Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Angel Ornament

I found a picture of a cute little angel ornament online 
and thought to myself... "I can make one like that."
So I did.

Here is how I made mine:

Draw up a pattern.

Assemble supplies:
scissors, needle, felt, seed beads, thread, button and metallic cord 

Cut out all the pieces:
1 apron,  body front and back, wing front and back

Sew beads on the apron.
Stitch the apron to the body-front using a beaded blanket stitch.
Use a plain blanket stitch to attach the body front and back. 
(Top and sides only.  Leave the bottom til later.)
Stitch wing-front  to wing-back using a beaded blanket stitch.
Tack the wings to the back of the angel.
Use a decorative beading stitch to create "lace" along the bottom edge.
Attach a pretty button for a halo  with the cord,  and tie your hanging loop.
Ta Da!

I love the way she turned out!
I'm making enough to share with the girls in my book club.

* * * * *
I have two boys arriving this evening (son and nephew)!
So, I'll see you in a couple of days.
Many wishes for a  HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American blogging friends!


  1. Very pretty! And what lovely gifts for the people in your book club! Kinda' wish I was in your bookclub, lol!

  2. She turned out so nice and cute. The ladies are going to be so happy to receive such a thoughtful gift.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Your angel is such a pretty little ornament! I think it's so cute how you used the button as the halo.
    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  4. What a pretty ornament. I love all the beading. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. It's a very sweet little angel Gayle, nice to make some and share them round.
    Have a wonderful time with your visitors and happy Thanksgiving....

    Claire :}

  6. aahh she is really pretty i love the way the pearls go around the outside of her to. Enjoy your guests, dee x

  7. That's a very cute little ornament. How nice of you to make enough to give to your friends.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  8. Absolutely adorable. Good for you-making your own pattern! It is too cute.

  9. Love it! Very creative.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    M :)

  10. The botton halo sure tops it off. So cute! Thanks for the instructions. Happy Turkey Day. Mt Hood got snow big time yesterday after the rain on Monday. They will be opening on Thanksgiving the skiers. Thought of you...

  11. Its a lovely idea - I'm always impressed with how clever you are! I like the satiny sheen and that button for a halo is so cute! We don't have Thanksgiving here but I hope you have a very happy and blessed one where you are.

  12. Your angel ornament is beautiful!! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!! xo Heather

  13. Very pretty angel...wanted to wish you a lovely Thanksgiving with love Janice

  14. The angel is adorable and what lucky book club friends you have.

  15. I found your blog from Janice, Ms Witherspoon, your cute little Sun Bonnet Sue picture caught my eye...after the holiday..I'll be back you've peaked my interest...
    hoping yours is a blessed holiday..

  16. ps...this angel ornament is so cute and delicate...thanks for sharing...you do have lucky book club friends...

  17. Your angel is precious. I love the beading on the edges. Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.


  18. Your angel is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  19. Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friend!
    Your little angel is adorable and your handiwork is sheer perfection!
    Have a wonderful time with family and enjoy lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!
    Carolynn xo

  20. It turned out wonderfully! Great tutorial.

  21. You are so clever. I'd be lazy and buy one. You must be so proud of all the things that you make.

  22. It is those simple ideas that are always the most effective I think - and everyone can join in with making them too!
    Best wishes

  23. PS - meant to say I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving

  24. What a cute little angel I think I 'll make one or two or more.....

  25. Just like frosted cookies...Darling..Smiles..Renee

  26. Absolutely adorable. I'll have to try and make one.

  27. This is very sweet and looks like fun to make! Thanks for sharing!


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