Monday, July 19, 2010

I wish...

This is what I wish my yard looked like.  If I could pack my parents yard in my suitcase and bring it home with me, I would.   

Looking out at the lake.

Cottage tucked away in the trees.

One of the kitty cats.

See our little visitor?

It was a little Mama raccoon.  She snuck in the house and ate some of the cat food.  The little Bandit!

Bottle tree

Violets and bunny



Rose campion and daisies


Pink and purple geraniums and buttercups

Cranesbill geranium


Morning glory


Monarda and mint



  1. What beautiful flowers! And that little raccoon looks cute...they aren't very welcome though! Enjoy your week! ♥

  2. Oh my many kinds. One would think they run a nursery!
    Simply beautiful. NO wonder you wanted to bring it home with you, but at least you got pictures. Sure is inspiring...
    And that little bandit. Never even removed his mask after the dirty work...!
    I used to have coreopsis around back and the goldfinch used to flock to it. OH how they loved it. Such a sight to behold. I MUST get some more! Thanks for the beauty.

  3. At least you got some stuff done!
    Too bad we can't be everywhere we need to be!
    The flowers a gorgeous!

    We are having a party at Dreaming
    come on by!


  4. Wow...that looks like an amazing place. All of the flowers are really beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful spot your parents' have. You had your work cut out for you if you were cutting blackberries. We wage a yearly battle against the Himalayan Blackberry here.

  6. That raccoon is so cute there, although you might not feel the same, lol. What a neat picture, tho!

  7. Beautiful garden and flowers! They are very lucky to have such a wonderful spot to call their own.

  8. Such a pretty place! It's perfect.

  9. Love that little bunny... oh, and the sneaky raccoon. Love how she is hiding behind the flowers. LOL


  10. I would love that back yard too. At least the raccoon is living up to her reputation. And I love the bottle tree.

  11. What a gorgeous place your Mom has! Oh my gosh, the flowers, the lake...I'm drooling. Love the racoon! And that bottle tree is giving me some ideas....


  12. I've never seen so many varieties of flowers in one garden!! Thanks for naming feverfew. I have it all over my backyard and didn't know what it was. It sure does spread!!

    The little raccoon is darling...not wanted, but darling! ;-D


  13. What a beautiful place your parents have, Gayle. The flowers are just beautiful...and love the view of the lake! I'm glad that you were able to do for them while you were there. Our daughter and son-in-law were here over the weekend when they came to pick Josh up. We were walking around the yard looking at my different flower beds and anytime I stopped and mindlessly pulled a weed, I'd look over and Heather was right beside me pulling some on her own. You, like Heather, are a wonderful daughter, Gayle.

  14. I wish mine looked like that as well. Beautiful!


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