Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wonky Granny Square! Send Help!

I need help from you gals who know how to crochet. 

 I have tried multiple times to teach myself to crochet. Without much luck.
But I really want to make a Giant Granny.
Reading crochet pattern illustrations is like Greek to me.
And I barely know the names of the stitches.
But after watching eight really bad crochet instruction you-tubes, and finally one good one, 
 I think I kinda-sorta-maybe got the hang of making a loop, changing yarns, 
turning corners and "three double-crochet in the gap".

Now I am on row #15 and my edges are wonky and this square won't lay flat.
What on earth am I doing wrong now?

(I need more work on choosing color combinations, too. But a girl has to start somewhere.)

* * *
PS- for those who are trying to help me figure this out, this is what I am currently doing:

For the sides- three  double crochets and chain one

For the corners- three double crochets, chain two to turn the corner and
three more double crochets in the same corner.

 To go up to the next row- I pull through (slip stitch) in my new color of yarn and then chain two more
to make a chain three and that becomes the first section of the three double crochets on that row.

My sides are larger than the middle. And it seems twisted.
The corners don't usually seem tight to me, although I do notice in the photo it looks like it in the top left corner. 

* * * *
Someone suggested that I try turning the work from back to front between each row.
And that seems to have solved my problem.
Thank you so much!!


  1. Love your colors!! This is the link to where I learned how to crochet, and she teaches grannies, which you could just skip to that part! She really explains everything and is really good!
    I hope this helps! I am still new to it, so I wish I could help your more. xo Heather

  2. I LOVE IT. Seriously. The "catty-cornered" effect is great. How are you doing your increases from row to row? That may be the difficulty. It really DOES look neat, though!

  3. I think it has turned out very pretty. I have just ordered my first crochet hook and some wool to do my first attempt at crochet (some granny squares as well) it should be interesting.
    Happy Crocheting...
    Magie x

  4. I think you need to do at least three bundles in teh corners. I will search for you for a better tuto,.

  5. The first 5 rows look perfect! And I like the swerve:@) Wish I could help, while I admire folks that crochet, it's not something I ever learned-have fun!

  6. Looks okay to me. Maybe you aren't doing enough chains in the corner. Or maybe your tension is just tight. I tried many, many times over a span of a few years to learn the granny but just couldn't get it. Then I read this post on Tangled Happy and it all made perfect sense. :)

    It's amazing how there are so many different patterns out there for the same exact thing but honestly this one was the easiest -- always working from the corners.

    Good luck! Tammy

  7. I love the colors! I recently searched on Youtube for a tutorial on a craft and a 10 year old was teaching me! Cracked me up! Maybe they need to under 20 to teach us old dogs new tricks! lol

  8. Only taught myself this year (from u tube and a child's learn to crochet book) so I'm very limited in what I know. The only thing I could suggest is to check your tension remains the same... it does look very pretty :) x

  9. I can't help you - sorry

    But I think it looks beautiful
    and the colours are great.

    Happy Thursday

  10. I am sending this, you to someone who might help. Good luck. Penny is the Crochet Go To gal!

    I like your colors too!

  11. I was thinking your tension might be inconsistent. Not sure about that, but sometimes, especially with a beginning crocheter, tension can be an issue.

    Hang in there, you'll get it. It looks pretty darn good to me!


  12. I think your problem may be the corners. I normally make 3dc,ch3,3dc in the corner. Never mind that it looks wonky, it's your first. Keep trying,you'll get better. I taught myself to crochet 40 years ago and still make mistakes. Good luck!

  13. I can't help but I thought I would say hi anyway!

  14. You might need to add one more chain between three doubles on your corners--I usually double three, chain three, double three for corners on grannies--that might fix the not-flat problem, just allowing more ease into it. Also, not sure from your description, but to go up to the next row, slip stitch across the last set of three doubles, chain three, then two doubles into the space and continue. . . .Hope this helps!
    A link to a crochet blog(I've found her to be a good teacher)

    Good luck!(It is such a cheerful little piece you've got going!)

  15. Hi, I think Tammy is right, you need two or three chains between the sets in the makes the corner lie flat. I also think because you are new to crochet, your tension may be tight. Maybe you should stop, and start over. You will never be happy if it turns out wonky. Tearing it out at this point is too hard. Save it to remember where you started, and how great a crocheted you will become. I think the colors are beautiful. Changing yarn every row might be a problem too... You are headed in the right direction! Hope these tips help. Penny

  16. Sorry I can't help. One of my goals this summer was to learn
    how to do thisbut i get so overwhelmed.

    There is some good info in your comments though.

    Good Luck!

    M :)

  17. Thank you, everyone for your helpful comments! I've watched more instructions youtubes, and am re-doign the block with loser tension and 3 chains in the corners. I"m only on row 6 and it looks fine so far, but so will let you know how it turns out by the time I get to row 12 or 14, when the wonkiness really became apparent last time.

  18. I searched for you for patterns of giant granny's , but all the patterns I found are just starting with a small granny and then add more rows. So it's very important that you first learn to crochet a nice granny. maybe you better start making some small grannies . In that way your tension will be more regulary. I also block my squares when they are ready. With cotton you need to be careful because cotton can grow when it's wet. Another idea is starting to crochet with another yarn; I love to crochet with wool, I am not a fan of cotton. Hope this will help.

  19. Now, I'm afraid that I'm not the one to give pointers...I, too, am self taught. I know there are some expert crocheters out there in blog land.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so curious about your comment about returning to live in Oregon?? This summer has been a very cool one...and, as I have heard about the simmering temperatures around the country...I am grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest!
    Don't give up on your crocheting...You are doing a beautiful job with Grannies...and, especially, for a beginner!!
    Carolynn :)

  20. Hey, you crochet like me. LOL! I also have been trying to teach myself to crochet.
    Your first comment from vintage grey, gave you a link to craftyminx's crochet school. I found this to be a wonderful resource and I did manage to make most of my samples look like hers. I have not finished all of her lessons and I have not crocheted a project since learning the right way.
    Good luck with your project!

  21. I wish I could give crochet advice , but I only know 2 stitches. Maybe when you finish it blocking will get out the wonky. It's looking really good and I love the colors. Good for you learning from youtube! Please share you progress.

  22. I can just knit enough to make scarves and have tried to learn how to crochet, but....I'm good at sewing and quilting and embroidery work, but oh, those crafts with needles!
    Good luck! Maybe you can teach me someday-lol!

  23. Hey Gayle, it's great to see you are continuing with the crochet and despite a little wonkiness it looks great. I have found with my granny square blanket, the first few rounds did look a little on the wonky side but that seemed to disappear the more I did. I hope that some of the suggestions and links among the comments have been helpful.
    It's a grey, damp day here, perfect for a little crochet actions inside by the heater. Hope you enjoy your weekend.....

    Claire :}


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