Friday, August 5, 2011

Pink Mayfair

My best friend gave this to me yesterday.
Mayfair (Open Rose) made by Hocking Glass Company between 1931 and 1936.

It's so gray and rainy outside the photo makes it looks purple,  but it really is pink. 

A few years ago, my friend gave me a cookie jar in this same pattern.  It had been handed down to her from her grandmother.  Never crazy about  depression era glassware herself,  she gave it to me.  This week she was cleaning out her china cabinet  and found another piece, this plate,  that matched.   So she marched it right over to my house.  I love it!  You know how much I adore pink roses.   Thank you, Miss A.

Speaking of gray and rainy, while it does not make such a pretty picture, we are very grateful to have some cooler temps and a good heavy rain.   Our  grass, trees and shrubs were desperate for moisture.    I hope the weather is cooperating for you too. Blue skies or rain, whichever one you need.

I want to take this chance to say welcome to my newest followers and thank you to those who have been with me for a while.  It looks like I recently reached another blogging milestone, so I need to put on my thinking cap for a giveaway idea.  Look for that announcement soon.  Happy Friday to you all!

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  1. What a pretty plate and how sweet of your friend to give it to you! Have a great weekend!!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. You are blessed to have such a special friend who obviously sees you as very special too!
    Congratulations on your recent milestone and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I really love your new depression plate from your generous friend. I have always been tempted to start a new collection of this glass, but sadly am running out of storage space. Maybe something else has to go. Hmmm.


  4. Hello,
    that is really a pretty plate. Nice idea of your friend to gift this romantic plate to you. Wish you a lot of fun with it.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. What a nice friend :) Lovely plate and your linens in the last post are Wonderful!! I think I may have one that you posted!
    Happy Weekend!

  6. What a pretty plate and what a sweet friend you have. We finally got some much needed rain the other day, but it did come with a really bad thunderstorm.

  7. Oh a pretty plate and a wonderful friend - what a nice combination!

  8. Pretty plate, what a sweet friend.
    Its been gray and dark here all day we're waiting for the storms to roll in.
    It certainly doesn't make for good pictures, I was trying to take pictures of my kitchen today. I too am glad to have the rain though.
    Have a happy weekend!

  9. So lovely! I love the shape of Mayfair -- I have some amber bread & butter plates -- a little chippy but I still love them :)


  10. It's very pretty, have not seen one like it. Love the little tea pot in the post below too! ;D

  11. Thanks for stopping by my site, love your glass plate - very nice gift from your friend! Hope you have a fun pink weekend!

  12. Gayle I have a pie plate in blue just like that. It seems so delicate and beautiful. Lovely gift. And more rain today, yeah...have a great weekend...smiles....Renee

  13. What a nice friend you have! The plate is gorgeous.

    Happy Pink Saturday & I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  14. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    What a beautiful depression plate, and how sweet to have it given with such love from a dear friend. Priceless.

    Did you say rain? Could you send some out here to Phoenix in the desert? We could so use some of that wet stuff called R-A-I-N.

    Have a glorious weekend sweet friend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  15. Pretty plates!
    Happy PS!!

    Kay Ellen

  16. You are lucky to have such a generous friend. It must be great to receive old glass that you treasure.

  17. What a pretty plate-so many uses for that! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Too bad your friend does not appreciate depression glass but great for you!! I love it and to think you got the cookie jar too!

  19. I love pink depression glass. I have started a small collection. It's funny that you were given that plate as when I asked at an antique shop on Friday about pink glass they had one very similar (may have been the same??) but it had too much damage for me to buy. They did have a pink cake plate with a small chip that I grabbed though. Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine. Sherry :)

  20. Hi
    From Pink Saturday.
    So nice to have a friend who understands your passions & joys.

  21. How good to have real friends!!!!! Take care.


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