Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Irish Dance Videos

It's March and St Patrick's day is coming soon, so I'm posting a few Irish dance videos.  I did not take the footage, but this is the school my daughter danced with for 9 years. Hope you enjoy watching them!
(It has taken me three days to figure out to post these silly videos! I am sooo computer challenged!)

Figure and Ceilie dances in soft shoes (ghillies)

  (The O'Riada Academy Of Irish Dance.)

Hard Shoe dance

Treble Reel- Finale


  1. How FUN!!! I enjoyed watching each of these videos since my sewing friend's two DDs take Irish step dancing lessons. I always wanted to learn! :D
    Thanks for sharing these & for stopping by the Gazebo House, too.

  2. Just wanted to say, thank you for following me! I would to love to watch the videos, but my connection is so terrible tonight. I'll have to come back.

    And all I can say is WOW....I have no idea how to post a video. LOL I am a slow learner. But at least I'm learning a little.

    I'll be back to watch.

  3. They ere terrific. Their costumes were great too. Well done putting up videos. I have to relearn everything as I have changed over from microsoft to Apple.

  4. Darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness.

    Love & Hugs

  5. Oh Gayle...what a wonderful post this is! I thoroughly enjoyed watching each one! I think my favorite one was the Hard Shoe...I loved the "music" of their shoes dancing in chorus! I love Irish music also...but just the sound of their shoes together together in perfect step was really amazing to me. Those kids really had some stamina.

  6. OMGosh those videos are exciting to watch and the costumes are spectacular. Good job getting them on your blog. I've not tried that yet, but I noticed that Blogger has a gadget for that. Thanks for Following and for all your nice comments. I appreciate each and everyone. I enjoy your blog and knowing you!....Sue

  7. What a blast and a half! These little lasses always amaze me. I've been sittin' here watching them again and again. So much work and details in those gorgeous costumes. Thanks so much for planting a spring in my step today. :o)

    Ya'll have a greatly blessed day!!!

  8. I love the rhythm of the Irish dances.

  9. Well, that was fun!! Here I sit, in my PJs feeling as though I've had a jolly good workout!
    Good for you, getting those videos up. I haven't been able to do that with my own videos - but then I haven't been able to figure out mosaics either.

  10. Love Irish Dancing. Got to experience it first hand in Ireland and also was lucky to have River Dance perform here. No Michael Flatley though.

  11. I agree with Prairiemaid...I am so impressed, posting video...has to be what I learn after I learn how to put on a music list! I love following your blog...Jamjar

  12. Hi Gayle, I loved this...I can just about handle the Stack O'Barley and the Siege of Innis..and even that makes me huff and puff!
    I hope you are joining in my St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl on the 16th.
    It wouldn't be the same without you..
    My older sister and her dh go back to Ireland every year for the dance lessons..they are part of a caeli group.

  13. This was truely lovely to watch! Thank you!

    Have a nice weekend,

  14. I loved the videos! They are all such wonderful dancers!

    I'm of Irish descent ( married to a native Italian) and so I always go to the local Irish fairs and festivals and I make a celebration out of St Patrick's Day. if you look on my blog sidebar under LABELS you'll see I did a few blogs about my trips to Ireland.


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