Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabric Stash

My quilt fabric stash:

Yes, I am one of those quilters with a drawer for every color.
Light Greens
Medium/Dark Greens
Aqua Blue-Greens
Light Blues
Dark Blues
One other drawer (not pictured) for Whites/Creams.

I have two small bins of scraps. (top right)
And a pile of current projects. (top left)
And a drawer full of UFO's. (I did a post a while back on that.)

No,  I am not the type of quilter who hides her fabric in every nook 
and cranny, under the bed, and between the sofa cushions, 
and in the trunk of the car, so her husband will not know how much she has.

And I am not competing in the "she who has the most fabric when she 
dies, wins" contest.  I have enough stored for now and only 
buy more when a project calls for it.

What's your fabric stash like?
C,mon!  I showed you mine, now I hope you'll show me yours! 

(If you do a post about your stash, be sure to let me know and I'll add a link here.)


  1. The lovely colours and lovely fabrics, I wish I had a fabric stash like yours! :)

  2. Such gorgeous patterns and colors. If I sewed, I'd want access to your collection.

  3. You are so organised!! Am greatly impressed at your restraint!
    You are an inspiration to us other not-so-disciplined sewers and quilters!
    Just catching up with my fav blogs after the long summer break so will be having a browse at all Ive missed!
    Gill xx

  4. Love your stash....I dont hide mine either...

  5. I am so impressed by the organisational skills involved here. Although I embark on tidying stints of all my lovely yarns, fabrics, etc. everything falls into disarray so quickly. Can I blame it on having three children running around and fingering and using my stuff?

    No, I didn't think so!

  6. so neat and orderly!! my husband commented the other day: you sure filled up your sewing room quickly. I think he was saying 'YOU HAVE JUNK EVERYWHERE'. Are your fabric bins bought separately and then you stack them? I like your 'system'.

  7. I could spend a whole day organizing fabric. It is a love affair. Colors, prints, styles, weaves. Don't get me started. Yours is beautifully stored and organized...you know I love to move mine! Smiles...Renee

  8. I love your organized stash - such pretty colors. I'm not a big fabric collector either and keep my fabrics in bins like you do - one for each color. Makes it so much easier when I need something specific. The only difference is that all my 30s reproductions are in one bin - I prefer not to have to hunt them up for a project and usually I do scrappy with 30s fabrics so having them all together is handy.

    I don't do scraps - have none. When a piece gets too small to fold nicely it goes in a bag and I give them to a friend that loves loves loves scraps - and we both are happy.

    I don't like to stuff fabric here and there - too much work to remember what is where - and when I shop for fabric Don always says "Are you sure you don't want to get more?" He's a real gem!!!!

  9. I've tried and tried to be organized like you are. And so far have failed. On my list of to-do's is to once again organize my fabric stash. Until then... no photos!

  10. Mine is not that much, some of it is my moms and mostly holiday stuck in a rubbermaid tub!

    And a rainbow of colors...so pretty!

  12. Yes, I have a stash in an old antique cabinet. I have the colors separated as well and I have special bins for snippets of fabric. Although much of my attention goes to my embroidery, I still love fabric. Love your stash by the way ! blessings,Kathleen

  13. Oh dear, I couln't even get to all of my stash..never mind that it's in two different houses, yikes!

  14. You are much more organized than I am with the fabric stash. I do have it all on a couple shelves in my basement, but it is not color coded or even with like fabrics. Now I must run to my basement and organize it. I have things I should get rid of, but instead of shopping at the store I just shop in my basement.

  15. Look how organized you are! It makes creating so much easier doesnt it! I simply can't decide if I want mine organized in color or in kind? You know.. civil war, modern, aunt gracie, etc..

  16. I will made a picture tomorrow!!!! But I am not as organized as you....

  17. I love the Watercolor quilt. Stunning.

  18. Beautiful stash! I used to have a lot of fabric back when I was into crafts. I made pillows, stuffed bears, etc. I've since gotten rid of most of it at my garage sales.

  19. Please don't hate me...I don't quilt so I have no stash. In fact when I ran across my MIL's I took it to the craft lady at her assisted livin' facility.

    I love the colors in your stash. Your gonna have fun this winter!!!

    God bless and have a most beautiful day sweetie!!!

  20. My stash is like yours, color coded and in draws... except I hate to admit, that I have kept all the material from the years I used to sew all the family clothes.. I just can't bear to let them go in case I 'need' them one day!!

  21. No way am I showing mine! You are well organized. Don't let me anywhere near it!

  22. I keep my fabrics in long plastic containers, to keep everything dust free. You look to have a great selection!

    :-} Lorraine

  23. My stash is mosly wools. They are stuck in totes, so aren't visible to see like yours.
    You've got lots to keep you sewing and creating for a while!

  24. Sorting by color seems to be a very good idea; would save a lot of searching. I haven't thought of showing anyone my fabric stash; maybe I should.

  25. Hello, what a fab blog, I have added myself as your latest follower! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on mine too. I've just had a pleasurable five minutes looking through your gorgeous linens and glass page although I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. What a great distraction though, lol! Will stop by again soon ~ happy Wednesday. Haizi x

  26. My stash is very limited, but yours is beautiful, and if I had plenty I would show them. I now know how you create such beautiful treasures. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Love your blog and I love fabric! I'm a hoarder of larger pieces but I just love scraps! My full-size quilter friend hands me hers. She's amused that I can use the bits she used to throw in the bin. Gill x

  28. I've just started quilting and was wondering how to store the fabric. You certainly gave me good ideas. Do you cut the fabric to make it so neat?


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