Monday, August 15, 2011

All The Little Birds Are Flying The Coop

It's almost empty nest time (again) at our house. 

Our son moved back to college for the year. 
He moved into a cute little off-campus house with some good friends. 
He is really excited about this new experience.  
I'm thrilled for him!  
And I miss him, already.

Our daughter is moving half way across the country in a couple of days. 
She is so excited to be starting on a new adventure.
I'm thrilled she is growing up.
But, I'm going to miss her.

All the little birds are flying the coop.
Being a mommy is really hard.
I know I'll be fine in a few days, after I get used to the changes.
I need a good book or a project to take my mind off of what's happening here.
Any suggestions?

(Embroidered bluebird dresser scarves from my collection of embroidered linens.)


  1. It is so hard to see them go yet you must be so proud of your children. Now is the time to do something for YOU. Maybe something you haven't had the time for before. Your bluebirds are darling.


  2. Isn't it funny how being a mom can be both the best job in the world, and the hardest? Letting the little birds go is so sad, and yet it's so exciting to see them start a new adventure. *sigh*

    Love your sweet little bird embroidery. So pretty!

  3. This totally freaks me out to think about my girls leaving here in just a few years. 1. It means they're REALLY all grown up. 2. It means I'll miss them terribly and 3. It means I am old enough to have kids in college ;) I got MARRIED when I was in college! Lots of talk about "The Help" right now. LOVED the book and saw the movie with my husband on Saturday. A MUST READ/SEE!!

  4. They'll be back and full of stories and experience. This is a good time for you to try something new for yourself - something you've thought about but for which you've never had time.

  5. Oh Gayle, it takes a while to get used to the peace and quiet after having a house full of people............

    A readjustment as things change.

    All the best, I'm sure you'll find a book or a project that you can immerse yourself in and take your mid off things.

    Love your embroidered Bluebirds, too sweet. Enjoy your week,

    Claire :}

  6. Treat yourself to something fun, a reward for a job well done:@)

  7. Oh no, I am so not ready for that! There might be days when the girls and I drive each other crazy (the teenage years, need I say more?), but I can't even imagine what it would be like to have them move away.
    Take care of yourself!

  8. Hi there...just found your blog from Lilac Lane Cottage. My little birds flew the coop a few years they keep coming back. Our home has a revolving door!! My end of summer project is to turn all of our old bedsheets into rag rugs....crocheting. It is a quick, easy project and makes something quite useful!!

  9. Our three bluebirds flew the coop many years ago - came back once, came back twice - it turned into a very interesting time. The one thing we insisted on (though we loved having them home again) was that they have an exit plan - a set time when they felt they would be moving out. It made it easier on them and on us - and made the return trips more enjoyable.

    They finally - well over 15 years ago now - all were flying up and away on their own, and we were proud to see them go - and proud of what and who they had become. So we've done empty nest several times - and each time it was no easier.

    Now is your time to bask in the joy of who your children are becoming - and how much you enjoyed the years of them being at home. Take a deep breath - (or two or ten) look around and see the things you can now do or become as the new person you are also becoming. Enjoy the quiet of a morning spent by yourself - revel in the chance to try new things - or just coast along, enjoying the day and see what life brings - it's all a grand adventure - enjoy!!!

  10. Going antique hunting! I can't imagine how hard it is to have the house empty.

  11. It did seem a little strange at first, but with all the things in life to enjoy, I found my days filled up very fast again. Not needing to put myself last anymore was the most odd feeling, but it grows on you!
    Love the scarves, BTW.

  12. Start researching your family genealogy ... you'll not have time to think of all the emptiness & have a ball.

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    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  13. Thinking of you today as mine enjoy their last day of summer. It will be very quiet in the house tomorrow. Beautiful birds....I will be running for the antique stores by Friday. Smiles...Renee

  14. Been there, done that and it is so hard. I would jump in and remodel their rooms, that will keep you busy! :D

  15. Wow, kiddos moving away. I know time does fly! I read a slew of books this summer. If you've not already read them, here are some I liked: "The Immortal Life of Cleopatra-Queen of Kings" by Maria Headly, "Fried Green Tomatoes" and other books by Fannie Flagg, Michael Lee West's "Gone w/a Handsomer Man", Sara Gruen's "Riding Lessons", and Mary Kay Andrew's "Summer Rental". I hope you find a good one.

  16. I have got three more years before my nest is empty. I have been raising kids since I was 19 and now I am 53. I don't even want to think about it! Let us know how it is going please.

  17. Maybe that's why we adopted our Josie later in life. I don't have to worry about her leaving the nest for many more years. Thinking of you. HUGS!!

  18. I love your birds....our oldest has 3 more years and he's off with 2 more at goes by so fast!

  19. Oh it is hard isn't it...I am blessed as my middle one is home I still have 2 at home. xoxoxo Hugs to you.

  20. Oh such a hard time right now. I agree-a new project or adventure! What have you always wanted to do!!!

  21. this is absolutely lovely.....the sentiment and embroidery...

  22. Maybe redecorating their rooms? Or, get together with friends and go antique-ing or to the flea markets followed by a nice lunch out. Make it a once a week or bi-monthly event. I love your bluebirds, the first one is especially cute with the musical notes!

  23. How cute! Love those dresser scarves. Aww I feel bad for you as you see your kids growing up and leaving the nest...especially with your daughter going so far away! Good luck with keeping yourself busy....I guess you could make a quilt for both of them or knit a throw for each of them. You could come here and help me weed!!! Well I'm sure you've got more fun things to keep you enjoy and keep cool!
    Maura :)

  24. I just finished a good read last night - funny and fiction. Not for everyone, unless you like talking dogs, but I liked it! Called Walking in Circles Before Laying Down.

    I'm not looking forward to empty nesting at all.

  25. What a beautiful collection of linens you have!!!!

  26. My boys are all grown, even though two of them are still at home. I will miss them when they leave. I love all of your embroidery items. I have lots of old embroidery items that I have gotten at yard sales and thrift stores. You've got me in the mood to show mine off, too. Maybe I'll start posting pictures of a few of them now and then.

  27. My last bird flew the nest this year. So far, I've been busy with grandbabies and people coming that I haven't been as focused on missing J although I do. Whenever one of my chicks flew the nest, I started painting a room.


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