Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Iris Bowl

 I found this 9.5 inch "Iris" depression glass bowl at a garage sale the other day.
They were asking next-to-nothing for it, so it came home with me.

I love the pattern.  
The flowers really stand out  beautifully against the herringbone striped background.
(It is often referred to as Iris-Herringbone.)

 The bowl matches my Iris pitcher,  which I've had for years
and have shown in previous blog posts.

"Iris" was made by the Jeannette Glass Company (Pennsylvania)
 starting in 1928 and re-issued in 1969.
A few pieces were made in green and pink, but most were in crystal and iridescent-amber.

I know some of you gals are glass collectors, too.
And I'd love to learn more about this pattern from you.


  1. It's so pretty - what a lovely thing to find!

    Pomona x

  2. Very pretty, I wish I knew more about this pattern. If I find sime information,I will pass it on

  3. How nice a bowl to match your pitcher! My cousin swears our Grandmother had pink Iris glasses, I have never seen any but we always look!

  4. Your newly aquired bowl is beautiful as is the jug. Enjoy!
    Anne xx

  5. I'm glad you rescued that pretty bowl. I just love happy endings.

  6. So pretty! Glad it came home with you, so you can treasure it! xo Heather

  7. What a great find for you. It is a perfect match. I bet you were chuffed.

  8. How wonderful to find a matching piece and to pay pennies for it. It has such a lovely soft tint. What a welcome treasure!
    Blessings, my sweet friend,
    Carolynn xo

  9. Lucky you. I also am so happy when I found treasures on the fleamarkets.... How simple life could be!!!

  10. What a great find! The two pieces are lovely together.

  11. Your "Iris" glass bowl is lovely and the fact that it matches your pitcher - even better. I must get out this weekend and do some treasure hunting at the local yard sales. :-)

  12. My aunt collects the Iris pattern too and has for about 30 years. She has tons of this glassware in her curved from china closet and it is just beautiful. The only thing she hasn't been able to find is the coasters, I understand they are somewhat rare!

    I have a bowl, vase and serving plate in the amber that my husbands grandmother gave us.

    Such a pretty pattern!



  13. It is lovely - what a fabulous find for you. I know nothing about glassware but that doesn't stop me enjoying looking at it!

  14. What a delicious bowl that is - I bet it looks lovely with something deliciouso in it (I sometimes sprinkle food colouring in water and float flowers on top in a bowl!)
    Best wishes

  15. I love your bowl. I have my mom iris pitcher that she got as a wedding gift in the mid 60's. I have seen the bowl but have not purchased it. I think I know where one is now and I curious to find out what it sells for. Sounds like you got an awesome deal.

  16. That is so pretty. Love that pitcher.
    What a wonderful thing to find at a sale!

  17. I have a platter in the marigold (amber) color that my mom bought at the Ben Franklin store in Mt. Vernon Missouri in the late 40's. She worked there as her first job. I just love it. Thanks for sharing yours.

  18. This beautiful bowl is a fabulous find! I love the pattern.

  19. Beautiful! It matches your pitcher perfectly! What an awesome find!

  20. Beautiful! It is nice you managed to find a matching piece to go with the pretty pitcher you have. What a lovely find.

    Magie x

  21. Oh so pretty and what a pair they make! Lucky lady.

  22. I don't know anything about this pattern - except that it is very pretty and I love it. How lucky to find something to match your pitcher.


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