Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicks and Bunnies and Eggs

Things are beginning to look like Easter around here!   The sun is shining and the little chicks and bunnies and eggs have started to make an appearance.

(Mona, this picture is especially for you!  I have faux greenery too!)

Three more embroidered squares have been completed for  my 39 squares stitch-along-sampler.   That brings my total  up to 19.  

My sweet old yellow boy kitty, Willie, who died a few months ago.  (I think I will go back and add a neck. this looks strange with just a face.)

A gingerbread boy cookie.

I love zinnias!

My sister-in-law (Mr. Garden's twin sister) and I were on the phone today to plan Easter dinner.  We always have such a good time when we get the whole family together!  All the kids will be coming home... it's just going to be a great celebration weekend!   Looks like I will be making cheesecake. (among other things)   I should post that recipe.  Look for it later this week. 


  1. You dear sweet lady....I love all of your Easter decorations that are showing up! That bunny with the buttons for legs is adorable! Also loved the wire chicken filled with the colored eggs. This is probably a silly question, but did you make the bunnies and chicks? You are so talented, Gayle.

    Your new squares are also adorable. I'm sorry to learn about your Willie that passed away. We do love our pets...

    When you mentioned about posting the cheesecake recipe it reminded me of something I wanted to be sure and tell you. The sign up sheet was out at church yesterday for what we would bring for our Easter breakfast. Just wanted you to know that I signed up to do the lamb cinnamon rolls! ~wink~

    Have a great evening, Gayle.

  2. I'm so slow at getting things our this year - your post will perhaps set me in action! I love the pastels at this time of year - especially after a greyish winter. Your place is going to look so pretty!

  3. I love your bunny with the stacked buttons for arms and legs. He's very cute! Your embroidery squares are looking goo too!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. OH what lovely things! Bunny is so cute and you are really doing well with the embroidery!
    Happy Easter too!

  5. Yes, it is looking Eastery! I hope you get some good weather..we are hoping here!
    So what is your menu? I was just sitting with my list..DH is Ukrainian heritage, and after all the Irishness in March, we do let him have some of his things for Easter.:) He makes great Babka..

  6. Your stitching is just beautiful! Very lovely job. Your Easter dinner sounds like it will be fun. Neither side of my family is getting together for Easter. So, it's kind of a bummer. No little kid Easter egg hunt :(

  7. I first appologize...I have not been here much lately or anywhere...sorry.

    Your stitchings are whimsical..and I love them all...sorry bout your sweet kitty.

    The button bunny and the chick, all the Easter stuff is adorable. It brings Easter close to the heart.

    Have a wonderful Easter week and fun planning, cooking and eating.
    We will be having Easter Brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt for the GrandLoves on Sat.

    Bless Your Easter He Is Risen

  8. Beginning to look like Easter here too...but you're a tad ahead of me.

    I posted a photo of my flea market frame on my photo blog. Thanks for asking. :)

  9. Love the Easter decorations--I'm so far behind BUT I'll get some out.


  10. Thanks for your visit and kindness, I appreciate it! :D

  11. oh too too cute decorations. Love all the Easter spirit and fun around your home. :-)
    Thanks for sharing all the goodies and photos. (I am sorry about your Willie.) :-(

  12. Love your Easter decorations and your family dinner sounds like you will all have a good time. Happy Easter.

  13. You have some very cute Easter decorations, my favorite is the cute chick in the first picture.
    I am so enjoying seeing the progress of your sampler. You do beautiful work.
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family. My Mom and Dad are driving here (from Atchison) and my brother and his family from Overland Park. The weather looks like it should cooperate!

  14. Your Easter decorations are so sweet, and the squares are just adorable! I just love the whole idea of the squares, especially that everyone is stitching things that are special or important to them!
    Have a great day!

  15. I love Easter decorations! Is that burlap you are stitching on? I love the look of is just so pure!

  16. Your blog makes me so happy and smiley! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Your children's ambitions are to be admired. Good Job! May God bless them always in their efforts! Hugs, Kerrie

  17. Your Easter decorations are so pretty, love the chicken basket especially. Lucky you, getting together with your family to celebrate Easter. Hope you have lots of fun and good food.

  18. Your Easter decorations are lovely. Makes me quite ashamed I have done nothing yet. Am now inspired to make my embroidered fabric eggs to hang from the twigs in my enamel jug in my snug(sitting room).
    Jenny x

  19. I love your stitching and your blog. So sorry to hear about your orange kitty Willie. I have 2 orange cats myself and wouldn't know what to do without them.


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