Sunday, January 8, 2012

Please Join Me For Tea At 2:00

Please join me for tea at 2:00.

I'll pick up a freshly baked lemon cake from my favorite Italian restaurant.
And we'll sip China Oolong tea in pretty forget-me-not and primrose cups.

We can chat away the afternoon and catch up on all your news.
Hope to see you soon.

PS- Are you watching Downton Abbey tonight?

* * *

Teacups, saucers, bowls and plates:
Shelley- "Primrose Chintz"
Royal Albert "Memory Lane"
Royal Albert "Forget Me Not"

 Lord Nelson "Heather" chintz


Leacock Linens
Battenburg Lace 

Today I'm joining:
Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday
Martha at Teacup Tuesday
Terri at Teacup Tuesday


  1. What a charming post! I love your tablescape. Everything is so cheerful. Hope you have a nice week. Mildred

  2. How utterly lovely! I am a bit sad though. I've been coveting a cup similar to your Shelley Chintz, but it was a different chintz. When I finally convinced myself to get it after Christmas, it was gone. Hmm, I'll have to go back and look at yours...

  3. I am cheating and watching my Downton tomorrow without interruptions...Lovely tea setting. Especially the blue flowers in the background...smiles...Renee

  4. Your tea cups are beautiful.

  5. I love tea - anytime is tea time!
    Yes, I'll be watching it out here on the Coast - can't wait.

  6. Beautiful china!! A visit would be nice, thank you!

    I'd really like to know how to make dishtowels like the ones in your header. I love them!

  7. I would love, love, love to come! I just found one of my grandma's old teacups so I can bring it to share. :-)
    We really do need to have real life tea parties.

  8. Oh, sounds delightful my dear. I'll wear a fancy hat and be there promptly at 2.

    Your teacups are most wonderful.

  9. What a lovely idea ;-)) Just imgain if the lady's of the land could stop what they were doing and all meet up for afternoon tea ;-) Heaven. Beautiful china you have. dee x

  10. I would love to join you for tea and to chat about what Lady Mary has been up to recently.
    (I've already seen this series and the Christmas special, but won't spoil it for you!)

  11. I'm with ya! How beautiful are those cups! Delightful!

  12. Sounds lovely..I will bring some shortbread cookies along ( I have an overload of them at the moment :P). I love you teacups, they are just so pretty!
    Enjoy Downton Abbey! Is it the second series you are watching?

  13. Teacups are so pretty. They make me wish I liked tea. Why don't coffee cups get any pretty patterns or parties?

  14. How lovely! Love the blues too.

  15. Gorgeous!!!! Good prelude to Downton Abbey (which I did watch last night). Forget me nots are among my favorite flowers... Oh how I wish I could come to tea :)
    Hugs, Mickie

  16. What a cheerful setting. Lovely blue dishes!

  17. I'd love to live close enough to be able to do that, Gayle! Enjoy a cup for me!

  18. How funny that Forget Me Nots have been on my mind a lot, lately. I've even been googling images of them.

  19. Oh I wish I had Downton to watch! I have seen all of it, now the long wait until September for the next series. Enjoy!! Linda

  20. What a beautiful setting. The colours are so relaxing and pretty. Wish I could get to enjoy it with you for real.

    Downton is finished here but at least we did get to see the Christmas special to bridge the gap before the new season comes out later in the year!

  21. Beautiful tea cups! This past year was the year I finally became an almost full time tea drinker. Peppermint tea would be so delicious in one of your tea cps, thanks for sharing.

  22. Looks so pretty. The cake sounds delish too.
    Just heard about Downtown Abbey, will have to check this out.
    Come by Dreaming sometime. Would love to see you!


  23. I'd gladly have joined you for afternoon tea. Much more fun than running around my University with a paper cup of Jasmine tea. Beautiful tablescape. Have a lovely week ahead!

  24. The Shelley Primrose is a favorite pattern...but then all Shelley is a favorite of mine!!! A lovely setting! Loved Downton last night, of course!

  25. I'm a little late but I hope there is still some tea in the pot and maybe a crumb or two of cake left........

    Beautiful china Gayle and Downton Abbey sounds wonderful.

    We've only had the first series here, hopefully the second series won't be too far away.

    Claire :}

  26. I am late for tea but enjoyed your pictures very much! Love the blues and yellow together...very soft and inviting; elegance with a country twist:)

    I would be honored to sip tea from any of your lovely tea cups.

  27. Beautiful tea cups, so spring like and pretty!
    And yes, I would love to come over for tea! We could chat about Downton Abbey! : )

  28. Oh, what a wonderful sunny tea! I love the blue and yellow. It's very pretty and cozy for this time of year. Love chintz! Thank you for sharing this with us. Delightful!


  29. Lovely china - the Chintz is breathtaking!

    Downton Abbey - oh Yes!! Have been waiting impatiently since last season :o)

  30. Oh so pretty. I love all of the tiny flowers. Chintz is so warm.

    Is there a new Downton Abbey on?

    - The Tablescaper

  31. Hi,
    Forgetmenot are such dainty flowers. I love all the cups for the special color. And the Chintz cup is to die for. Thank you for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  32. Hi: Wow! What a beautiful post. I love the chintz blue cup. Thank you so much for sharing it. Your cups are beautiful. Blessings, Martha


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