Friday, April 9, 2010


I have finished the embroidered sampler!  Here are the final 4 squares:

Blue glass nesting hen
(Do you collect these hens too?)

(One of my favorite foods.)

Button jar.

Rose- The Fairy  
(Do you have one of these in your yard?)

And here is the whole thing.
Over the past couple of weeks I added to the blocks and borders that I thought were lacking a bit of umph,  and learned 2 more new stitches in the process.   So some of the squares look different than the original pictures I posted.   I may still tweak a thing or two.

Amy, this was so much fun!  Thanks for letting me join the group late!

Yay!  It's Friday!!   We are going out for Mexican food tonight.   And tomorrow my daughter and I are going to a bridal shower.   This is going to be a fun weekend!   Hope y'all have a happy weekend too!


  1. What a most beautiful sampler...really impressive & beautifully stitched. I like the way the pictures all have special meaning to you. beautiful!

  2. I absolutely am drooling over your finished project! it's so very pretty! job well done...

    love the rose pretty, so pink!

    thanks for coming by!
    ciao bella
    have a great mexi night..and a nice weekend too!

  3. It's amazing! Great job!
    Thanks for dropping by my place,

  4. Woohoo, this is one chick that never turns down Mexican food, the hotter the better! I like things spicy....I'm just that kinda chick.

    Your samplers are just beautifully stitched. Great joy girl!

    God bless and have a wonderfully fun weekend!!!

  5. That is absolutely amazing. Gorgeous. They are all so different, yet so perfect together. Beautiful!

  6. Wow, that is so pretty. Your stitching is wonderful I LOVE the roses. What is that stitch called. I'm not sure I've ever seen it before. Very lovely.

  7. Your sampler turned out so nice, I know you must be proud. It's beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  8. Congratulations on completing this project. It looks great!

    Have a super weekend!

  9. It came out so pretty! I love the roses.

    Have a good weekend!

  10. You did a wonderful job on this beautiful sampler. You should be very proud. Thank you so much for shaing this with us. I so enjoyed it!
    Patricia :o)

  11. Congrats, congrats, congrats! What a proud accomplishment and such beautiful work. I'm impressed!! It's very nice. You are inspiring!!
    And I can't think of a better way to celebrate than MEXICAN food! YUM!! Enjoy!!

  12. excellent bullion knots on the roses!
    I love seeing all the blocks at once, too.

    And I wish I had some yummy Mexican food. With two picky little eaters, I rarely get to eat anything so adventurous.

  13. Congratulations it looks brilliant. How clever you are!

    Want to see what kind of visitors we get in Australia take a look at Cindy's blog.

  14. Hi. Just discovered your blog! This is darling. Love what you have done. Feel free to stop by my new blog and say 'hi'.

  15. Your sampler is beautiful, you did such a wonderful job! What are you going to do with the finished sampler?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Beautiful! You stitch wonderfully! You tackled more new stitches than I did - but I plan to start another one soon! Congratulations!


  17. Gorgeous, sweet and delightful!!! I love it!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Have a fun weekend!
    Your stitching is very pretty and once again I wish I'd taken part - but I'll have to settle with enjoying the photos from those of you who made it to the end.

  19. I adore your sampler..and isn't learning something new fun? Thanks for telling me the name of the unidentified flowers in my front bed. Fun to learn something new!!
    Have fun this weekend...does your daughter get home from Ne often?

  20. Your sampler is lovely! I will have to take some pictures of a few I have done and email them to you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am following you now and would love it if you would follow me back.


  21. woweee!

    glad you stayed with it and shared each one....

    it's beautiful. :)

  22. Wow that is really pretty. How did you go about it. Did the group have patterns or did you just do your own thing?

  23. Very impressive! I love the bullion roses!

  24. Your stitching is wonderful! I hope I can learn that sometime, I'm still at the beginning. Have a fun weekend! Becca

  25. Looks amazing! I love the button jar. I have been admiring these samplers around blogland.

  26. Congratulations! It looks wonderful. What a treasure it is.

    Mexican food? I usually love it by right now my tummy isn't happy and the thought...well, I will try not to think of it. But I hope you enjoyed it.

  27. Your sampler is very sweet and cheerful, lovely to see!

    Have a nice week & hugs, Carolien

  28. Oh your sampler is soooo pretty! What talent! I love your imagination in selecting images and your talent in stitching them. What a wonderful heirloom you created. laurie

  29. Love the sampler! Your hen is so cute, reminds me of mine real hens! Love the roses too!!
    ~Molly P

  30. Lovely to see it all finished, and with each piece having a particular meaning. xx

  31. That looks wonderful, i love it. hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  32. How do you have time to do all those lovely squares, give a shower and even that time to comment on my post! Thanks so much for your support! Hope the shower went well!

  33. Your work is so beautiful and filled with so much meaning. I just love this idea and what you did with it. Such a talent and so creative. I'm so glad I can come see your piece. Now I want to make one too.

  34. finished! Beautiful job, it is just stunning.

  35. A perfect sampler indeed!

    I am peeking out of my turtle shell to say thank you for your kindness and support. Be blessed.

  36. Your sampler is lovely and, even better, so meaningful.
    I look forward to seeing it framed.


  37. This is truly lovely! You did an awesome job. Are you going to make a wall hanging, pillow or....?

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend and that the week ahead brings many blessings.


  38. Oh my goodness isn't that the sweetest little stitchery project! I know smaller is harder but always cuter.

  39. This is so gorgeous! I have been dying to do one of these and I just can't find the time. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello:>)

  40. Oh, how cute! I am about to get started on one of these too right after I finish making a dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  41. Your tiny stitches are amazing and the finished piece an heirloom. I'm new to your blog, and am enjoying all of your stories, and especially this post. Will follow along to see your next creation!

  42. What an eye catching and beautiful work. I love the style of the individual illustrations and the colours you have used all fits together so beautifully.

  43. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my "Mr Mouse" post. I really appreciated it!

    And I LOVE your embroidery sampler! This is gorgeous! Wish I could just take the time to do something like this ... Well, one day ... :-)

  44. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful. Is it a wall hanging? I just love embroidery. I will be checking out the rest of your blog but just had to stop and say how much I enjoyed that.


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