Saturday, January 14, 2012

Liberty Blue

 A few weeks ago, one of my readers asked about the 
blue dishes that show up in my blog photos from time to time.
(Thank you for asking!  Your questions give me ideas for posts!)

Liberty Blue was ironstone dinnerware made in Staffordshire, England
and shipped to the USA to celebrate America's Bicentennial.  
(Oh, the irony in that.)

It was originally designed as an incentive for savings and loan customers
and then later as promotion-ware at grocery stores. 
Pieces cost next to nothing.

A band of wildflowers surrounds the historic colonial scenes:
Independence Hall,   Betsy Ross with the nations first flag,
 Washington leaving  Christ Church, Monticello, etc...
There are many other pieces that I do not have.  Yet.

Backstamps are of an American Eagle.

I love the way Liberty Blue goes with almost any season of the year,
and mixes so nicely with the other blue pieces I own.

Do any of you collect Liberty Blue too?  I'd love to learn more from you!

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More information:
Pictures of old newspaper ads for LB can be found at Robin's Nest.
Liberty Blue dinnerware ,  book by Debbie and Randy Coe,  2006.

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  1. I'm going to head into the depths of my kitchen cupboard, where I'm sure there's a piece of this china. We lived just outside of Valley Forge in 1976 and attended many of the festivities around the bicentennial. I'll let you know if I find a piece!

  2. I don't know that I've ever seen any of this before, but I will certainly be looking. I love blue and white dishes!

  3. My pattern is very similar. I just turned it over and it is English Village by Stratford. You are right the pattern goes with anything...smiles...Renee

  4. Such a treasure. How fancy to have a piece of pie off of one of those dishes : )

  5. Thanks for teaching me something today! They are beautiful dishes.

  6. Sigh, it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. Love the different photos. Thanks.

    I found one more plate! Now I have to go find that book. You sure do keep me hopping.

    Umm, that teapot you have there...

  7. No - I don't have any of those (are you surprised?) and have never even seen any that I know of - but I'll be watching now for sure. They are very very pretty.

  8. I love them, I have the dishes my mom purchased from the grocery store. I drove her when I got my drivers license. I have several pieces and do see them at Antique shops at a pretty good price. I intend to save them for my daughter. HUGS MARY

  9. these are so beautiful.....have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. A heavenly shade of blue - and all the different historical designs make for instant table conversation!

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Such all this blue of yours today...I have some of my Grandma's blue it! Stay cozy xoxo

  12. What a beautiful set of dishes! Thanks for the information about them, I found it really interesting :)

  13. When I saw this post, I was thinking that it was the set that my mom collected from the National-T grocery store when I was a kid, but that would have been before 1976. Anyway, I didn't get her set when she passed.

    xx, Carol

  14. Yes, Liberty Blue, has been residing with me since it first appeared on the market! It is one of my favorite patterns...

  15. I have a few treasured pieces and alway keep my eye out for it. I had it on display when we had our house, but now in an RV it is packed away. Think I'll get it out for my 4th of July Decorations this year.
    I didn't know too much of the history. Thanks for sharing that and your collection.

  16. This blue is a secial shade and lovely. Like a summer heaven.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. Love your dishes. I am not familiar with these so this was very interesting to me! Now, I will be on the lookout for them and will think of you when I see them!
    I also notice your wee little sheep beside your dishes. My blog friend KathyB at Spot On Cedar Pond makes these from the wool from her own sheep. So cute!
    Thanks so much for your visit/comment. Hope you have an enjoyable week.

  18. p.s. I forgot to say that I was born in 1957 and that is my Easter pic on the blog post!

  19. I don't think there would be much here in Oz for me to collect. It is very pretty and reminds me of sets that I have seen with Dutch scenes.

  20. I have 5 of the dinner plates but I would love to have more!
    Such a nice post, inspires me to look for more of this wonderful china!

  21. If I ever saw them, I probably skipped over them thinking they were blue willow. I don't think anyone in my family collected those.

  22. I have a few pieces of Liberty Blue...I collect blue and white ironstone pieces. So they find their way into my collection that way.

  23. What a pretty collection you have.


  24. Your pattern here brings me happy memories of childhood! xoox

  25. I love all the blue dishes. Your camera takes wonderful pictures. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, I appreciate that so much.

  26. I love Liberty Blue. I use Blue Willow primarily but have a few pieces of this pattern that I use. I do occasionally sell it in my antique shop. Lots of folks seem to like to collect it.
    The Blue Willow that I mostly use is something I got from Shop and Save grocery stores up in Maine back in the 80s.
    There is another blue and white set that was given away in grocery stores though I don't know the date... it is called Shakespeare country.
    That china manufacturer must have made a fortune selling all the china to grocery stores over the years.
    Blue and White always seems to be very popular and the nice thing is, it is easy to mix and match.
    Maybe I will do a blog entry on the other blue and white types.

  27. I adore these blue dishes and have collected a few of them around the house.

  28. I think there is a piece of this in my dad's plate collection (well, it was my mum's but he inherited it). We lived in the States from 1973 - 1976 so it makes sense! I shall check the plate when I go to visit him next - thanks so much for giving us the information.

  29. And now I've found this post about your Liberty Blue! When I first started collecting, it was inexpensive and easier to find. Now . . . it's a challenge. The luncheon plates are the most difficult to find, but of course, the ones I want the most!

    You have a lovely collection!

  30. My great grandmother had many pieces for this collection. They passed to my mother and will someday pass to me. We are trying to slowly complete the set but today I stumbled upon many, many pieces in a consignment shop and brought home several of them! It blew my mind to see so many pieces in one place. I'm still giddy from it!


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