Thursday, March 18, 2010

I is for Italian

I is for Italian.

No, not salad dressing.

My Italian.  My honey.

Well... only half Italian really.  His Dad's side of the family is 100% Italian.
He's as good as they come and I think I'll keep him.

 (Family photos may not be borrowed or pinned.)

(family photos may not be borrowed or pinned)

I is also for immigrant.   And immigration policy. And speaking of that (I know that I'm opening a whole can of worms here, but...) what do you all think about our borders and our government's current immigration policy?   If it were up to you, what would you do to make it better? 

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  1. Italians are good lovers. we have problems with our borders too, even though we are entirely surrounded by water.

  2. I is for I agree, you have a fine Italian! Italian and Irish..good mix!
    And yes I agree about the Immigration..our borders should be Improved.

  3. Your Italian is mighty fine...almost as fine as my Bolivian :) and with regard to the weather forecast...please say it ain't so... I'm trying to convince myself that spring is here!

  4. Borders should be improved, but the Canada/USA borders are so long, it would be virtually impossible ...

  5. Can of worms...oh yeah. I don't think we have a policy. To improve it...let the border patrol do their job without fear of getting into trouble.

    Nice post.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Handsome hubby! Now, where's your pic? The borders, yikes! I notice the Canadians aren't trying to sneak in. If employer's would stop hiring illegal aliens that would be a start.
    Have a great week-end,

  7. I is also for my eldest Indigo.
    I'm glad you've found yourself a good man. have a great weekend. X

  8. Italian! Wow...good one for I!
    We do love the types of food that originated in Italy. Yum. So much Pasta! Italians are assumed to be a people with STRONG personalities so I bet your wonderful hubby makes life colorful and never a dull moment. It is wonderful to have a GOOD man, as Dianna at Bits and Pieces wrote about.
    Immigration and border control...yes I think I'll stay away from that one. All things done in an orderly, organized, and controlled fashion always seem to produce the best results in any set-up as far as I have experienced in my life, so you know where that line of thought would go on the subject of Immigration. But it is excellent leadership that engages and uphold such measures, so what more will I NOT say? ahh. Hope you have a wonderful and sunny weekend where you are. God bless!

  9. Italian? I've come to expect so much Irish over here I was taken by surprise by this one! Wonderful to have such a fine husband. Mine's half 100% German. Oh boy...those German traits can keep me on my toes.

  10. Between the two of us, we make 100% German, not a bad thing...your Italian sounds like a wonderful keepsake for you. So happy for about immigration...our nation has created its own problems and has to continue to clean them's a touchy subject but I agree with Cindy...hire our own who need jobs, and if they want to be here, learn the language. Nuff said

  11. Hi , just dropped back by to tell you that I added a vintage embroidery design to my last post that you can click on and print off if you would like! blessings,Kathleen

  12. Your hubby sounds like a keeper! My Great Dane has enough European left in him to keep life interesting!
    re Immigration - this topic is fraught, isn't it? After all, every one of us came here because of immigration. I agree that procedures have to be followed and that we need good law and to have it followed. I am sad, though, as someone whose family straddles the 49th parallel and who loves the US, at the barriers being put up between our two countries.

  13. My "doc" is from Bolivia. I Can't Believer you've been to La Paz! and the small world huh? Most people aren't even quite sure where Bolivia is.
    He is from LaPaz, we've all gone numerous times...Kids stayed for summers (winter there), etc.
    and quid pro pro...We loved Italy and "doc" pretends that in his other life he must have been Italian!

  14. I don't know how I feel about the border situation. I can see both sides and I can sympathize with the folks that live on this side of the border and have to deal with all the crime but I know many folks are only trying for a better life.

  15. Awwww....what a cutie.

    Great post.

    Although I am staying away from any political statement...but let me just say that I live in Arizona.

    "nuff said.

    Great "I" post!


  16. Your hubby is just a doll. Hang on to him! One of these days I will do a post of my own lovie. He's a keeper too! Now about immigration, I believe that all of our ancestors came to this country because of it's opportunities and freedoms. Our diversity has given our country great strength and has provided us with many talented citizens. That said, I also can say that I spent three years living in Bahrain. I had to apply to their government for both a resident's visa and a work permit. I survived all that paperwork. Those who chose to live here in the US should be willing to submit to the same. Once they do, and become legal citizens, I will embrace them too. I love this country and want to keep it both safe and strong for all.

    Susan and Bentley

  17. yeah for italians! if you are 1% are italian, in my book. i am full blooded and proud.

  18. How sweet to post your husband for "I" day and how nice of your husband to allow you to do husband doesn't want to be pictured on my blog...oh well. Joni

  19. I know nothing about the immigration policy but I hope people should be able to have a better life wherever they go

    & lucky you for your Italian honey

    -thanks for your visit

  20. A very handsome Italian!

    I don't know what to say about immigration. My ancestors came over from Germany, Scotland, and Ireland. At that time we needed them to work in our cities, farms, etc. I think the problem today is that we don't need them as much and the streets are no longer paved with gold.

    I believe we need to enforce the laws that are already in place. Too often we look the other way.

  21. Very nice post...I love many things Italian...and thank you for your visit and comments about my "Insects"...I am afraid though that nature cannot afford to lose any links in the chain...we need them all...

  22. I love italian food! Glad you have a great Italian Man!

  23. A very handsome Italian that you have! ;-)

    I heard a quote once that made me think of immigration, both legal and illegal differently. It was said by a New Englander ...he said this:

    "Remember, the first illegal immigrants were the Pilgrims"!

  24. I totally expected you to post on Ireland or some thing Irish. Nice surprise and what a handsome man to share your life with. Blessings to your happy home. Immigration is also a great word. I'm going to pass on commenting, though. Since I've been living out of the states, I haven't thought on this issue much lately.

  25. Thank you for your comment and I see that your husband is also Italian! My grandparents were immigrants and I am the 2nd generation of Italians born in the USA. I enjoy reading your blog.

  26. Great I post! What a handsome husband.

  27. What a handsome Italian husband! Definitely keep that one! As far as legal immigration goes? I'm all for it -- we have laws in place that allow people to immigrate to this country-- I know many who have done so, and who have become citizens, and it is an honor to have them as fellow countrymen.

  28. I can of worms,indeed, also in Holland at the moment ...... The last election(only in some towns) were won by someone who want to put all the immigrants outside the borders.
    I feel ashamed to be Dutch......


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