Friday, July 16, 2010

Views From The Window Seat

The ever changing views from the window seat.

I love to fly and I always request a window seat.  There is so much to see and I don't want to miss any of it.


  1. wow...that is so cool. Trying to figure out all of those geometric and geographical changes...
    No wonder you like the window seat... I DON'T like to fly!!!!

  2. Good heavens (no pun intended)
    what Glorious Shots!

    Safe travels :)

  3. The first time I flew and on every flight since I have requested a window seat too. I remember the first flight, I was scared but then enthralled by seeing the earth and heavens from that plane. Tears rolled down my cheek as I prayed, "Oh Father, you did so well".

  4. I am SO glad that you are home! I've missed you. Glad you had opportunity to spend time with three of your cousins while you were gone. Hope things went well with the time you had with your folks. Thought of you often.

  5. gorgeous photos! i hate to fly, but
    maybe if i took pics of the beauty
    it would distract me from my
    discomfort! :)

  6. Wow, great photos. I'm so curious about the round plantings! I've seen shots from planes where the different farms and cropslook like a patchwork quilt, like in our valley, but such perfect circles? Why?

  7. It's so beautiful, isn't it?! I never get over the thrill of seeing the mountains as I fly home from the east...then the water, and I know I'm really here.

  8. I love window seats, too, but lately every time I fly I am sitting next to the wing!


  9. Great shots from the window seat. The only thing about a window seat is having to climb over someone to get out for a walk or to use the bathroom. Next month we have a 15 hour flight to Canada, not looking forward to that flight.

  10. You took beautiful pictures out of the window! I used to love the window seat, but now (since it's either 3 or 4 of us flying) we always "get stuck" in the middle of the plane. :-( Hope you had a good trip!

  11. I wish I had the courage to look out a plane window!
    I'm one of those embarrassing passengers gripping the seat and children refuse to fly with me now!
    I love the pictures though!


  12. I always request a window seat too so I can make sure the wing stays put.


    Seriously, I get paranoid.


  13. Those are great shots! I hope you have a great visit. I can't remember where your parents live, however...

  14. What fun!!! I love window that MT. Baker?..I am looking at it now from my home.
    Have fun. xoxo

  15. Snow!! I love snow! The heat index is 100 degrees right now in central Missouri and it's not even the hottest part of the day! I wish i were on that mountain with Dudley of course! LOVE the photos!

  16. Rainier or Baker? Hard to tell from the air!


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