Friday, July 15, 2011


I have started to round up some creative storage containers that can be used to reorganize my sewing area.  My space is neither messy nor disorganized, but it's not very appealing.  I'm tired of supplies being stashed in humdrum cardboard boxes and boring plastic bins in the closet.  It's time to make this a well-ordered, imaginative and cheery space.  

I found a couple of fun pieces at a flea market last weekend and a few others were right here in my own house.  

This little doll sized hutch only stands 17 inches high.  
It has 2 nice sized drawers and shelves that could display small things. 
Maybe I should paint it.  What do you think?

I've had this Marjolein Bastin hat box for several years.
Time to put it to better use in the sewing room?

My daughter used this stair-step shelf while she was in college.
Now it might help my organization project go vertical.

Fabric pens would look nice in a bluebird planter.

This wooden filing box was once used for recipes
Hmmmmm... rickrack and trims would fit nicely.

I found a little powder tin with a tight fitting lid.  
So many possible uses for it.

I already group vintage spools of thread in milk glass compotes
and display buttons in glass jars.

This is just the beginning.  My eyes are peeled for interesting flowerpots, boxes, baskets, baking pans, and other items that can be repurposed.  What are your favorite storage and organization solutions?   I'm certain to find oodles of clever ideas and artistic inspiration when I browse "Where Bloggers Create 2011".   


  1. So many clever ideas on this post for storage. I love your doll hutch and the milk glass dish looks fabulous with your spools of colorful thread. I've been addicted to the 2011 Where Bloggers Create lately. So inspirational.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Great collection of storage ideas, I would definitely paint the hutch and maybe the step stool too?
    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. I agree, things look so much prettier when they're organized in cute containers! I wish I had realized that before I bought a bunch of ugly plastic bins for my sewing area. Love all of your cute storage!

  4. Such cute and clever ideas - I can't wait to see the finished sewing area.

  5. Sigh. To organize my house right now would be divine. I have a large walk-in "craft" closet that's transformed into a "don't open me or crap will topple you" closet, but going to college full time and raising my two girls has left me stretched for time. I tell myself it's okay to have my one chaotic space if everything else is clean ; )

  6. What SWEET ways to organize. I think the only real organization I have now in my sewing/craft room - is antique milk bottles which hold all my loose buttons:))

    (As for your question on my post....that was Lake Okanagon in British Columbia, Canada.:)
    Now....can you come over and help me organize?:)

  7. All the elements of pretty storage are there - you'll have fun putting it all together. I love the little tin and the hat box - some of the Marjolain Bastien images are in a cross stitch that I've been working on forever!

  8. Oh how cute is that doll hutch. I see decals and paint on it, but you know me. It is all so cute. Love it all! Cannot wait to see how it turns out. Smiles...Renee

  9. Great ideas. It is always nice to have things displayed in a way that make a us feel happy and productive.
    I use baskets, mason jars, hat boxes, cupcake tins are great too.
    Mugs for pens. I have a Winnie the Pooh glass that holds my scissors and seam rippers by my sewing machine. I also use tins too.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. Suitcases! I have about a dozen that are full of fabrics and patterns, etc.
    But I love all the stuff you have collected for your re-do!
    Especially the sweet powder tin!
    Yes, I would Paint the cabinet and shelves.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. The little doll hutch is adorable. I love doll furniture as storage - so charming. Paint the hutch, I say! I had to search out vintage containers for my space - but the search is fun!


  12. You are well on your way to an inspiring sewing area! If your aim is bright and cheerful, you will probably want to paint your wee hutch. I've never seen one with shelves before!

  13. Can't wait to see how you end up using each of these great pieces -- I especially love the doll-sized hutch. I'd paint it :)


  14. Hi Gayle! Thanks so much for visiting me and for your sweet comments about my craft room. You look like you have quite a number of items that are going to work well in your own. I love that small cabinet in the first picture. What ever you do with it, it is sure to be wonderful! You mentioned you had some sewing boxes that you had not considered. I would love to see them!!! Have fun working on your space.

  15. Wow you have so many treasures love the doll cupboard.....and the powder container!

  16. Oh no I wouldn't paint that little set of drawers if the wood still looks as good as it does in the pic. I love dark cherry colored woods though so maybe that's JMHO!

  17. Oh, I lurve Marjolein Bastin!

  18. I have that exact same hat box! A friend sent it to me years ago with a few birthday presents in it. I now use it to store jewelry.

  19. It's always a challenge to be practical while also having things look charming. One can't easily label some storage items so unless one remembers what's in there...a fright show. I'm in exactly the same spot you are with my craft room. Trying to make it more pleasant and still be practical. You have a lot of nice pieces there and I'm sure that you'll have fun getting them all to work.

    As for the granny squares, I've learned that if I do one every day, I don't have to visit my "go to" guy. It's when I set them down and don't return for days on end that I run into trouble.

  20. I love all of your vintage pieces for storage! I remember having a stair-step type shelf too many years ago. Thanks for sharing your space and leaving such a nice comment at my blog, Nan
    PS, I loved Liddle Kiddles too and still have my Little Bo Peep somewhere!

  21. Love the thread in the bowl...looks like yummy candy and is for Quilters..

    NICE blog and photos!!



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