Sunday, February 19, 2012

116 !!

Someone asked if I was still decluttering here at my house.  
And the answer to that is a big YES! 
I get a smile on my face every time another pile leaves the premises.

For those of you who are new to my blog,
I'm taking the 366 challenge,
and I invite you to join me.
I am trying to donate or toss 366 things from my house this year.
(Things I no longer have a use for.)
One item for every day of the year.

Here are the latest things to go
(Not everything shows up very well in these pictures.
But this gives you a pretty good idea.)

My last count reached 62, so I'm starting from there.

63-64   old jeans (2)
65-67   outgrown shorts (3)
68   shirt
69   silver hoop earrings
70   scarf
71   phone
72   plastic bin
73-74   glasses (plastic and glass)
75-76   twin sheets (2 sets)
77- 80  several towels and washrags
81   fleece blanket
82- 84   candles
85   stuffed animal cow
86-87   decorative pillows (2)
88   cable
89   glass canister
90-91   cracked bowl and mug
92   broken kitchen utensils
93-105   books 
106   pile of kids valentines and stickers
107   bike  water bottle attachment
108   Christmas decorations and collectibles (3)
109   candleholder
110   pile of magazines
111   calendar
112- 115    four years worth of taxes and financial papers- shredded
116   another phone 

116 items gone!!!  YAY!!

I'm almost a third of the way towards my reaching my goal!!  And it's only February. Only 250 items to go.  

Old towels will be taken to our local animal shelter.  One of the phones will be mailed to the cell phone recycling center.   Broken things will be tossed, as they are no good to anyone.   And the rest will be donated.   How are you coming along with your decluttering?

Update:  Oops, I just realized that I didn't count all three of the Christmas collectibles so the total number really should be 118!  I'll just sneak the proper number in here.  (Aren't you glad I'm not your accountant? Ha ha!  Don't worry, they won't EVER give me a job that has anything to do with numbers.)  Only 248 left to go! 

* * * * * * *

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  1. the rate your going it will be well over your target!

  2. I commend you for sharing this inspiration with us and you are doing very well. And no reason to stop at 366, you could keep going to 367, ha ha. I am intrigued to do this myself instead of just haphazardly decluttering.
    I shouldn't tell you that I am giving away 3 books and magnolia soap on my blog. That could be clutter!

  3. Very inspiring! I have a mountain of stuff to go to the local senior center thrift store and I include broken things as well since so many folks seems to be repurposing these days. :-) Maybe you can come over here after you're done over there!

  4. I was inspired to do this too, but I haven't been as efficient as you. In my defence, I can tell you that there are three BIG shopping bags (overflowing) in the front hall, ready for St Vincent de Paul. I really have been trying!

  5. I really should do this too as there is so much in this house and lots of things that I am never going to use again!
    I am a terrible hoarder!

    Maybe I will try and start this week as it is a great idea

    Well done you.

    Have a good week


  6. That is a great idea well done you ;-) dee x

  7. Fabulous job. You definitely will exceed your goal before the new year comes to an end. Good for you.

  8. You are going great guns, you'll reach your target well before the end of the year at this rate.
    I'm still de-cluttering too, just not brave enough to show pix on my blog.
    BTW, I have your giveaway in pride of place on my sidebar.

  9. Doens't it feel good to "lighten the load"? I know it makes me happy...

  10. My closet is on the list this week. Bins that over flow with sweater sets. Somehow only the top gets picked from. Shoes that haven't seen seasons. You inspire me to do this. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. Well done. Not a number girl either...smiles...Renee

  11. What a great idea! I need to go through my scrapbooking stuff and my clothes and get rid of some things. I just may give this a try! Thanks for the motivation :) Hope your week is a good one.
    Maura :)

  12. Well done! You will definitely make your goal and probably well before the end of the year...

    Am in the same process - basement is basically done with items set aside for a future garage sale when the weather warms. Amazing the space we have regained!

  13. Looks like you are going great with your de-cluttering! I'm not counting the stuff...maybe I should have! LOL!
    I think a couple more boxes will go this week!

  14. You are doing great! I need to get back on my de-cluttering kick. I noticed my junk drawer is getting way too junky again.

  15. Good for you! I had started doing some of that when I redid the kids room the beginning of January but then my mojo fizzled and I've not gotten back on task. I can't tell you how good it felt to donate loads of stuff to an Indian lady at school who was all too happy to take it all home. Have a great week and happy decluttering. :) Tammy

  16. Impressive!
    I have lost counton our donations but I am going for each month to get rid of stuff when I know the truck is coming by.

    Keep up the great work.


  17. I love this idea. I am thinking this is just what I need to do! So glad you are progressing so much!

  18. Well done! I am still plugging away, not counting now though as I have progressed to more than one item per day. My house is looking much tidier (my bathroom is sparkling!) and i am finding it easier to keep it that way - just don't keep the stuff in the first place!

  19. You have been a busy girl. We decluttered our attic after Christmas. It was work

  20. well your getting there, 62 items is alot. well least I think so...It's indeed a great thing to so much encouragement and love...happy Monday

  21. That's a great idea!!! Since I am new to your blog, I just heard of this.
    We could ALL stand to do some decluttering.
    When my sister moved after her husband retired (into the country , now living in what was my grandma's house) she had a lot of things in storage while they did a little remodeling.
    She only had out what she needed.
    She then went through and threw OUT TONS of stuff. Said, I didn't need it then, so I won't need it now.

  22. Your on a roll..way to go you! :) This weekend I tackled the computer room/spare room, I have 3 boxes to donate to the charity shop now. It feels good to de-clutter..

  23. I wish I had time to do this! I will hopefully start tagging the clothes and toys that the boys have outgrown for a huge April yard sale at least! Good for you!

  24. Great job! I actually enjoy clearing things out once in a while - it's feels very "freeing." In fact, I've given things away or sold in a garage sale, and then regretted it! lol I got that from my Mom - she wasn't one to hang onto things too long.


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