Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Golden Peach Crunch

Golden Peach Crunch
One of my favorite "comfort food" desserts.
The whole house smells yummy when this is baking.

Golden Peach Crunch

2 cans (1 lb, 13 oz) cling peaches
1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 Tablespoon lemon juice

1 cup oats
1/3 cup melted butter 
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt

Drain peaches. Mix with cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon juice. 
Put in 8 or 9 inch square baking pan. 
Combine rest of ingredients. Mix. Sprinkle onto peaches.
Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Serve warm with fresh whipped cream or a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream.
(Sometimes I double the topping for extra crunch.)

I made a double batch tonight. 
One pan for my family.  
The second pan for a family with a daughter in the hospital.   
Please say a prayer for Miss N.  


  1. Hey Gayle, your Golden Peach Crunch, sounds, looks and no doubt tastes for yummy baking smells through the house. Well, my mouth is watering as I read about it.

    I'm sure the recipient of the extra dessert will be very grateful and I'll keep Miss N in my prayers and expect a speedy recovery.

    Claire :}

  2. What a lovely thing for you to do - I'll bet Miss N's family loved seeing you come to the door!

  3. Very good recipe and i will try it , you gave my an idea.It looks like a crumble, i did a raspberry crumble with oats last weekend,my family loves crumbles.

  4. Looks great Gayle! I just made an apple crisp on Sunday, need to use some fresh peaches soon:@)

  5. I could eat a slice right now. Hey I have a dish identical. museum pieces now.

  6. Looks absolutely YUMMY! I'm sure your house smelled heavenly.

  7. Looks and sounds heavenly! You know I'm a peach glutton and always looking for new recipes to use with them -- must try this one!

  8. Oh, that does look good. My grandma used to can peaches and make all sorts of desserts. And yes, there was always ice cream involved in the final product! yum!

  9. Yummmmmm summer. I can almost smell it over here. I'm sure the other family was happy to have a pan of delicious summer.

  10. Looks delish...never tried the oat topping before. Looking forward to giving this a try.

  11. Oh can I come over for dessert. I agree there is nothing as wonderful as the smell of peaches.

  12. Now that looks like something I would really enjoy! yummy

  13. Oh my goodness, Gayle!!! This looks so delectable!!!
    My prayers are with you dear friend!

  14. Looks delish--you are brave to turn on the oven!
    Prayers for your friends daughter.


  15. i have seen you around blogland and always mean to stop by....and today i finally made it !!!

    i LOVE it here...that peach dessert looks so wonderful....

    i was happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen and am happy to's always nice to meet a new friend

    and saying a prayer

    kary and teddy

  16. Thanks for your visit. This looks wonderful to me, I can just smell it! I love everything with peaches..thanks for sharing it! :D

  17. I'll say a prayer right now for Miss N.
    Your peach crunch is making me so..
    hungry right now.
    Ala mode for me please!

  18. Oh Gayle, that looks so good right now. I am already hungry :) I made a zucchini cake with chocolate frosting today and I'm waiting for dessert to try it. So my taste buds are-a-waterin'! Sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. I hope everything is or will be alright. What a gift of hospitality you have.

  19. WHOA! This looks divine!!!!!

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for Miss N....

  20. That looks delicious! I have some peaches waiting in the frig to boot! Great timing. Thank you for commenting at my blog. It was so nice of you. I love your header!! Lifting up prayer for Miss N.

  21. I spy some Liberty Blue? Your crunch has me craving some of my own. How tasty, the dishes and the dessert!

  22. Oh man - that would go perfect with ice cream! I can just taste it now. I love the dish towel!

  23. Yummmm....peach desserts are my favourite! This looks amazing. Happy weekend. xo

  24. That looks so good!!! I can almost smell it baking!!!!

  25. Fruit desserts with crunchy oat toppings are one of my favorites. I must try this one. So glad you shared the recipe.
    Love your cute dishtowel.

  26. I think my grandma used to make this and my mouth is watering!!!!! YUM!

  27. Hi Gayle,

    Thank you for the wonderful Golden Peach Crunch - looks delicious and the perfect time of year to make it with fresh peaches in season.
    Prayers for Miss N.for a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for your nice comments about my blog and garden.

  28. Hello Gayle!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is lovely and inviting!

    Your Golden Peach Crunch looks amazing! I bet that would work with apples too! Thanks for the recipe!

    take care,

  29. That looks like pure happiness.
    Sending healing thoughts for your friend

  30. Best wishes for your friends' daughter.
    I love your Corningware! Nothing says "home" like those little blue flowers!


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