Monday, August 13, 2012


This weekend Mr. Garden and I visited Hallmark.
Yes,  the "When you care enough to send the very best" card company. 
The tv movie "Hall of Fame" folks.

There was a huge display of favorite Keepsake ornaments
and information about the artists who designed them.

We took our time browsing the Timeline.
The exhibit not only featured cards, but important news headlines from each decade, too.
It was fun to  remember where we were during those times.

Some doll cards, like the ones that I collect, by Vivian Trillow Smith.
See that pansy card?  More about that later in this post.

Awww, it's Betsey Clark!

Salvador Dali.   Ike!    How about those paper dresses?

There's Maxine.  Marjolein Bastin was one of my favorites! 
Do you remember any of this stuff?

The Christmas tree gallery was really amazing!
It became a tradition for the employees to design a tree each Christmas
which was then presented to Mr. J.C. Hall, founder of the company. 
Here are 5 of the 17 trees that were in the gallery.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Tree  1969

The Shadow Box Carousel Tree (inspired by a trip to Mexico)  1972

The Bread Dough Ornament Tree   1974 

The Folk Art Tree  1968

The Bob Schneeberg Tree  (amazing collage)  1979

This beautiful Pansy card, which had been in print for 70 years,  
was selected by the Post Office to be the Love Stamp 2010.

We saw artwork from famous artists who contributed designs for cards:
  Norman Rockwell, Grandma Moses, 
Winston Churchill (yes the Prime Minister of England),  and Saul Steinberg. 
We watched the press at work. 
And we oohed and ahhed at how fast a machine could 
whip a few feet of ribbon into a pretty little bow.
The mural at the entrance was gorgeous! (I couldn't get a decent picture.)
We truly enjoyed our time here, and recommend it to you if you ever visit.

(I apologize for the glare in the pictures.  Most things were behind glass.)

PS- The Hall family continues to play a very active and caring roll in the community.
Kansas City would not be the same without their generosity.


  1. Oh my goodness. What a fabulous place to visit. Those displays are amazing. I'd be staring at all those lovely ornaments and cards for hours.

  2. When we went to KC about 10 years ago there were no tours of Hallmark! I'm an ornament collector since 1973, I would LOVE to see that plsace!!

  3. What an interesting place to visit! I bet you spent hours and hours there.

  4. What a fun place to visit!! Would love to go! Thanks for taking us along!! Love all the cards! xo Heather

  5. how cool! I'd certainly love to see it. When I met my brother in 1980, his kids were already teens. I wanted to give them Christmas presents, but didn't really know them so I started a tradition of sending them each a Hallmark ornament, as I had done for my daughter when she was born and then my grandkids.

    Each one of them comments from time to time about loving the ornaments they have received. They love them as I love my own collection.

  6. That looks a super museum. certainly would have been "right up your alley" I recognised the cabbage patch doll.

  7. I need to take a tour, looks so interesting. I've been to KC so many times but never think to go! Great pics, thanks for sharing.

  8. Love it every time I see it. I see something new each time too...smiles..Renee

  9. Wow, I am putting this on my list for my next visit to KC!

  10. What fun....these displays do bring back many memories...happy week to you my friend.

  11. Mr., my Mom and I went one weekend and really enjoyed it. Of course I bought some ornaments to, when I get them our at Christmas it makes me think of out good time.

  12. Betsey Clark and Marjolein Bastin - my favorites too!!

  13. WHat an interesting post. I didn't know there was a Hallmark museum. I' think that would be a most fun place. I love the the trees and the keepsake display.I'm a new HM collector, and just love them!

  14. I got to tour Hallmark 38 years ago. It was amazing back then. We got to actually go into the artists work areas. I can only imagine how much it has grown and improved over the years. Love all of the collages. Thanks for the memories!

  15. Wow amazing - thanks for taking pictures for those of us who can't get there.


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