Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 366 Challenge Continues

Hey, how are you all doing with your 366 challenge?

More junk and unnecessary stuff is being cleaned out of my house today.

In my previous 366 Challenge post, I reached number 15.   So I'll pick up where I left off counting.

16.  Wall paper tray
17.  4 partial rolls of old wall paper
18-24.   Lace doilies from the 80's  (6)
25-26.  Lace curtain panels  (2)
27-33.   Books (7)
34.  Bag full of little kids party prizes
35.  Bag full of drawer pulls
36.  Picture frame
37.  Chipped blue china saucer
38-40.  Sachets (3)
41- 53.  Christmas tree ornaments (13)
54.  Magnet
55.  Sweatshirt
56.  Dish towel
57.  Candle light lid 
58.  Spare vinyl blind pieces
59.  Gift bag
60. Flameless Candle scent refills 
61. whole bag full of dried out tubes of spackle, silicone, grout and joint compound  (not pictured)
62.  two yard sprinkler spikes (not pictured)

Yes, that is 62 items going, going, gone!   YAY!   Only 304 more to go!  

Here are some helpful hints as you go through your house.

ASK  YOURSELF these questions to help yourself decide if you will keep or let go of something:
Do I love it?
Do I use it?
Do I have space for it in my house?
Does it fit me right now?
Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
Will I read it again?  Or need to refer back to it?
Is it a duplicate?
Is it damaged or broken?  Are all the pieces there?

Start a 6 MONTH BOX for things you are unsure about.  I don't want anyone to have purgers regret.  So if you are not sure, put it away in a box for 6 months... if you need to get it out to use, or miss it a lot, maybe now is not the right time to get rid of it.   If, on the other hand, you never even think about it in those 6 months, it's probably OK to go bye bye.  

Please don't think that I am saying you should get rid of Grandma's heirloom china.  Quite the opposite.  Get rid of the icky, junky stuff you have, so that you have room to display the china you love in a way that will honor your Grandma.  

Have FUN with the process.  Turn on the radio and for two songs,  go through your room picking out all the things you don't want anymore.    

And be sure to let me know how you're doing!

(Anyone else want to join me in clearing the junk and unwanted stuff from your homes?  See this post or this page for more info on the 366 Challenge.)


  1. Great idea! I guess I'm on #6. I gave away six water bottles. We have so many that they kept falling out every time you opened the cabinet. Never thought of keeping track.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. You're doing well Gayle.....I am loading up the car again today to drop off another load at the op shop.

    Can't believe how long I've held onto this stuff and how often I've packed it up and moved house and I haven't even used it!!
    Time to say 'bye bye',

    Claire :}

  3. I've been feeling the urge to clean out some things myself. It's time.

  4. What a good idea. When we used to live in town we'd have a garage sale every summer. Now we keep a box in the garage and when I find something I don't want anymore, in the box it goes. When it's full I take it to a church charity shop.

  5. i did clean out 3 kitchen drawers! I forgot that it counted towards my 366. Oh well I am sure I will make it! LOL

  6. I stopped by to check on your progress - you are doing great. We did much the same thing this time last year when we drastically downsized - I have not missed a thing that I got rid of!!!

  7. Very cool! I haven't been keeping track of how many items I've taken out of the house...I know 6 boxes of stuff, 2 chairs, lamp, and a few other HH items...

  8. Way to go girl!! I usually get in the cleaning out mode this time of year too!

    Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

  9. What a great post and so timely too! Have been down in the basement the last 4 days - cleaning out! I am well on my way to 366 items...there were at least 15 empty boxes for Christmas tree lights? Why??

    Out they go..

    But most things are going to our local St. Vincent or Goodwill...

  10. Well done! I am still doing well, today I gave away a book. Yesterday an empty tin and the day before was egg cartons. I have a feeling I won't make 366 things, but I will keep going for now.

  11. hmmm I wish I could be that disciplined when I clean out!!

  12. I've thrown away about 10 or 11 out of date items so far, didn't think you'd want to see those!
    I'm gathering "stuff" for the charity shop once again and will do a post about that soon.

  13. I really like this idea, Gayle. I guess I've been doing this rather absent-mindedly since before the holidays. I've not really kept track of things, but as I've been "redoing" I've been purging. It is such a liberating feeling! Love the questions that you've listed to ask ourselves as you go through. I think I'll start numbering today as I clean out a drawer or two.

  14. I've been keeping a big basket near the door, and I put something in it each day. I look in once in a while walking by to make sure I really want to toss it for the Garage sale. Haven't changed my mind once yet!

  15. Well, I did bring a brand new leather bag with the tags still on them to the Dominican Sisters Thrift Shop, and a slew of shopping bags and wrapping paper so they can wrap the breakable things people buy! It is a start, I guess, but I have a long way to go!
    I have so many nice Cmas things I want to give away, I just don't decorate as much. The thrift shops here wont take anything after the season. You have to make an appointment to make donations! Not kidding.
    I have to find somewhere to donate as I don't want to store them till next Fall!
    Good luck with your decluttering!
    Now I think I would have to keep those lace panels for a tablescape! See, that's the problem with me!

  16. I told Popa about this and he's been doing a little "cleaning". He's somewhat of a packrat!

  17. Good job, Gayle. I'm still purging over here, but haven't been counting. Two bags went to the thrift shop yesterday and today I sorted through gardening books. I have managed to find eight to get rid of, but I'm not done yet.
    Here's to organized homes in 2012!

  18. Good for you for cleaning out your stuff! Hubby and I are working on cleaning out our basement...a huge project. We have quite a lot to donate already. Feels good, doesn't it?

  19. good for you but my energy levels won't allow throwing stuff out AND keeping track.

  20. Sounding good!Still working on the
    bag that I mentioned before.
    Keep up the good work.


  21. Good job! I haven't started yet, but I'm thinking soon. I like the idea of a 6 months box!

  22. That is a great idea, 366 challenge. Your suggestions are spot on, but try telling Mr B. that.

  23. I was off to a great start with cleaning and redoing the kids room the first week of the new year. But then we went back to school this past week and I just couldn't continue the momentum. The trunk of my car was jampacked with stuff to get rid of -- and yesterday the Indian lady who takes care of our front office had her daughter come collect everything. Woohoo! Now I can start again with purging and she will be happy to take it all off my hands. I just gotta get back into the organizing frame of mind again. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  24. I CAN'T! I WON'T! I REFUSE!! Every single time I pitch something, I turn around & want to use it within 6 months. I can't tell you how many times I've had to go out & repurchase items that I've thrown out. I'm NOT joining you! I'm not, I'm not, I'm not....but I'm having fun watching YOU do it, Gayle! LOL

  25. I've cleaned out a few more things myself today and linked back to your blog, so other's could see what you are doing. Have a great weekend!

  26. I have cleaned a lot out already but I have more to clean from my storage though. I cleaned out the hallway drawers the other day. Have a great day....

  27. I'm doing the same thing, only I'm starting out with 50 things. I blogged on this same subject today! Seems like we're all starting the new year out by cleaning out the old stuff to make room for new opportunities.

  28. Wow, you have me beat. Great work. I have been spending a lot of time going through piles of stuff. I will have a big box for Salvation Army on Tuesday and also taking some more stuff out to the antique shop. The house is "sort of" looking better. Yours must be looking fantastic.

  29. What a great post!! I'm sure I have enough junk.....time to get started..I'm on 0 right now, but there's still time!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I am now stalking, er, I mean following you! ~Deanna

  30. Now that my website project is done, I better get busy on this one. I am hoping some of it can go to ebay. That's a start.


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