Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank You, Baukje and Tami!

Two quick "thank you's".

Baukje sent me this beautiful blue and white crocheted potholder from France,
to go with the potholder collection I posted about a couple of weeks ago.
Also two lovely napkin pouches.  I had never seen these before.
If I understand correctly, each member of a French family has their own pouch, 
which they keep at the table to store their cloth napkin between meals.  
And then on laundry day, it all gets washed.
I really appreciate beautifully embroidered linens, so this was a real treat!
Thank you for thinking of me, Baukje.  
I love it all!

You can visit Baukje at Busy Bee Free.

 I had an opportunity to meet fellow blogger, Tami, a couple weeks ago.
We decided to meet for breakfast at a local restaurant.
We spent two hours talking and discovered we had so many things in common.
She gave me this sweet Carnation Ice Cream paperdoll!
Thank you, Tami!  
I'm really enjoyed meeting you and am looking forward to seeing you again this summer!

You can visit Tami at Vintage Connections.

Wow.  I am so lucky to have met such delightful friends in the world of blogging!  


  1. It is always nice to get "surprises" and that was very thoughtful.
    and meeting bloggin friends is a real treat.

  2. It's always fun to meet a blog buddy and I love the precious paper doll. What a sweet friend to send you a package of goodies, too! It's always fun to add to our 'collections'! Enjoy your afternoon my friend!

  3. What fun! I love meeting fellow bloggers.
    Love the paper dolls too.

    M :)

  4. Blogging friends are such generous friends. What fun treasures.

  5. What a sweet surprise! I love the beautiful embroidered napkin pouches. Nice paper dolls, too!

  6. What sweet gifts - you are indeed lucky. Everything is wonderful.

  7. Spoiled we all are in this lovely blog land filled with friends! Heidi

  8. Such sweet treasures to get!! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather

  9. These are lovely - and so original! I always enjoy anything embroidered in such a traditional way. The paper doll looks so familiar - I don't think I ever played with her but others done in the same style must have been around at the time as she immediately sparked a jolt of recognition.

  10. Lovely surprises and so nice to meet a blogging friend. Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  11. Hey Gayle, what a lovely surprise package to find in the mail. I like the idea of napkin pouches too.
    Blog catchups are always fun, so nice to meet in person.
    Claire :}

  12. Such pretty and unique gifts.

    Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  13. That is wonderful that you actually got to meet one of your blog buddies...I wish had time and of course the money to travel and meet some of the wonderful people I met through blogging. What a plretty paper doll and I love those pot holders and the pouch is so unique, what a sweet surprise!

  14. What neat treasures!

    And it sounds so fun to meet you blogfriend!

  15. I've never heard of napkin pouches. How sweet.
    I think you have some wonderful friends to send you such nice gifts.


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