Sunday, December 6, 2009

New kitties

A couple of weeks ago our cat, Willie, passed away and we buried him in the back garden. 

Rest in peace, sweet Willie.

We were really sad.  Mr. Garden said that the house just didn't feel right without a cat in it.

So a few days later we went to the local shelter and found not one, but two new furry friends:




Natasha, the black kitten, is 5 months old and quite the pouncy little rascal! I have caught her climbing up in the Christmas tree twice. Katerina is 3 years old, has a magnificent purr and loves to cuddle. They get along great together.

We still miss our old yellow boy, but the new kitties are helping to heal our hearts.


  1. Hi! I was so sorry to read about the loss of your kitty! As you recently read, we too lost a dear pet, our rooster Peaches, and no matter what the animal is, losing a pet IS painful! I am a cat lover as well, and I am in love with your new family additions. I once had a black cat named Natasha too, so I am very partial to that name!! :-) I too think that the new kitties will help heal your aching heart. We hold the memories of our beloved pets dear, but soon our hearts are filled with the love that the new ones bring us. Enjoy the new additions!! And thank you so much for finding my humble blog and becoming a new follower. warmly, Debby

  2. Me, too, sorry to hear about Willie. My kitty was rescued last May by our neighbors and gave her to us. We love her so dearly!

    I am glad these two furry little ones are keeping you company!


  3. I am so sorry about the loss of your dear, Yellow boy!

    I would be devastated if something happened to my Bing-kitty...

    I am very happy for you and your new kitties - they are indeed very luck to have you!

  4. this post makes me miss my two late cats...I had them each for 14-and 15 years was the worst of days when I had to let them go to God...
    Your new additions are so lucky to have had you find them to is so sad how so many animals end up in the shelters...yours are beautiful!

  5. I am also a cat fancier so I know how hard it is to lose a dear cat. I'm so glad you are giving two new ones a good home!

  6. O dear, I know what it is to loose a cat, that's horrible. I hope the new ones are giving you much joy though ...

  7. Bless you one thousand times over for going to the shelter and finding two souls to save! I'm quiet sure Willie would be proud of you too. >^..^<


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