Monday, December 12, 2011

The Flock

The good shepherd watches over his flock.

Well.... at least he is supposed to.

A certain little troublemaker (Natasha)
has managed two sneak attacks already!

"No no kitty!  Put that sheep down!"
I may have to hire a new shepherd!

(Some of the sheep in these pictures were made by
fellow blogger Spot On Cedar Pond.)

* * * *

I recently started making boards on Pinterest.
I hope you'll stop by and take a look.  Let me know if you'd like an invite. 


  1. I'm smiling because I can totally relate to your curious kitty. I've had to put my pinecone elves and putz Christmas houses HIGH up on my China hutch away from our new kitten.

  2. What a lovely figurine - and the sheep are just marvellous. Natasha really does look poised for action - I hope the rest of your flock survive!

  3. Your wooly sheep are adorable. It's no wonder why Natasha wants to play with them. She is a gorgeous kitty.


  4. This made me laugh! I love seeing all these pictures of kitty trouble makers. I lost my kitty last Feb.

    Your shepherd is sweet too.

  5. Oh delightfully naughty black cat! It's a case of setting the cat amongst the sheep (not pigeons)!

  6. I think you better put an ad out for a new shepherd.


  7. Darling sheep. I see she has them in her etsy store :) I felted some sheep last year and had no idea how fitting they would be with a nativity scene. This is why I love blogging so much!

  8. Love the sheep. maybe you need a big sheep dog to protect them from kitty.

  9. Kitty might have to go on the "naughty list"..
    Sweet sheep collection!

  10. The faces on those sheep are just to cute for words. No wonder Kitty wants to play with them. Stella

  11. Since my new shelves went up downstairs dear Reagan waits until dark and I swear he climbs them. Every morning there is something new on the floor. Those sheep look just like toys now don't they? Darling flock and shepherd...smiles...Renee

  12. Cat's hate Christmas. I know because every night my cat starts at one end of the house and takes down every decoration that he is able to reach. He especially likes the Advent calendar. He runs by, does a cat cartwheel and all the decorations fall to the ground. He then bats them around and loses them. Bad Christmas hating cat.

  13. Those sheep are adorable. I can see why your kitty wants to play with them..they're so nice and fluffy, like little balls of yarn.
    Off to check out your pinterest :)

  14. Adorable....I am in love with these little sheep of yours..and your kitty. xoxoox

  15. I love these little sheep! I have 2 similar to yours...I need to get them out on display! Happy holidays my friend! ♥

  16. Whoooaahh, hold on there just a sheep herding minute!

    You get that blue and white china out here and share it, pronto!

  17. I love those sheep - they are SO cute! I can guarantee you that my one kitty, Monkey, would definitely be stealing those sheep. He gets into everything! ;-)

  18. The sheep loom right t home there with your shepherd, and I see the little flock there suffers the same dangers my little sheep on the shelf suffer, the scary cat! I really have a hard time displaying the sheep I make in my own home because my cat goes on search & destroy missions , even opening boxes in closets to find the sheep.

    I have looked over your blog & love the Christmas tree pictures, and especially the tree pins.I love Christmas pins and have a few, but the Christmas tree pin worn by me from youth til now is my one & only Christmas tree pin.

    I love your display idea for your pins and am going to copy yours! I love your blog.

  19. I LOVE those blue dishes! What pattern are they. They look really old, hard to find and expensive LOL!


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