Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Sagging Cupboards And Overstuffed Closets Will Thank You!!

Over the  past year I heard a lot of people complain that they had too much junk at their house and they needed to sort through it and get rid of a bunch of it.  That they had so much in their basements and in their closets that they didn't even know where to find things.   Then a blogging friend mentioned that she had taken a 365 challenge last year.  I thought that was a wonderful idea!

 So Ladies.... here is your chance to clear things out.   I'm starting the new year with a "366 Challenge" (it's leap year)  and I invite you to join me.    

Between now and Dec 31 2012, I'm going to try to donate, gift or toss at least 366 items from my home.  One item for every day of the year.  Yes, that is right... 366 items out of here this year.   Think how much lighter the house will feel by next December!

I'm  going to get rid of things I've outgrown, things I've already read, things that don't suit my taste anymore, duplicates, and things I must have been crazy to buy in the first place.   :-)

I can give things away to friends who collect, donate to a charity, sell things in a garage sale, sell things on e-bay,  or throw broken stuff in the trash.  It just can't come back in the house.  I can get rid of  7 things each week or  31 things each month.   But one way or another, 366 are gonna be outa here by the end of the year.   (If you don't make it to 366 that's OK.  Just do the best you can.)

I've already got my first pile ready to go.   Yay!!

1. Blue taper candles (4)
2. Snowman dinner plate
3. Stacked snowman decoration
4. Candycane pin
5. Rustic sheep decoration
6. Butter dish (with no lid)
7. Book-  PS What I Didn't Say
8. Book- The Time Travelers Wife
9. Book-Brer Rabbit
10. Book- Jantsen's Gift
11. Book- Wonder Play
12. Lotion (unopened)
13. Hand gel (unopened)
14. White taper candles (6, not pictured)
15. Vintage Tavern angel candle.

Only 351 things to go. 

C'mon and declutter with me!!   It will make you feel good to let go of things you don't want or need.   Your sagging cupboards and overstuffed closets will thank you!  Remember, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, and these things can all go to someone else who needs them or will appreciate them more.   

(Let me know if you want to join in.  I'll start a list, so we can all encourage one another.)  

Update:  See the 366 Challenge page under my blog header.


  1. Sign me up - it's late and I'm off to bed, but I will start a list in the morning. Believe me, I could do this for two years!

  2. Congrats and best of luck with your goal! I started purging earlier so I can't join the 366, but I am dedicated to keeping a Salvation Army box in my spare bedroom and adding to it as I come across things I don't want/need this year:@)

  3. :) I have three bags of things ready to go!! I should count them and see how many items there are.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I will try and give this a go..my movies, books etc are in desperate need of sorting out and donating to charity shops. Plus I think my kitchen cupboards are hoarding things, that I never use, nor plan to use.
    I will get started asap :)

  5. I'm way ahead of you. I've got a stack of books in the basement and a bag of clothes, and an espresso machine, all ready to be donated!

  6. Right before Christmas, I filled our van to the ceiling with toys and clothes that the girls had outgrown to make room for Santa. It felt so good to drop these things off at Goodwill. Have fun purging!!

  7. My word for 2011 was de-clutter and boy did I, books went on bookmooch or to friends, many,many items went to the charity shops and a whole lot more just got thrown away.
    There's still at least 366 more items to go!
    Count me in.

  8. I'm in. I already have a pile for the Good Will store. I don't know if I will post pics all the time but I sure am going to try to do this. I think this is a BRILLIANT idea! Hugs, Mickie

  9. Sounds like alot, but....when I clean out my closets and the basement it probably is close to that number.
    I have a local charity that picks things up monthly..if I get it out there in time!

  10. I'm going to get onboard as well. I certainly have a lot of stuff to let go of: I probably already have 365 items in my stack of junk that didn't sell at my last yard sale and the Xmas knick-knacks that aren't going back in the boxes.

    What a clever idea!

  11. Good for you! We're chugging along in our quest to get rid of 365 items - it's amazing what you'll find.

  12. That is awesome....I just might join you...

  13. You will love this. I do this every month. I have a set pile in each closet on every level of our home. Once a month when the trucks come around out it goes. No more hoarding no more hassles. No more clutter. Started doing this two years ago and it means so much to have the space the clarity and the organization...smiles...Renee

  14. Hurray for you! I so agree with your words. I do this every year. If I find that I have not used something that I have put away within that year's time, I find someone else who would like it or give it to a shop. Blessings,Kathleen

  15. What a fabulous idea! Sign me up, and I'll get started right away. Now if I could just get hubby on board.....

  16. Hey! I started this about a year ago too. One thing a day at least. Mostly books that i already buy used at the library, but chipped dishes and how bout those clothes in your closet you haven't even considered wearing for two years?
    tossed. I always feel so unburdened after a toss too.
    Recyclers unite!

