little collection of blue and green crocheted potholders 
has grown over the past year.  
Multiplied like rabbits, I tell you.

I can't seem to walk away when I find one in a store. 
The sneaky things jump right into my basket!
Luckily for me they are inexpensive.

I love all the fun and intricate patterns.
Each one a little work of art.

What "calls your name" when you walk  through a vintage shop?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Swanky Swigs

"Posy" (1941)

Swanky swigs sitting on a little shelf in my kitchen.

Originally used as a promotional-ware
to package Kraft foods (cheese spreads, mustard, etc...) in the 30's, 40's and 50's,
these whimsical little 3.5 inch juice glasses never lost their popularity
and are still really fun to collect and use. 

They were made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Co, in partnership with Kraft,
and they came in a large variety of designs and colors.
 I love the flower and cute little animal designs in particular.

Top shelf: "Posy" pattern (1941) in Violet, Jonquil, Cornflower  and Tulip,
Middle shelf:  "Kiddie Kups" pattern (1956) in orange (dog/rooster), blue (pig/bear),
brown (squirrel/deer) and green (cat/rabbit)
Bottom shelf: "Cornflower" pattern (1947) in dark and light blue

The tiny yellow birdie glass on the far right isn't a swanky swig, it's a shot glass.
 I'm not a drinker, so here at my house it's a juice glass for little people.
(My Grandmother had one like it and I remember sipping orange juice from it.)

"Kiddie Kups" (1956)

Any swanky swig collectors out there?  
I'd love to learn more about these from you.  

Joining Vintage Thingie Thursday at The Colorado Lady.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Surprise!

Oh my goodness!  
Today I received a surprise!  
Another box, full of absolutely beautifully made gifts, from my swap partner,  
Cindy at Prairie's Edge Farm.  

Look at all these gorgeous things!!
 A sweet blue peat pot Easter basket
 A linen and lace basket with pink rose bud handle
 A glittery yellow chick and daisy tag with pierced edges
A tiny embroidered wool felt pin cushion.  It even has a daisy pin in it.
And beautiful lace trims tied up with silk ribbon

I can't get over how talented she is.
If you haven't visited her blog yet, you really must.

THANK YOU Cindy!  It's all so pretty and I LOVE it!