Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbye Junk, Hello Clean Linen Closet

The 366 purge continues.
(One item for every day of the year.)
This weekend I sorted through more of the holiday decor boxes 
and totally emptied and re-organized the hall linen closet.
More old junky stuff leaving this house.

Picking up where I left off: 

225.  Horrible shiny pink dress from the 80's  
(WHY did I still have this big-shouldered-monstrosity in my closet? LOL!!)
226.   Blue sandals that are too big for me
227.  Scented lotion that just isn't my favorite
228-240.  lots of Easter bunnies and other holiday decor (13)
241- 242.   Holiday door wreaths (2)
243-244.    Blankets  (2)
245-246.  the last of the twin sheet sets  (2)
247- 258.   Decorative towels (12)
 259- 281.   Old towels, hand towels, washrags (23)
282-283.  Water proof mats (2)

These are now G. O. N. E. 
The old towels will go directly to a local pet rescue shelter. 
And I only have 83 items to go to reach my goal by the end of the year. 
 How are you doing with your decluttering and clearing out?  

My sheet sets are folded and placed inside a matching pillowcase
to make changing beds easy. 
These days all our beds are queens, so I don't have to keep sizes separated.

I ended up with a whole empty shelf that I used for extra blankets. 
And there is still  more than enough here for just the two of us and the occasional kid or guest.

See the towels tied with ribbon and placed on a top shelf?
Now the guest towels won't get mixed in with the ones we use every day
and I can keep them looking fresh and pretty.

A close up on a stack of beautifully embroidered pillowcases. 
Yes, they get used regularly on all the beds at our house. 

So glad to have this closet neat and clean again.

* * * * *
If' you'd like to join in the 366 Challenge to rid your house of unwanted items,
let me know and I'll add your name to the list here.
And see my sidebar for all my past 366 Challenge posts.


  1. Nothing like organizing, cleaning out and getting rid of things. Makes one feel great all over . . . right!?

  2. That's so inspiring! I'm decluttering too, but can't seem to focus on one room or closet at a time - just doing a little here and a little there. Hope to eventually have it all neat and tidy!

  3. Love the clean closet and Thanks for the reminder! I'm going thru my dishes as I just bought a pretty blue set for 4 that I LOVE. The "old" dishes are going to a local organization that helps folks that are starting over with household goods for FREE! It feels so good to donate there!

  4. Wow, you're doing great! I'm just happy when I add something to the box in the back bedroom:@)

  5. Oh no - my latest post is the opposite of yours! I'm adding things! But most of them I hope to sell on etsy. I love your challenge idea. How did I miss this earlier? Well I'm glad I found out about it now.

  6. Oh rats! I forgot to tell you how gorgeous your closet looks now - especially those beautiful vintage embroidered pillow cases!

  7. I love this post! I love to organize. Your linen closet looks as though it could be in MS home. It's so color coordinated! Your Hallmark post was wonderful! It rare to see all of the cards viewed together. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a great week! Elizabeth

  8. Your linen closet looks amazing!! Those pillow cases remind me of my great grandmother, she had all of her pillow cases done in fine needle work like the ones you have.

    I have been slowly getting rid of things but not nearly as good as you are about it...Great job! xo

  9. Look how neat your linen closet is!! I see those gorgeous embroidered pillowcases!! Love!! xo Heather

  10. You are doing so well! And you're doing exactly what I need to do but seem to avoid at all costs.


  11. I desperately need to organize a few closets around our house too. It definitely is a good feeling to get things in order again.

  12. I'd like to follow your example with purging the cupboards. It's needed here!

  13. It looks so wonderfully clean...and the linen looks so pretty all stacked and neat..very nice..Wish my mom would do this...Have a great day with love Janice

  14. The best feeling ever I think......

  15. Wowza! Looks great. We are still purging but I have not written
    all of down. We keep trying though.

    M :)

  16. How neat and organised. I bet you feel better for that. I love your embroidered pillowcases - they look so pretty. Maybe I could borrow you for a week or two.....?

  17. It looks so nice! I would never take a picture of my linen closet, it is a disaster. Nice job!

  18. Looking good...really good! Inspiring.
    I was wondering how you were doing with your year's project.

  19. Gayle, forgot to ask you...could you send me your snail mail address again? If you could send it to my email address, I'd appreciate it.
    I have something to send you and I know you will keep it. I found it the other day and it needs to live at your home.


  20. doesn't it make you feel good to get rid of unused stuff and make more room. It is easier to keep tidy with less stuff. Your linen cupboard looks neat.

  21. Wow, what an organized linen closet. I love the ribbon idea for the guest towels. ALso love your pillowcases. It looks great. I need to do mine soon-it's overflowing.

  22. How pretty! It is nice to have a good linen closet!


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