Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Dresses

School started this week for the kids in our town.   
Brought back memories of my own first days at school.

Two little girls getting ready to walk to school.
I'm on the left.  It was my first day of grade one.
My big sister was two years older.
My Mom always dressed my sisters and I up in the cutest outfits.  
She sewed all our clothes.
I loved this green corduroy jumper and the floral underdress.
(It's not just a blouse. See some of it is peeking out at the hem?) 

 (This photo was taken by my Dad and may not be borrowed or pinned.)

You can see a close up on the fabric of the underdress, because 
Mom made me a little apron with the remnants, and I still have that.

The next year there were three little girls heading off for school.
I'm on the far right and starting grade two.
Matching plaid dresses with green velvet ties, made by our Mom.
Even our lunch boxes matched.

 (This photo was taken by my Dad and may not be borrowed or pinned.)

This one was taken several years later.
 My much younger baby sister was headed for grade three.
Styles had changed a bit by the 70's. 
Look at her Holly Hobbie lunch box!

 (This photo was taken by either my Dad or my Mom and may not be borrowed or pinned.)

Do you remember what you wore on your first days of school?

(All pictures in this post were taken by my Mom or Dad.)

I'm joining the Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday.


  1. Que hermosa manera de ir a dormir... Son unas fotos entrañables. Te agradezco que las compartas.
    Esas 3 pequeñas niñas son hermosas.
    Yo recuerdo lo que usé: UNIFORME.
    Un abrazo para el jardín de Margaritas

  2. What darling little girls you were! Sure brings back memories and of my own daughters! I use to dress all 3 the same too! Sweet post!

  3. Your mum was quite a seamstress! You all look lovely in your first-day outfits.

  4. I just love those pictures. You all look so sweet, I wish i could get my kids to dress like that now. x

  5. Those are just adorable pics!
    I really love the red plaid with the lunch boxes....your Mom was a very talented seemstress!

  6. Love the old photos and your Mum did a great job with the dresses. I can't remember what I wore on my first day at school in England but when i came to Australia we wore uniforms.

  7. Gayle -- your photos are precious and I am sure my Mom has the SAME pixs of my 2 sisters and I headed off to school. We must be about the same age because the styles and hair are about the same :)

    Thanks for sharing this blast from the past. School started here this week too -- we homeschooled but this is the first year we're not headed *back-to-school* :)


  8. So adorable. Like you, my mom made a lot of mine and my sisters clothing. I'm sure she still has a lot of the items tucked away in her attic!!

  9. great post. I remember the first day of school was always so anticipated. The outfit had to be just right, and it was the most perfect one! Now after that first day, I am not so sure it was that much worry that went into what to wear, but the first day was always special. Great photos. Happy VTT!

  10. What a lovely nostalgic trip down memory lane. You look just like I always imagined American little girls looked like when I was that age too.
    Our mum sewed all mine and my sister's clothes throughout our childhood.

  11. Your mom was a very talented seamstress. I really like the photo of the three of you in matching outfits. Very, very pretty.

  12. Those are the sweetest pictures!! And how sweet that you still have the little apron. Your mom definitely had class... you girls looked great! I'll bet the teachers looked forward to seeing what you girls would wear next!!

  13. I remember my first day at school, but it definitely had nothing to do with my cloths. My mother made all our dresses from feed/flour sacks. She did a great job and we looked nice and clean.

  14. Oh such sweet pictures. Lovely memories. I don't remember my first day of school dress - though I remember the first day - I cried so much the teacher sent me home and I had to wait another year to start first grade - which was ok with me. I actually loved school, so it probably is a good thing I waited a year.l

  15. Look at those adorable outfits....super fun post.
    we must be about the same age!

  16. I would have loved to have a sister to dress up with. Alas only an older brother to bother. These are so cute I can only imagine how wonderful they were to wear. Darling...Renee

  17. How adorable. I should sneak a few scans of my parent's photo albums. My sister and I wore matching outfits for several years. What a fun memory.

  18. Your mother was a true seamstress.
    I can just imagine the joy she got from making those sweet dresses for her girls.
    I use to sew matching mother-daughter dresses for my daughter and me. It was fun.
    I have no idea what I wore on the first day of school!