  17. Oh this is my joy...I love cleaning out drawers..cupboards..closets..basements... Already have a stack for charity...fun fun fun...I think I am in the wrong profession...organization does bring me joy.
    Hugs and happy cleaning. xoxoxoxo

  18. Wonderful idea! Sunny, I think you can throw out hubby's old stuff too, it's in the same house after all. If he's like my hubby, he won't even notice and when I confess he actually thanks me for making more room in his cupboards. Gill x

  19. I spent part of yesterday going through my collection of Christmas books. Before putting them back in the bookcase, I vacuumed the shelf nooks and crannies. I plan to do each shelf one at a time. I already have a large stack of books waiting to go to the thrift shop. It might be interesting to count them throughout the year. I am sure I could easily reach 366 by the end of the year.

  20. I am here from Retired Knitter and I see a lot of my buds here too. I am thinking of doing the one a day purging! Good idea. sandie

  21. What a fun idea - but I'll have to start on my second 366 list. I got rid of so many christmas decorations that we no longer use, lots of magazines and quilting books, pieces of fabric (I only counted the big pieces as a separate item, the scraps counted as one item), dishes that I no longer use and toys and books the grandsons aren't interested in any more. Just for fun I counted the items as I was getting rid of them - and the total was somewhere around 406 - might have missed a couple,or counted a thing or two twice LOL but that is my official total for this year already.

    One of Don's clients has a bin and she accepts things for Goodwill and we run a pretty good stream of things into that bin - and will continue this year.

    So yes - I would love to do this - I think that another 366 would be a good thing for me - my word for this year is Perseverance and I shall persevere in continued de-cluttering.

    So first on my new list is
    1. Quilt pattern of a star quilt
    2. Quilt pattern of embroidered snowmen
    3. Football (yellow and purple)
    4. Dessert Cookbook
    5. Knit pincushion
    6. Plastic storage box that is too small
    7. Egg beater that I've not used for 3 years

    That takes care of this month - I will keep a list and see how well I do - thanks for suggesting this.

  22. Thank you for your kind words regarding my grandmother, I really appreciate it! I was inspired by Mark to do the "365" challenge, but I believe he is almost done and we just got started. So, yes, you could add my name to your list.

  23. Oh darlin, I'm the queen of clean! Hubs laughs when he tell others...'don't lay anything down 'round Nezzy...she'll get rid of it"!

    I make declutterin' a 365 day project. My house is small and clutter makes me crazy...ya don't want me crazy! Heeheehhehe!!!

    God bless and have an amazin' day!

    You go girl!!! :o)

  24. This is a good one for me, I always say I will get rid of things but somehow it just doesn't happen...I will give this a try, I am already thinking of things that are going out! Thanks! xo

  25. I'm in. Is there a support group if we run into Purger's Regret?

  26. I like this idea a lot. I tried something similar a year ago but never lasted the year. Or at least didn't last the year in listing. Maybe I can do better this year. At least in the reporting department. I have gotten rid of a LOT of clothes and other items in the past few months.

  27. Wow! I'd like to be at a thrift store when some of these things are brought in. lol I try to not buy things I know I won't use in the first place. A lot of the things I have stashed are items I have saved for my girls; but I'm beginning to realize they don't want or need them. My husband is the one here who needs to declutter.

  28. I came here from Barb's blog. Sign me up for the challenge. I'll post a pic a week of what I have disposed of for the prior week.

    This is such an excellent idea!!

  29. best idea I've heard in a long time. I started yesterday!

  30. I'm thrilled that so many of you have taken on the 366 challenge to clear out your home! And some of you have already made huge strides! What an inspiration you are to me! We're all going to feel great about the steps we have made come next January!

    Yes, please do get your DH to help. Maybe he could sort out his closet or the garage or the man cave, or whatever.

    Purgers Regret....Hmmmm.... I think most of you will know deep down what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep. Please don't feel like you must get rid of Great Grandma's prize heirloom china just to reach a number. This process of clearing out is supposed to make us feel good, not bad. So be sure about your decision before you toss.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes for all of you!

  31. Right there with you. We have a bag of clothes ready to go when Community Services League calls.


  32. I'm packing to move to I'm doing kind of an involuntary purge at the moment - ha!

  33. I love this idea, Gayle. I have been doing this for a long time but not on such an organized way. What I have been doing is, every time ARC calls me (and they call every few weeks) I accept and put out some things for them to take away. But it never seems to make much difference. I'll keep trying. LOL

  34. I am new to you but need this is just what I need! I have way to much stuff!! Hope you don't mind if I link my blog to yours for this challenge.

  35. Sounds like a great idea. I'll start tomorrow looking in my closet. Will you be having a link to link back the post? Have a great year.

  36. It's Feb 21st and I just found your blog. I don't know if I can catch up be I am going to start tomorrow. I keep a box in my closet to put thing going to the GW, I'll get a start there. Maybe this is just the push I need. Thanks.

  37. I am starting late because I just found this blog, but please sign me up!! Today I boxed up and got rid of 17 things!! I also organized a closet in the process!! YES.

    Texas Jenny Wren

  38. Hi there! I just heard about this while visiting another blog today. Although I'm late, I would love to join in beginning Mon. Mar. 12th.

    I donated a bag of 10 books to the local library and do keep up on the book shelves.

    I will be sorting through yarn and donating to the church's Prayer Shawl Ministry.

    Plus, we have loads of "doubles" stored in the basement...we sold our cottage and have housewares from it to disperse.

    Thanks for doing this!



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