Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Red Schoolhouse

Only one more week of school for the kids around here.
And then it's summer!!
I know a lot of you teacher-bloggers can't wait either!

Do you remember these cute "Little People" toys?
My kids loved playing with the Little Red Schoolhouse. 
(We had still have the Little Service Station, too.)
But my kids have grown up and don't play with toys like this anymore.
So the school has been repurposed into a fun 
storage container for supplies in my crafting/sewing area.
(If it's going to stay in my house, it might as well be put to good use.)


  1. Oh so cute. What a great idea for storage.


  2. I always wanted one of those! Now I especially want one even though I haven't thought of one of them in years, even decades! Only one more week? I have 3 more weeks! How do they get out so soon? NOT FAIR!

    I think the little school house is an adorable storage container for your crafts! When can we peek inside? LOL

  3. The red schoolhouse is so sweet I can understand why you wouldn't want to part with it!

  4. That is a lovely idea
    and everytime you use it
    you can think of lovely happy times that you had in years gone by.



  5. That is so cute. Lovely that you have found a practical use for it as well. So often something like that gets packed away in an attic as you can't bear to part with it but don't know what else to do with it!

  6. Are you starting Summer holidays already?


  7. That's a good idea, it would make me smile:@)

  8. Cute idea . . . My children enjoyed each/all of the Playskool toys like the house, farm, gas station and school. They enjoyed the telephone, a pull toy, too.

    And look at you finding a new function as craft storage and I bet some memories pop into mind each time you see the schoolhouse.

  9. Oh what memories this brings to mind. I spent many, many hours playing with this school house! I wish I had mine but my mother got rid of our very many FP toys when she made a movie from Ohio to Florida. I cannot blame her for not wanting to take things with her but I miss two books she sold in a garage sale to this day. :-)

    I think it is great that your kids schoolhouse is being put to good use!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  10. I think us parent could use another week!
    only three more days for us!

  11. I love those toys! I had a little red barn. ; )

  12. Loved mine especially the little bell...glad you still get to use yours...smiles...Renee

  13. Little People toys were so much fun to play with when my son was a toddler.

  14. Yippee for Summer vacation!!

    I'll bet you can hardly wait.

    Love those old toys; they were the best.
    I still try to find them at yard sales, if they are in good condition.

    Never know... one of these days, or years, or decades.. I might have grands ~~LOL!

  15. What a good idea for reusing the school house - we saved the house, the barn, the airport and the garage - two of our grandsons played with them - and the third one is just about too - and we'll save them again - but maybe this time reuse them in the mean time - though not sure how I'd use the airport.

  16. What a great idea for reusing the toys. We saved the house, the barn, airport and service station -and two of our grandsons have played with them - the third grandson is about to get them.

  17. The schoolhouse is a great idea for storage! Cute!

  18. This is so sweet!! Love it, and I am going to be keeping my eye for one!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather

  19. What a cute way to hang on to things with Meaning and Memories...and yet put it go tood use as well!!

  20. What fun!! So clever to use it for storage!!

  21. Love the little school house. Great storage idea.

  22. Josie still plays with that exact same school house when she's in my craft room. We have a few more weeks of school left. I can't wait to say goodbye to homework and lunch boxes.

  23. The Little Red Schoolhouse saved my life about 30 years ago. Our son wanted to go to school so badly that year, but because his birthday wasn't until the following January he had to wait a year. order to pacify him, we used the Little Red Schoolhouse to have "class" every morning! Thank you, Gayle, for that sweet memory this morning. AND...I love it that you are using it for storage of some of your crafting/sewing supplies! You and I have adopted the same theory...after I've done all of this purging if something wants to stay around here (er...if I want it to stay)it HAS to serve a purpose. Have a wonderful week!

  24. How I love your bright and cheery red school house! It is in such pristeen condition, unlike the one that I have in my sewing room. I'm afraid, mine is well worn and a bit worse for wear!
    Thank you for sharing this darling little treasure!
    Carolynn x x x

  25. I have 10 more days and then holiday for a while. The troops are really restless and so many are =being sent to my suspension room. They are ready go leave, and I am more than ready for them to leave. Love the little schoolhouse. I agree...what a great idea for storage. genie

  26. I remember my school house. Just loved it.


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