Sunday, September 18, 2011


We took a trip into downtown today.
(We = Me and Mr. Garden, my best friend and her husband.)

It was a good thing we brought our umbrellas. 
We waited in a very, very, very, long line (2 hours) to see this:

The brand new Center For Performance Arts!
We heard two groups play.  They were amazing!
It was worth the wait.

Then we walked to the Entertainment District for dinner.

Fun day!


  1. That building looks so cool. What groups did you hear play? Isn't it nice to get out on weekends with friends or family and do fun things while the weather is still nice? ;-)

  2. It looks very nice and sounds as if you had a lovely day!

  3. Thinking of you! I hope you have a wonderful week.


  4. Such a neat building, looks like you had a great time:@)

  5. So glad you got to go in. It looks amazing on tv. What a great day to spend with friends and the sunshine at the end of the day was icing on the cake...smiles...Renee

  6. Amazing shots of buildings - I find that downtowns offer so many interesting views. I'm glad you had such a great time.

  7. Cheers indeed! Looks worth the wait.

  8. Sounds like a fun day. The building looks amazing. Glad it was worth the wait.

  9. What a wonderful day! You got some great photos...and what a marvelous view! It's so much fun to see something like this...with DH and friends! ♥

  10. I thought they would cancel all the entertainment the way it was raining. So glad you were able to go and enjoy yourself. The center is going to be a wonderful addition to our city.

  11. Yea for you in getting to see the new gem of KC! We were going to go and then decided to pass on it.
    I am sure it is spectacular!



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