Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perfect Day For Blue

Today really seems like a perfect day for blue.
Hmmmm.....actually every day is a perfect day for anything blue at my house.  :-)
Hope you are having a perfect day, too, in any color you like.  

* * *
 Isn't this a wonderful tea-cozy?  
It was knit by fellow blogger, Liz, at Shortbread and Ginger.
I love it!

PS- It just rained!!!
Maybe my crispy fried grass will turn green again
and the poor parched trees will stop dropping their leaves.


  1. The tea cosy goes perfectly with all your other pretty blue items..
    Have a lovely 'Blue' day!
    Magie x

  2. Your house sounds a lot like mine ~ perfectly happy with blue always.
    The tea cozy is adorable.

  3. Greetings from Ireland
    wet here again!!!

    Love the tea cosy
    it is gorgeous.

    Lovely blues

    Hope you are having a good day


  4. Yeah for the rain! We rec'd rain yesterday and the grass already looks better!
    Love your pretty picture. The tea cozy is cute as can be. She's very talented.

  5. I can almost hear the trees signing with relief arfer getting a drink Gayle......You can have some of our rain we've had over 3 inches this week, but I have enjoyed watching it and listening to it on the roof.
    Love your tea cosy, gorgeous colours, in fact I think I might just go and make myself a cuppa now......

    Claire :}

  6. Your tea cozy is perfect. I hope that your week is a happy one even though your feeling in a "blue" mood, LOL. Thanks for sharing. Connie :)

  7. Such a beautiful tea cozy!! Liz did an awesome and beautiful job!! Wishing you a lovely day! ;) xo Heather

  8. Despite our wicked heat wave and no trace or rain in weeks, I made Jasmine tea at work today. Your tea cozy is just lovely. Happy blue day!

  9. What a unique tea cozy! We need some of that wet stuff too, it's very crunchy walking on the grass and the sprinkler doesn't seem to keep up!


  10. I quite agree - any day is a good day for a Blue Day!....and a cup of tea steeped under a sweet blue tea cosy...and Earl favourite!

  11. We need rain desperately here! Glad you got some. Hopefully, we'll get some this weekend.


  12. I love blue too. I would like to see some blue sky. Glad to here you got some badly needed rain. We don't need any more for a while.

  13. LOVELY blues and what a great cozy. We had rain on Sunday night and my grass LOVED it -- it is amazing how much more effective rain is than irragating.

    Enjoy your weekend Gayle :)


  14. I love tea cosies and I love blue too! Rain? It hasn't stopped for days here in France!

  15. I do love that tea cozy-just adorable. All the blues are cute together. Wish we'd get some rain here!

  16. Oh pretty. Love that tea cozy. We used to knit slippers in that pattern - it was fun to walk on them - they felt sort of bouncy.

    We had a thunderstorm and rain in the night - sunny and beautiful and green here again today - nothing like a Washington summe!

  17. If it ever rains here, I'm going outside and stand in it! :) Love blues, especially cobalt, in my house!

  18. Hi,

    Your tea cozy is adorable - so fun and happy, Glad to hear that you had some rain for your garden.
    Have a lovely day.

  19. Cute cozy! It is preety bad when you get excitement form rain but I was right there with you. We sure do need it! I hope we get more today!

    Have a great weekend.


  20. That's such a cute cosy - with your brown tea pot it reminds me of my granny. Looks so inviting!

  21. Just found your blog and have enjoyed looking around at your different posts. Love your collections and your eye for color such as your green reamers and your blue tea cozy.Also love daisies! If you visit my blog and one of my pinterest boards you will see.... daisies.

  22. Love your idea of a blue day...and such a pretty blue cozy! Really blue is the perfect colour...I don't think I could live in a world without it. Happy weekend.

  23. I agree that any day is perfect for blue - one of my favorite colors! We just got some rain here overnight and I'm doing a happy dance. We are in a severe drought in northern IL.

  24. Thanks for mentioning the tea cosy.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  25. I wish we could send some of our rain on the Gulf Coast to you! Hang in there.


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