  19. These are adorable pictures of you and your sisters. It brings back so many memories. I love the one with the matching lunch boxes.

  20. Very sweet pictures! I love your little outfits! It was such fun picking out what to wear the first day of school. I can't even remember most of my outfits. You are lucky that you have such lovely pictures, marking the day. :)

  21. OMGoodness, you are bringing back the memories!

    My mom was cooool, she would let us play hookie on our birthdays. MY birthday was often the first day of school, and you cannot miss the FIRST DAY.

    I am still scarred.

  22. Love the post!! Reminds me of my picture for first grade! thanks for cute!

  23. Oh boy yes I can remember my favorite dress. You will never guess it was purple and yellow. Loved seeing your school pictures brings back alot of happy memories.

  24. What a lovely pictures and what a lovely mother making such beautiful clothes for you and your sisters! So nice to see, thanks for sharing.

    Bye, Carolien

  25. Adorable. You are so fortunate to have those pictures. My gram and mom made all our clothes too. And yes I remember most of them...because we didn't have a lot of clothes. And getting a new lunchbox was the best gig ever! But my sandwich always tasted like tin. Yuck.

  26. What precious girls! Your Mom must have delighted in making outfits for you. My Mom made cute dresses for me too. Since I never had any sisters, she made matching dresses for me and my current favorite doll. You brought back some very happy memories for me. Thank you!!

    Susan and Bentley

  27. Dearest Gayle,
    I have been thinking so much about you as I admire my beautiful tea cozy - oh how I love it!
    Your post brought back so many memories for me - my grandmother sewed all of our clothes when we were little. She would also make the most gorgeous clothes for my Barbie Dolls. Thank you for your heartwarming post today!

  28. This is a most adorable post.
    My mom made all my clothes, too.:))
    xo bj

  29. What an amazing mother!
    I love your matching lunchboxes...

  30. I love the pictures! I wore (everyday for 12 years) a uniform, because I went to Catholic elementary and high school!

    Thanks for your comment at Home in Douglas!

    I wish your daughter all the luck in the world in her new career as a social worker! God bless her!

  31. Love this post! What a trip down memory lane!

  32. What precious photos & memories you have! There are very few of me around. I was #5 in a family of 8, so not much time for photos.

    I love that she sewed all your beautiful clothes for you. I hope my sweet Ms. C. fondly remembers all the pretty things I've made for her someday.

    BTW, I found out that Kathleen (Cuisine Kathleen) just sticks her fresh soft tortillas down inside a bowl & bakes them...they ruffle themselves. Who knew?? LOL

  33. These pictures reminded me so much of my first day of first grade photo! My mother too made my sister and I dresses and she was SO about the details. Even the hairdos resembles those in my picture! The only real difference is that we wore knee socks in mine!

    Blessings, Debbie

  34. How precious you all looked! Your mom was quite the seamstress!Yes, I remember what I wore and my mom made a lot of my clothing! blessings,Kathleen

  35. I cant really remember what I wore on my first in school. That was many years ago already.

    Cass from Electric Bass Guitar

  36. You guys were so adorable. I love the matching dresses and lunch boxes. My mom would sometimes dress my sister and I alike (usually our church and/or party dress), but I always had blue and Linda had red.

  37. So great to have those pictures. I think I had the same plaid lunch box. Three sisters in my fam too.

  38. You girls were adorable. I love your sweet little outfits. Your younger sister, in the picture of the three of you, looks just like my sister Sharon at that age. Kathi

  39. I LOVE seeing you girls looking so "schoolish". I remember my sis and i looking just like that, minus the lunch pails. We had to walk home every day for lunch.

  40. Really adorable pictures of you girls! I had a holly hobbie lunch box too & I admit I still love her...thanks for the memories!

  41. What a lovely blog you have!! I'm enjoying the posts I have read so far. I need to get caught-up. Very sweet "First Day of School" photos!!

  42. You are all so darling in your little dresses and Mary Jane shoes. I remember what I wore my first day of school - well, first day of school in Alaska. We had been taught by our mother before we moved to town - so I didn't start public school until 4th grade. I wore a plaid dress, and a heavy coat, a scarf on my head and thick rubber boots -and carried my shoes - it was, after all, southeast Alaska where it rained a LOT.


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