Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wreath- Grab And Go

Yesterday we drove out to a Christmas tree farm.  
We wanted to make a fun day of it and bring home some
 lovely smelling boughs or wreath to deck the halls.  
Nothing like that fresh evergreen scent!  
We planned to drink hot chocolate,
wander through the trees singing carols
and take lots of wonderful pictures.

....Ummmmm,  didn't happen quite like that...

It rained.  

A lot. 

We ran from our car to their garage,
where they had moved the wreaths to keep them dry.  
We found several we really liked and bought one.  
There was no hot chocolate to be had in the garage.  
We moved out to the covered porch 
where I quickly clicked one picture of Mr. Garden with the big snowman.
Neither of us wanted to wander in the trees and get soaking wet.

So we raced back to the car and jumped in.   
We laughed!  The whole thing took 10 minutes.
Grab and go!
Not quite the afternoon adventure we had imagined.      

Anyway, we love our wreath.  It does have a beautiful scent!
And we'll try the Christmas tree farm experience again next year.


  1. The best laid You did get some of what you came for though. Nice : )

  2. Wow! I bet your house smells heavenly! I am jealous, there's not a lot of tree farms in the desert.

  3. It's a beautiful wreath and there's nothing like that fresh evergreen scent and beauty.

  4. It's really beautiful and so fresh! I hope I can get a live wreath this year! Nothing smells better! ♥

  5. I found that funny thinking about running round in the rain. It has been raining 2 days here - a cold rain. I love your wreath. You chose wisely in a short bit of time.

  6. Isn't that funny, but Gayle walking in the rain, with an umbrella is fun.

    Think of Neil Sedaka and
    'Laughter in the Rain.' that song.

    Glad you got your wreath, I can imagine the wonderful scent wafting through the house.

    Claire :}

  7. Sometimes it is not the length of time, just the time together that matters! - Lovely wreath!

  8. So sorry it rained and ruined your plans. Sounds like fun to go to the Christmas tree farm and pick out a tree. I do love the smell. It brings back child hood memories.

  9. Well, at least you laughed! The wreath is pretty and I bet it smells wonderful!
    We did. The tree farm thing a few years ago. I guess I am an old stick in the mud , cause I kept getting stuck in the mud! What a mess.
    Have a good week!
    Your trio of trees is beautiful!

  10. Hit and run.

    I am sure the people who owned he place were happy to have you buy the beautiful wreath!

    Hugs Lorraine

  11. Ha! Our boys were supposed to head to a scout outing and overnight and it ended up being canceled because of all the rain...and they never cancel. So glad to see you didn't come home empty handed. Smiles...Renee

  12. Hi, and thanks for the heads up about those dishes. I'm going to check them out now.
    Your wreath story was cute, and even though it rained, I bet it will be a fun memory you both will share.

  13. That's a lush and lovely looking wreath! Sorry about the rain, but at least you got a gorgeous wreath in spite of it!

  14. Well at least you got what you went for. It is a beauty and I wish I could smell it.

  15. What a great post! I love the picture of DH and the snowman.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

  16. Well you made lemonade out of lemons at least! It is a pretty wreath! blessings, Kathleen

  17. This reminds me of the day we decided to go pick blueberries. We have a whole series of pictures of our fifteen minute excursion. It poured! We only picked about $.64 worth of blueberries. =) It was a fun memory though.

  18. Grab and go...otherwise known as swoop and scoop! Still sounds like you had fun!!

  19. Isn't it funny how we get an idea of how something is going to happen and then it never works out as planned.

    The wreath you manged to get (despite the experience not being what you expected) is really lovely though. One of the nicest I have seen.

  20. Love the photos - sounds like a fun day anyway.

  21. It's a very nice wreath anyway!

    Pomona x

  22. Hopefully you had some hot chocolate once you got home.
    The wreath is so pretty and I am imagining the wonderful scent.

  23. Well that photo of the tree farm looks so pretty even in the rain! Sounds like you had fun anyway, and the wreath is lovely!

  24. It sounds like a funny memory...and one I suspect you will revisit every year!

    What a gorgeous wreath!

    Did you make him buy you hot chocolate on the way home?

  25. Those mats around your photos add such a lot of charm. Glad you were able to get a beautiful wreath.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  26. The best plans can change and looks like you rolled with it!
    I miss the fresh tree and greens in my home.
    Looking forward to seeing your tree.

  27. Some days it just works like that! I do love your sweet wreath! We live across the street from a Christmas tree just walking over and getting our to watch the folks come and go with their trees. Hugs to you.

  28. long as you can laugh about it, it will go down in family lore.....and your wreath is gorgeous!

  29. That's to bad about the rain. Your wreath is just lovely though! I hope you were able to get a nice cup of hot chocolate when you got home (safe from the wet weather). Here is hoping next year will be rain free for you :)

  30. Similar to Michigan . . . rain, rain rain here too. The bow I made for the wreath near our front door goes on and then I take it off! It looks like there will be droopy weather for the season . . .

    Thanks for the smiles and giggles . . .

  31. You can chuckle about it years from now...remember the year when...pretty wreath:)


  32. Beautiful Wreath it was a quick adventure...Happy Tuesday...hugs Janice

  33. Mmmmmm, I can almost smell the greenery on that beautiful wreath.

    My day was spoiled by a snow and ice. I'll just move it to another day! A better day!

    So I started my candy makin' and finished the first three batches of fudge! Woohoo!!!

    Life hands ya snow...make fudge!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  34. Pretty wreath. The tree farm we go to we just pick it out and they cut and carry and load it in our car. Quite easy even if it rains to take an umbrella and just pick it out.

  35. I agree with you, that smell is so special and so refreshing.


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