Friday, February 12, 2010

Needlepoint Lovebirds

I'm joining Laurie's Valentine Party with these needlepoint Lovebirds.  I am a beginner needlepointer.  (Is needlepointer a word?  Needlepointist?  One who attempts to needlepoint.)   I recently finished this simple design that I started years ago, a canvas of two little lovebirds sitting in a berry tree and plan to turn it into a pillow soon. I like to think that the two birds symbolize Mr. Garden and me. 

One of my childhood friends is an artist who designs and paints needlepoint canvases for  Jean Smith Designs.  Those of you who needlepoint will recognize this design house.    Two things I associate most with Valentines day are hearts and flowers and so I made a valentine mosaic with some of their amazing and beautiful heart and flower designs.   (Some of the pics are a little fuzzy, but you can get a better look by clicking on the link to their web page.)

I want to try one of their simple canvases next, and maybe someday I will be ready for one of the more intricate designs.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  


  1. Darling, wishing you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

    Love & Hugs

  2. What a lovely mosaic and your love~birds are so tweet! tee hee,

    Happy weekend,

    Sarah x

  3. I love your needlepoint lovebirds! xx

  4. I'm so glad you stopped by because it allowed me to discover your beautiful blog in return!
    Your needlepoint is wonderful...I used to do it a long time ago. Now I smock & sew dresses for my DGD.

    My best smocking friend has DD's who Irish Step-dance so I enjoyed the photo of your DD.
    I'll be back to visit your blog & read some older posts.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on the Valentine's Day Anniversary post.

  5. Beautiful blue love birds & a very pretty mosaic, just perfect for Valentine's Day.

  6. I must say that for a beginner, you certainly are good! Lovely Valentine mosiac and lovely photos

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day.


  7. Such sweet little lovebirds! I think it's beautiful and will make a very pretty pillow.

  8. Your needlepoint of the two love birds is absolutely beautiful! And you say you are a beginner? It will make such a pretty pillow! My mother has done some beautiful needlepoint work, as well. She has had each piece framed. I have two pictures...and the third intricate piece she did was HUGE. She started it when my father was in the hospital so that she would have something to do. She didn't get it all she passed it on to me. I did it all but the background which happened to be I passed it on to my daughter and she finished it. It hangs in my mother's living room now...with the "story" written on the back.

  9. You are truly talented! What a sweet treat! Love truly lives in the details.

    Happy hearts day!

  10. Oh your pillow turned out so pretty, and your mosaics are wonderful. Thank you so much for joining the party with this pretty post. laurie

  11. How beautiful!! Your work is anything other than that of a beginner!! It will make a stunning pillow.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you! :-)


  12. This is such lovely needlepoint work. I knew a fellow back in CA who was an artist with petipoint, not sure on that spelling, but it was so very tiny, he did little masterpieces like paintings and sold them for a great deal. My sister did work like yours but I've never had patience for sitting very long to do this. You go girl you are doing so well.

  13. Your birds are made of a lovely blue colour, I love them!
    I wish you good luck with the next projects ...

    Happy Valentine's day!
    Greetings, Carolien

  14. "(Is needlepointer a word? Needlepointist? One who attempts to needlepoint.)"

    i just call you an artist! :)

  15. I never go into needlepoint myself, but I do appreciate a pretty design!

  16. Oh my,
    Your pillow is gorgeous! I love the colors you used, you sure don't look like a beginner! Happy Valentines, Cindy

  17. Great job on the needlepoint!

  18. Hello again...just wanted to drop by and say thanks for dropping by today. I always appreciate your sense of humor and your encouraging words! Wishing you lived in WV or I lived in Kansas!

    Oh...and we did have more snow today to cover up that dirty looking stuff that the state road's plow left us yesterday. :) We are to have another storm pass through the first part of the week! Can't wait! You know...I really do love is the cold that I have a low tolerance for...makes those muscles draw right up! ;)

  19. Lovely springtime needlepoint! Nice job! Joan

  20. Happy Valentines Day to you! Thank you so much for your sweet blog comment. Thank you for stopping by Rebel Blossom xx

  21. Very beautiful ! Happy Valentine's Day!

  22. Your love birds are just beautiful, you are very talented/ Wonderul photos.

  23. I love your valentine mosaic! Just found your blog. Saw Daisy in your post title and had to come check you out. I just put up one of my painted daisies on my header for my blog.

    It's nice to meet you.

    Lee Ann


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