Wednesday, November 7, 2012

366 Challenge Complete!

Get rid of the things you don't care about,
to make room for the things you do.

Keeping that saying in my head all year long
helped me to reach my 366 Challenge goal today!
I have cleared 366 items from my home,
one thing for every day of this leap year.

Not everything made it into these pictures, but you get the idea. 
Most of these items are being donated/recycled,
and a couple will be sent to someone I know who will enjoy them.

I left off at number 283,  so here goes:

284.  bag of hangers
285.  desk organizer
286-288.  tea towels (3)
289.  delft tile
290-293.  picture frames (4)
294.  boom box
295.  binder
296.  package of plastic cups
297. cups (2)
298.  firetruck
299.  trash bin
300-309.  books (10)
310.  small chest
311.  magnets
312-313.   ironing hams (2)
314.  swinging pendulum sculpture
315.   glass box full of seashell soaps
316-319.  Christmas sweaters (4)
320-321.  purses (2)
322.  crock pot
323.  markers
324.  floral decor
325. navy shorts
326.  socks
327.  teal polo shirt
328.  mattress cover
329.  calculator
330.  cleaning bottle
331- 343.  Halloween decor (13)
345-347.  pillows (3)
348-350.  plastic party serving trays (3)
351-354.  gift wrap bags (4)
355-356.  Americana bowls (2)
357-359.  grocery bags full of magazines to recycle (3)
360.  bag of shredded papers out of my files
361. set of dolly stamps
362. Fiskars edger
363.  brown sweatshirt
364. striped henley
365. framed photo of the Beatles
366. bottle of room spray

And there you have it!  366 things hauled out of here. Gone.
Are you close to reaching your goal?

I realize that I still have a LOT of things that could should must go,
so I will very likely continue with 365 things next year.
But with the holidays approaching I am glad to have this project finished!


  1. Well done Gayle, nice to reach your's a good feeling to declutter and get rid of things you know longer use or have need off.
    I just dropped another bag of magazines off at my sisters, she'll read them and then take them to the op shop....

    Just wondering what ironing hams are?

    CLaire :}

  2. Congratulations on reaching your goal! I know that feels good:@)

  3. Well done! I need to do some major emptying before the holidays of the girls bedrooms.

  4. I'm with you, girl...I can SO relate! I've started a series on my blog, Decluttering 101, and it is feeling SO good to get my home "back"!

  5. Thanks for your challenge this year! I was inspired and I have met my goal too! I have given away so much stuff to GW, I think they know me by name! Jean

  6. Doesn't if feel good when you reach a goal you set for yourself? And doesn't it make you feel "lighter", knowing you got rid of some clutter? I had reached my goal a while back, but have continued to sort out. Never knew there were so many unwanted things around the house until I started looking...

  7. Congrats!!! As a pretty constant purger, I know how wonderful it feels afterwards! Don't be surprised if you still keep looking at your possessions differently even after this year. Also, I noticed I don't buy things anymore unless i know how many times I will use it and where it will be stored. Have you noticed that yet?
    Hugs, Mickie

  8. I know it feels GREAT to send of the things you no longer want! I didn't keep a count, but I pretty sure I've done the same!Went on Tuesday with a jeep load of stuff! It feels good!
    LOVE your Shelley tea cup! It's so pretty and Love the blue! They are expensive around here!
    Congrat's on a cleaning job well done!

  9. I just took four bags to Goodwill last week. Mostly clothes and some knick knacks...I could easily do this every month..smiles...Renee

  10. Wow your amazing.......i'm impressed, I wish I would have taken on the challenge!

  11. Congrats! I need my family to read this post!!

  12. Wow - congratulations! I can remember when you started doing this - can't believe a year is up already!

  13. What a great idea. I need to do something like this...a challenge. I did good for a few days but now I feel burned out. I think I did the easy rooms first! heehee! You have really made a difference! Kudos to you, my friend!

  14. Holy smokes...that's what you call a good purge.
    I bet it makes you feel pretty good.

  15. Fantastic! Bet you feel great now that it`s all gone :) I`m going to have a go at my Christmas decorations in November, I only use half of something has got to go! Thank your for inspiring, and hope you have a great weekend. Pam

  16. Congratulations on reaching your goal early, Gayle! I didn't do it day by day...and I did have two yard sales...and I didn't keep track of the number of items...but it feels so wonderful here at home now because the things I chose to keep were things we both really enjoy and love! What a difference it has made!

  17. That sounds like a very, very good idea indeed...if I start now I might clear a bit of space by Christmas...not sure which year mind you!!
    Best wishes

  18. It is a good feeling to clear out the clutter and, in turn, make someone happy to find something new to them.
    Congratulations on reaching your goal. I have not counted items, but I feel sure I've let go of at least that many things. Haven't missed a one of them either :).

  19. Good for you!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  20. Wow, what a big project. I'd have a hard time something every day to get rid of.
    I do need to get rid of some stuff though!

  21. I am very impressed. I do get rid of stuff as I go-I've never kept track of it though. That's what happens when you down size-you're forced to get rid of stuff. Congrats to you!

  22. Good job! I got rid of TONS of things when we moved from Vegas. We have only been here 7 months, but I feel like it's time to purge again. It's a great feeling isn't it?

  23. Amazing! Cue the applause! You put me to shame. I have to get going on this sort of decluttering myself.


  24. Congratulations for completing your challenge. It sounds a great way to declutter.

  25. Big congratulations on reaching your goal. And also for inspiring all of us to join in. I have done well but lost count when I had to set up the new blog. DH has taken car loads away for me. I also have been allowing friends to go through things and adopt them. I just let my quilt group go through three huge stack of cds I never listen to. Only one stack is left and I feel good about sharing. Thanks again but I am going to continue on next year until I get my house in order.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  26. Gayle, I am so impressed... I have wanted to clean some material out of my cupboards, but just can't do it!!! I have had it for so long, and now there is not a wage coming in my 'frugal' mind says don't!!! I do however give the op shop lots of other stuff!!

  27. What a brilliant idea. Away I go looking for my 366 items!

  28. What an interesting and important challenge, Gayle. Just be careful in your zeal to declutter and organize that you don't give away items that you might later decide you really do need. I've done that, and had to re-purchase things! Thanks for your visit and comment. I was interested in hearing that you visited Pella and Central College. Have a good week!

  29. This is brilliant! I usually put a bag together when it's time for the ARC to come by -- they supply a local thrift store and the last time I was there, I actually saw some things I had donated! I like your idea of an everyday goal.

  30. I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff, too. Slowly, but surely, cleaning out my basement. Feels good, doesn't it?

  31. I try to go through things every year, but some things I just can't part with.

  32. Wow - I'm impressed. I doubt that I could come up with any where near that many things to get out of my house. We really downsized when we bought this house 4 years ago and haven't re-filled it - so I got rid of what I could - but not near 366. Great job!!


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