Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Squirrel Chaser

"Quick!  Catch that squirrel!!
Where'd he go?
I don't see him!"

 "Wait a minute... how did I get so high up here?
Maybe if I go out on this limb... no that is not working.
Maybe I should try to back down.  
Or maybe I'll try to come down head first.   
Maybe I won't climb down at all!!
Come and get me out of this tree!"

Katerina and the rescuer.


  1. Silly Kitty--glad she was rescued!

    Love the pics on your previous post. Is that the OP Arboretum?
    What a great place it is.


  2. Always seems like a good idea at the time:@)

  3. Ahhh! She just wanted some attention, and she certainly got it. Loved the photos ,

  4. what a darling kitty...great rescue !!!!!

    kary and teddy

  5. My dogs love to go after the squirrels and get tricked every time...thank goodness they can't climb trees like Katirina, good thing she has the rescuer!

  6. She was well camouflaged I could hardly make her out until I made the pic bigger. All I can say is "silly girl" and how lucky to have a handsome rescuer.

  7. Cats are so much fun. And, she is a beauty!

  8. Aw, poor kitty! Good thing you didn't have to call the fire department! ;-)

    You had asked on my blog if I were vegetarian...well, not officially. I do eat mostly vegetarian, but will eat meat (usually chicken or pork; rarely beef) once in awhile.

  9. Hi sweetie, thanks so much for dropping by...I often wondered if Mom's and my kittys went out side that our Big one Sprinkles would end up in the tree chasing something. Glad she was rescued and okay...hugs. JUanice

  10. Pets can sure get themselves into mischief. They just love to be wild explorers. I am glad my dog can't climb tree's, he is hard enough to keep track of on the ground :P
    Hugs to Katerina :)

  11. What a sweet kitty-glad she's o.k.

  12. Thank heavens for Dad's that safe foolish kitties from tree's. :)

  13. So what are the chances she'll do that again tomorrow?

  14. Very Silly Kitty. She would have figured it out when she got hungry enough.

  15. This post reminds me of Lea, our first cat. She had some neighbour cats chasing her and she went in our apple tree quite often. Miauw, boss, I want to come down but how???
    Me, pregnant of the twins, quite a belly, climbing on the garden table, on a chair on top of that, fetching that cat out of the tree again ... well, you do everything for your cat, isn't it? ;)

    Bye, Carolien


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