Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicken Scratch

I went "treasure hunting" today 
and here is one of the things I found and brought home.
A green Chicken Scratch apron.

Sometimes called  Gingham Lace or Snowflake Embroidery, 
Chicken Scratch is done on gingham fabric to create a lace-like design.
I think it's so pretty.   And it uses very easy stitches.

Google chicken scratch to find all sorts of images and free patterns.
And this site teaches some of the basic stitches used.

Since I'm showing aprons, I should also share this little cutie.

The tiny apron my Mommy made for me when I was a wee girl.

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  1. I didn't realize that it was called"chicken scratch".
    I have an apron also similar to yours. It does look easy indeed.
    How lucky you are to still have the little apron your mom made for you from your childhood.
    That is a real treasure!

  2. Gayle thank you for unraveling the mystery of that wonderful work. I adore that work on those sweet vintage aprons. I have a tiny apron and a pic of my daughter licking a spoon on the counter...I need to pull that out...Thanks for sharing...wish me cool moments as we are off to Bartle tomorrow! Smiles...Renee

  3. BEAUTIFUL example of chicken scratch -- lucky it found you to bring it home and love it :)


  4. My teachers used to call my printing chicken scratch. Who knew it was an embroidery pattern all along?

    My nana made me an apron when I was little and I loved it. I still have it too.

  5. I like that chicken scratch. It would make a great summer table cloth too.

  6. Oh darling tiny apron. And for some strange reason, I have always LOVED chicken scratch. From time to time I make a piece or two - I should make a lovely tablecloth and napkin set for our new deck - in red - or in ocean water blue - both would be lovely. I do so love chicken scratch.

  7. Love the green gingham, but the one your mommy made for you is extremely special! Sweet post and informative. I'll have to look up "chicken scratch."

  8. My goodness Gayle, fancy still having the apron your mum made you, it's soooo sweet.

    Love the gingham apron too.

    I seem to be acquiring quite a few aprons, none with chicken scratch on them, just chickens.......

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  9. Great aprons! Chicken scratch is pretty amazing-enjoy:@)

  10. thanks for educating me on the chicken scratches! How sweet you have your apron!

  11. I've never heard of chicken scratch! I LOVE it. How wonderful you still have the one your mom made you!!

  12. They are beautiful aprons - I did a pink gingham one when I was about 7, with herringboned hems, and cross stitch stars as decoration, and I still have it1

    Pomona x

  13. Never heard that term for the white stitching on gingham but I love it - and the little apron of yours is precious.

  14. I'm totally addicted to aprons and your tiny childhood apron is just a beautiful treasurer. Thank you for the background information on the fabric of your chicken scratch apron. Fascinating.

  15. How precious. I love that you still have that sweet little apron from your mom.

  16. I have a chicken scratch apron and I never even knew it. Mine is a red background. I always feel bad for the person who spent hours embroidering these things when I see them in the thrift stores. Good for me, but sad for them that their grandkids didn't appreciate them.

  17. Ah chicken scratch... my favorite kinda apron. Did you know its also called "poor mans lace"

  18. Thank you for sharing about chicken scratch I will have to google to learn more. Love love your wee little apron.

  19. Your apron was a great find - love the design on it - looks like it is in great condition too!

  20. Lovely aprons~things I like to make, but never use. I posted a picture of my chicken scratch apron last year. I loved making it. Do you have other aprons to share with us?


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