Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Change Of Scenery

A short break from "real life".
A change of scenery. 
A beautiful view.

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
                                                                             - John Muir


  1. What a view! Thanks for sharing the beauty with us.

  2. Gayle, thank you so much for sharing your view! It is breathtaking! We traveled across the country from WV to Wyoming the summer our youngest was 5. We were visiting friends in Wyoming and one day we took a little trip to Colorado and roamed around a bit in the Rockies. The views really are breathtaking, are they not?

    1. Yes, they are. You have very pretty mountains in WV, too.

  3. That is a wonderful quote and so true!

  4. I love mountain views. A change of scenery is always good.

  5. Gayle,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, always fun to see a new name. I just spent some time looking around your blog, lots of interesting things. come visit me again, love the company.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Beautiful photo and beautiful quote.

  7. Very nice pic. Mountains have a calming effect on me.


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