(All Quilts made by or owned by me.)

Finished Quilts:

Christmas Tree Quilt - for displaying my Christmas tree brooch collection.

Donated to an auction for  "Orphans Africa".

Baby quilts, made for various friend's:

Baby quilt, made for my youngest niece.

This little flag quilt actually stayed here at my own house, and I hang it every summer.

This was a group effort.  A flannel quilt, made for a friend after her husband passed away. 
I made two of the blocks and pieced the sawtooth border.

Wallhanging for a friend.

And another for a young lady who was graduating.

Gifts for my children's school teachers

Pillows made for two little girls.

Some of my UFO's (unfinished objects):

Village Green-  
(This quilt is a result of a "House" block exchange.  I made the Kansas sod house is in the upper left.  My sister made the colonial Brazilian church in the upper right.  My Australian friend made the farmhouse she grew up in, on the lower right. And another friend made the pink house in the lower left.)

Forest Quilt
(Originally made as a display backdrop for a school bulletin board. )

Watercolor quilt

Pink Heart quilt.

Month by month, row quilt.

Kansas Troubles Quilt
I made 88 blocks for this quilt, and the other 12 were made by friends, as part of a block exchange.

Cherished quilts made by my Great-Grandmother:

Cherished Quilt made by my Grandmother when my Dad was little:

All Sorts of Exchange And/Or Gift Blocks- made for friends and relatives:
(this is a really good way to learn new things)

Sunflower  1" postage-stamp block 
(my donation towards a 50th Anniversary quilt for my Aunt and Uncle.)

Quilting Sunbonnet Sue

Sunbonnet Sue washing windows and dusting.

Jungle Sunbonnet Sue, swinging from a vine.

I hope you have a good sense of humor....  R-rated block.....
Sunbonnet Sue at a beach in Brazil, wearing a tonga bikini.

Feathered Star... most difficult pieced block I ever made. 
(and as you can see, it didn't lay straight or flat!  So frustrating!)

Other star blocks

Green and yellow blocks

Airplane blocks (this is three separate blocks, the cockpit, the cabin and the tail.)

3-d poppy garden block- a memorial block
(using Kumiko Sudo's techniques)

Log cabin chickens block

Various thank you blocks:

This page is updated from time to time,
so I hope you will come back again.


  1. I love them too! Especially the sunbonnet Sue blocks, including the beach girl - lol! I have made some Sue blocks too, and I'm hoping one day to get around to making a quilted throw with them instead of leaving them with my other 'orphan blocks'.

    1. I'd love to see a picture of your sunbonnet blocks, Gina!


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