Monday, July 25, 2011

Bath Time For Soapy!

It's bath time for wee Soapy!

(And it looks like it's laundry time for that dirty robe too!)

Soapy Siddle came with her very own gilded claw-foot tub, plush towel and talcum powder. 

My sisters and I had other Liddle Kiddles, but Soapy is the only one I still have.
We had Kiddles that were in perfume bottles,  lockets and soda-pop bottles.
They were so much fun to play with!!

(these 3 photos were borrowed off the web.)

If you were a child in the 60's, you probably remember playing with these too.
Did you have a favorite?

Look here for lots more images   Liddle Kiddles
I also have some Liddle Kiddle paperdolls, on my paperdoll page.


  1. Those are so cute, I didn't have them but they look familiar so perhaps my sister collected them. Love the golden tub!

  2. I am so glad that someone else loves her kiddles too. I have the liddle kiddle playhouse and Sheila Skediddle that walked. I loved the ones that came in the perfume bottles the most.


  3. Oh yes my sister and I had a few and we loved them, I had and still do Babe with the little yellow sports car! Hugs, Diane

  4. Such cute dolls but I haven't seen these before :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. I'm surprised I don't remember any of these. My sisters may have had them.

  6. I don't remember these but maybe only in America. It is great how you have kept these treasures of your childhood.

  7. Oh my gosh Gayle!! I LOVED these! I remember getting Kleo Kola after a nasty doctor appointment. It was a bribe for me to be good (not scream and cry in pain! LOL). I remember loving the smells. But I don't think I'd enjoy them at this age.

    I still have them and my Barbies too. I don't know why. My girls were never interested. Now they are too old. Maybe grandkids someday?? LOL

    Thanks for the memories!

  8. I had quite a thing for Dawn Dolls (from the early 70s). Your dolls look familiar but I didn't own any. I'm always a sucker for collecting toys...especially dolls. Thank you for sharing!

  9. My daughters loved their Liddle Skiddles - guess that dates me. I liked them too - such cute liddle things.

  10. So cute, in Holland I never saw those cute kiddles.

  11. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's always nice as you know to have a new visitor..hope to see you again. Mom's name is SHIRLEY and she LOVES..STRAWBERRIES as your doll title says.

    For some reason I didn't have one..SIGH. I was a 60's kid too!


  12. Oh my sister and I spent many, many hours playing with our very favorite dolls! We had so many of them and even their houses. Next was troll dolls - remember?

  13. Gayle ~ They are so cute and wonderful, I really don't recall having any my sister more than likely did. I just love how your posts bring back happy childhood memories. I do love the tub.
    Lots of hugs Rosemary...

  14. Oh, I remember these and i think i had some. Who know what happened to them but I know they were fun.


  15. These look alot like the little perfume dollies we bought for my daughter-each one had a scent and were in a bottle. But that was in the 80's.
    I had a doll that size called a "Heidi" doll. There was a botton on her tummy you pushed and she waved "hi".
    Such fun for you to share your memories with us!

  16. I'm not a kid from the 60's, but I do remember playing with little dolls like that. It was so much fun! Loved what you shared!

  17. Oh yes, I do remember! I had 2 in perfume bottles One in a necklace locket and one in a bracelet locket!

    Thanks for another sweet memory...

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. Gosh I've never heard of those dolls, even though i was a young child in the 60s - it was Sindy dolls for us!
    Thanks for your comment - i just checked out your post on Polish pottery - love those cheese ladies! How great to have a pottery nearby!
    Gill xx

  19. Morning Gayle,
    I do remember seeing and hearing about those kiddles but never had one.....I did have a Paul McCarney Beatle doll that size tho!! lol

    They are very cute.........

    Thanks so much for coming by, and
    you are so right it is too hot to cook much. Today I am gonna make a Cranberry chicken Salad for dinner.
    I go thru these spells were I lose
    my appetite and when I do I have no idea what I want to eat cause nothing sounds

    There are times I actually love to cook........just depends on my mood. Crazy!!

    Yesterday and today I have been my normal self I am happy to report!! lol

    You have a great day hon,

  20. I think you had more exciting toys than us - I never had one, sob! Maybe they never reached our shores.

    Pomona x

  21. I'm a little more of a kid in the 70's but I did have Kiddles! I had the house and the Kiddles that you could connect them to little cars or a tricycle, and put their feet in the peddles and they would move. So cute! I saw the ones I had on your link. Thanks for the memories! My favorite was the blonde one...think she wore blue, then I remember the redhead too with the cute hat.

  22. Little Kiddles...I loved those! I remember I had one that smelled like jasmine. I used to love sniffing her, lol.

  23. I do remember!in fact I remember the smell even...I liked the ones that were in the locket. In fact a couple of years ago, I went on ebay to see If I could find them....I was surprised by the prices...I love kiddles! do you remember dawn dolls???

  24. My girls had Liddle Kiddles I believe. I'm glad you've kept these toys from your childhood. So, I'm not the only one with vintage toys in the closet!


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