Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are an important part of our Christmas morning tradition.
And the job of filling them is usually left to me Santa Claus.

Here are my ideas for stocking-stuffers for girls, boys, men and women of all ages:

crayons,  markers, watercolors, brushes, sidewalk chalk
finger puppets, small plush animals
matchbox cars, model train tracks
magnetic abc's
legos, small puzzles, kaleidoscope
stickers, stamps, ink, scrapbook paper
paper dolls
cloth diaper cover, amber teething necklace, bib, pacifier clip
jumprope, cat's cradle string
deck of cards, travel games
baseball cards
tennis balls, golf balls, golf tees 
bike safety lights, cable lock
guitar strings, drumsticks, woodwind reeds, brass valve oil
CD, earbuds
camera strap, travel tripod
scissors, pinking shears, rotary cutter
fat quarters, thread, floss, yarn, trim, beads, buttons
knitting needles, crochet hook
hot pad, dish towel, pot scrubbie
placemats, napkins, rings
whisk, vegetable peeler, zester,  wooden spoons, icecream scoop
measuring spoons, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, silpat  
pepper mill,  kitchen timer, turkey baster, garlic press, herb snips
 recipe cards
favorite family recipes
bottle opener, bottle stopper,  cocktail shaker, coasters, shot glasses, flask
BBQ tool set,  mitt, skewers, steak knives
tea, coffee, hot chocolate
nuts, candy, mints, gum
spices, mustard, jam
olive oil, hot sauce
apple, orange, pomegranate
essential oils
vintage brooch, earrings, necklace
 watch, money clip, wallet, keychain, purse hanger
magnifying glass, reading glasses, sunglasses
cell phone cover
scarf, mittens, socks, tie, belt
folding umbrella, mini flashlight
travel converter/adapter, map, rfid passport cover
wool hiking socks 
lipstick, nail polish, mascara, false eyelashes
toothbrush, comb, nail clippers, eyelash curler
makeup brushes
hand lotion, lip balm
soap, perfume, bath salts
gardening hand tools, rose clippers, seed packets, nozzle, rain gauge, soil tester
 work gloves, hammer, nails, wrench, pliers, folding ruler
windshield wipers, chamois, tire pressure gauge
fish hooks, insect repellent, sunscreen
hand warmers, thermos
masking tape, duct tape, washi tape
post -it's, pens, notecards
postage stamps
magazine, paperback book
small picture frame
Christmas tree ornament
gift certificate -to a favorite restaurant, store, salon or spa
tickets- to a game, movie or concert
membership- to local zoo or gym
money- folded origami style
your time- coupon for an extra long bedtime story, playdate or baking lesson
donate in their name to a cause- give a goat to an orphan or dig a well

I bet you can think of even more options to suit your family.

Be sure to take into account each person's likes and hobbies.
Go green by giving vintage, handmade and repurposed items.
Shop local.  Buy from small businesses in your community
And help your children learn to share generously with others.
 Visit Heifer International,  Outreach InternationalWorld Vision,
Catholic Relief Services, and other organizations
 to find creative ways to give this year.


  1. Great list! I need to get some stocking stuffers to assist Santa, and will be spending time with your list.

  2. My husband and I have been only doing stocking stuffers for each other over the last few years, in place of gifts. Your list is great.

  3. Dog bones, treats and cans of tuna for the cats do it for my household.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. That's a great list! Lot's of good ideas:@)

  5. A wonderful list!! Thanks for all the ideas!! xo Heather

  6. Just about done with my Christmas shopping and you can be sure some of those items are in my pile..smiles..Renee

  7. I love all of these wonderful items. I wonder if anyone would stuff a stocking for me? lol I saw the Toys for Tots box today and plan to put donate some toys again this year.

  8. Should I just copy the list and highlight the ones I'd love to find in my Stocking!? Smile...

  9. What a great list of ideas. I love it. Stockings are one of our traditions too. I am off to look at Claires blog-I haven't seen it yet. I can't wait to check it out. Thanks!

  10. Some great ideas. My oldest daughter is moving out on her own so I love the idea of kitchen items. I think I will hit the Target kitchen spot for her stocking.

  11. We love stockings in our home... Santa always does a great job. xo

  12. Great list with lots a ideas, thanks Santa.
    Patricia x

  13. Wow this is an extensive list!
    Great ideas.

    M :)

  14. Lots of great ideas here! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  15. I love stockings! Everyone is our immediate family buys 5 things for each person. You must wrap them in tissue paper. I started doing this when the kids needed to think about others in the family and now they won't give the tradition up...they are in their 30's. We actually like the stocking stuffers more than the gifts. We sit on the floor and take turns opening them so everyone gets to see them.Yes, it takes time but is fun.

  16. What an inspiring post, Gayle...and just when I needed it! I'm having 3 little girls over toward the end of next week and I wanted to do something special for them to take home. A small stocking, stuffed with little things I know they will enjoy would certainly fill that bill! Thanks SO much for the idea.

    Did you make the stockings that we see pictured?

  17. My oldest son is volunteering tomorrow and he's excited.....these are wonderful ideas! what would Christmas be with out sharing......along with the true message!

  18. What a great list! The boys are getting matchbox cars, marbles, chocolate santas, fun bandaids, and little stuffed dogs w/ santa hats in their stockings this year.

  19. Wowee! You are brilliant! Great ideas!

  20. Wow! I'm impressed. That is a fantastically thorough list. Thank you!


  21. What a great list. Thanks for this. Some wonderful suggestions.

  22. Great list! You certainly have the good ideas!

  23. Thank you for the incredible list of ideas. Each christmas I wrck my brain and now I don't have to....Thanks to you!
    Blessings and a few hugs,
    Carolynn xxx

  24. Oh wow! This post brought such a smile to my face! You have some great ideas! My mom has always made us the most amazing, special, Christmas Stocking matter how old we get. I think I like them better then my other gifts! I can tell that you're a PRO like she is!
    Happy Holidays
    Erica :)

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