Monday, February 18, 2013

Crocheted Baby-Sized Giant Granny

I never showed you the finished version of the baby blanket
that I crocheted for my great niece.
(the one I had the baby shower for a week ago.)
So here it is.

A (baby sized) giant granny in purples and blues.

I used Baby Bee - Sweet Delight Baby yarn 
in Sugar Plum, Meema's Blue, Angel, Surf Baby and Mint Charm.  
I crocheted 40 rounds with a size G/6/4.25mm hook 
and then added a picot border. 

I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to crochet. 
It took me two days to figure out how to do the border. 

I turned it back to front between each row 
and didn't have any issues with twisted, gnarly corners this time.
Yay!  So glad I got that figured out. 

And now I am getting started on a pink baby blanket for yet another great niece.
I tell you, it's raining babies in this family!
I'll share pictures of that one in another post.


  1. Very pretty, can't wait to see a photo of the baby wrapped in that beautiful quilt!

  2. It turned out beautifully....thats a keepsake!

  3. I love the colours so soft and tender like the baby it will wrap. All thee babies are lucky to have you in their family.

  4. I love that! What a beautiful job, I think these are so amazing and so treasured for many generations too.

  5. oohhh that is so very pretty i love you colours and the little border is so sweet and delicate. Well done i bet they will love it, dee x

  6. Gorgeous - the colours are beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Your blanket turned out great! Love the colors and the edge is beautiful! Can't wait to see the pink one:@)

  8. Aha, you've got the crochet bug Gayle......congrats on this lovely blanket.
    I love the border too, gorgeous colours.....

    Claire :}

  9. A beautiful blanket. Such a precious gift. Yippee for babies. How fun.

  10. It's beautiful and I'm sure will be a cherished heirloom!

  11. Beautiful -- I love the colors you chose! That yarn is so soft -- I'm sure the baby will be so cozy :)

  12. Really beautiful!

    I tried again the other night
    to cast on and I got sooooo
    frustrated I put it down again.
    I just can't get the hang of the

    M :)

  13. It is just lovely and looks just perfect. What a thoughtful gift. You did well! Kudos.

  14. How pretty, love the colors. I think there is no better gift from a family member.

  15. The afghan is so charming- I love the colors in it. I'm sure it will be a favorite for years to come.

  16. Oh so pretty with perfect colors. I can't wait to see the pink one. I so wish I could make something like this. I am not gifted with I can do basic knitting and can't crochet.

    Yes...i saw the Lincoln movie at Thanksgiving and LOVEd it.

  17. How adorable! the colors are lovely and so soft, perfect for a baby. I love crocheting baby blankets too. Your great niece is going to be wrapped in love by her Auntie...
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  18. It's lovely! Love the colours and the edging is soo pretty :-) Pam

  19. It looks wonderful

    The baby will be so cosy and warm.

    Love it

  20. Very pretty. I love the soft colors.

  21. This looks really soft - very pretty for a sweet baby!

  22. Babies always put a smile on my face so you will be having lots of smiles Gayle!
    That's an adorable feminine blanket to snuggle under.

  23. Hi Gayle,
    Sorry I've taken so long to get in touch. Our youngest son has been in the hospital and was discharged today. Hopefully things will calm down now. I am going to look through your blog tonight. I'm loving it already!

  24. Gayle
    Beginner, really? You must be a fast learner Lady!
    It is a very sweet blanket and the scalloping really makes it sweeter yet.

  25. Very pretty! When I see a nice finished product like yours, I wish I had learned to crochet.

  26. It is so beautiful and sweet!! Love the colors! xo Heather

  27. Your blanket is very pretty.
    Anne xx

  28. FOr a beginner that is looking pretty darn nice!

  29. I love the colors. It came out so pretty. I'm sure she loved it. Now you'll know how to do the border the on the next one. It just gets easier!

  30. With that rain of babies you will become a professional crocheter!!!!!

  31. I think you're doing very well indeed with your crocheting! It looks lovely!


  32. It turned out beautifully. I've been crocheting since I was 12. If you have any questions, just ask, but it looks like you've got it.
    It is precious.


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