Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Thank You's.

Look at the sweet surprise I received in the mail the other day! 
Lady Linda wrote to tell me she had found something that needed to come to my house. 
Oh, I do think she was right!
She's the cutest little blue and white pottery doll 
wearing a headscarf and carrying a basket of berries.
The stamp underneath says she was made in the USSR.
She is so similar to the Polish cheese ladies I collect.
She looks perfectly happy here with her "cousins"from across the border.
Thank you, Linda!
I love her!

I'm making pretty good progress with my Giant Granny afghan.
After that first disastrous attempt, I read all your suggestions and started over. 
I ditched two yarn colors, loosened my tension and added an extra chain to the corners.
I am still getting a bit of a twist,  so it's not perfectly square.
But it's not nearly as wonky as before.
I'm on row twenty-something and I like the way it looks.
Thank you so much for all your help!

And last, but not least....
Do you know what these two words say?
No?  Me neither.
Which is why I am pleading with you to
please please please turn "Word Verification" off.
It's so hard to figure out what the letters are.  I type it wrong almost all the time.
It's a huge source of frustration for anyone who wants to leave a comment for you.
I do think it's a good idea to use "Comment Moderation" instead,
and change your blog settings to accept comments from "Registered Users" only.
For a really good explanation about how to turn  "Word Verification" off
and "Comment Moderation" on,  please visit this post over at Run Around Ranch.
Thank you for helping to make Blogville a more pleasant place for all of us.


  1. Que hermosa muñeca te han regalado!
    Tu tejido es muy lindo
    Eres mi héroe!!! Yo estoy en campaña continua contra esas dos terribles palabras, no comento absolutamente nada en los blogs que las tienen
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  2. Oh I don't like word verification either, so frustrating!
    Your afghan is looking beautiful, love the colours, so pretty. And your lil lady is lovely too, very different from things I've seen here. x

  3. So cute! And very thoughtful of Linda! There are such lovely ladies out there in blogland. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. So happy you were able to work out the glitches. It looks great! Love the colors

  5. Your afghan is looking very pretty! I think there must have been a few spammers out there recently because after having a bit of a blog break I noticed there was a lot more monitoring of comments going on when I returned.

  6. Your afghan is looking lovely. I hate those word verifications too. I took mine off quite a while ago and haven't had any problems. The odd spam one goes straight to the google spam section and I just delete them They never actually appear on my blog.

  7. Your afghan is coming together so well. The colors are so sweet. Your dear little ladies are a delightful collection.

  8. Those most certainly go together. What a treat. I love your granny. I remember growing up I loved to stick my toes in those while I warmed up in them. Smiles...Renee

  9. Loving the "cousin" you have visiting your Polish girls! The afghan is too sweet, and I concur about word verification. If I love the blog, I'll try posting anyway, but I always think to myself what a pain in the behind it is.

  10. Hey Gayle, what a lovely surprise to have this little lady come and live in your home. She has certainly fitted in very nicely......

    Your rug is going brilliantly.....good on you for sticking at it. The colours are lovely and remind me of Spring which is making it's presence felt here.
    I'm with you on the 'word verification' issue, grrr!!

    Have a great weekend,


  11. Just look at your pretty blueware! What a darling European lady! She is such a representation of so many women in the former USSR. She will be right at home with your other little ladies. She's as sweet as can be!
    You are doing so well on your crocheted afghan...Keep going...It looks great!
    Blessings and smiles,
    Carolynn xo

  12. Greetings Gayle...oh, she looks even happier than I could have imagined. I do love her with your little cheese ladies. All so sweet. It just made me so happy to send her your way.
    Your project is coming along nicely. I don't think I have the patience for it.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  13. Yes, yes to turning comment verification off. It's so annoying!

    Your crochet is looking pretty darn wonderful!

    And what a lovely gift from your friend. Happy Friday.


  14. Love your figurine and your afghan is gorgeous! I feel the same about word verification. Granted, I don't my blog has enough users to worry about it, but I haven't had a problem with spam comments. I think it's over protection.

  15. Agreed, turn off that word verification!!

    Love your surprise in the mail. They are so beautiful!

  16. I thought I had never seen the Polish pottery when I read one of your posts; low and behold on a future trip to the thrift store, there were two pieces! It's true, we take all of our blogging pals and their unique collections with us when we go out! That little Russian cousin is much happier now!

  17. I am with you on the word verification. I still comment but there have been times when the words are just too hard so I skip it.
    I really want to learn to crochet. I have tried to teach myself but I need to watch someone first. One day!

  18. I hate the word verification myself......what a sweet gift she fits right in....Happy Friday!

  19. I like you little porcelain figurines! They look quite happy sharing the shelf.

  20. What a sweet gift ...lucky you. I have to laugh at word verification too...I did take it off my blog awhile back. Sometimes I just go for it and I am surprise I get it right! Hugs

  21. What a great match for your dolls. Blog friends are great. You have more patience than I re doing the rug.Word verification is a bother. I discovered that if you can't read it you can click the little arrow circle and keep going until you get an easy one to read.

  22. I hate spam even more than word verification but have noticed that even when I don't get the letters correct, it still accepts. I think it's in the trying that the computer program recognizes a human and not a bot...? But, I'm a low tech geek and don't really know.
    I do know your granny afghan is lovely; well done!

  23. How pretty is the pottery lady. Your granny afghan is coming along great. I love the colors you chose and I'm glad it's working better now.

  24. I love your pottery doll and your Afghan – both are really pretty. Do you know? I don’t know if I have word verification or not. If I have I’m sorry! I’m going to read up on it now, thank you for the link.

  25. I am very happy to discover your cute and exquisite blog via Jenny's (The Custards) one!
    Those blue and white ladies are so delicate! And perfect for my little blue eyes! I am totally mad about blue (even blue and white china!).
    Have a lovely day!


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