Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Shower Bunting

Some of you asked who the baby shower is for.
I have a niece who lives fairly close.  In a neighboring state.
Since we are smack dab in the middle of the country, 
and most of our family lives on one coast or the other,
only one state away seems "close".  Relatively speaking.
Because of distance, most of the family gifts are being sent by mail.
But technology will allow everyone to "be here" the day of the shower.

I made a little bunting (actually two) for shower decor.
They are super easy to make.

Here's what you need:
Coordinating fabrics of your choice  (I used six fabrics)
 bias tape
quilters ruler
cutting mat
rotary cuter

(If you don't have a quilting ruler or rotary cutters you can cut your
triangles the old fashioned way, with a paper pattern and scissors.
My gadgets just help speed up the process.)

This is a close up of the 60 degree line on the quilters ruler
that will assist you in making the angled cuts.

Cut a 7 inch strip of fabric from each fabric you want to use.
(Pretend this is one strip of fabric.  I used different fabrics to
make it easier to show you the cuts.)
Line up your quilters ruler with the 60 degree line along the bottom edge
and then use your rotary cutter to cut along the right side of the ruler.
(Toss that first odd shaped piece into your scrap bag.)
Next, lay the 60 degree line along the last cut you made.
Rotary cut your fabric on the right side of the ruler. 
Just keep repeating: line 60 up along the bottom edge,  then line 60 up along the last cut.

I tried to get some good pictures.

 Taking a closer look on how to make that 60 degree cut.
First one way.  And then the other.

Now for the sewing part.

Lay two fabrics together, right sides facing in.
Sew along two sides, using a 1/4 inch seam.
Leave the third side open.
Snip the bottom corner off to make turning easier.
Turn the triangle right sides out and iron flat.

Iron your bias tape in half, if it's not already done. (mine wasn't.) 
Insert the open end of each triangle into the fold of the bias tape, and pin in place.
Then zig-zag it all together.   

Note- Start pinning your triangles in the middle of the bias tape and work your way out. 
I was able to fit 12 completed triangles on one package (3 yards) of bias tape 
with about 7-8 inches left at each end for tying.

These were really easy to make.
I hope you'll give it a try for your next celebration.

Go to my previous post to see how I made the paper luminaries .


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. When I made one for our grandson I ve cut them all bij hand!!!!

  2. What a nice thing to add to baby's room after the shower!

  3. Lovely bunting and didn't realise how useful a quilting ruler could be. Will certainly purchase one now. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Very lovely the new mummy will love them, dee x

  5. A darling keepsake to keep after the shower. I love bunting. Even my dollhouse has bunting on its roof line. How wonderful that you are spoiling your niece.

    Your lovely box filled with all sorts of amazing treasures is on my blog today. I can't thank you enough. Because Valentines is so close now, I'm thinking I need to put on my thinking cap and create some special Easter goodies for you in return. Hugs!

  6. Good Afternoon to you, What a lovely idea. I have lots of uses for bunting
    and you have made this tutorial so easy to follow. A friend of mine was talking about making some bunting ready for a Summer Fete, so I shall direct her to your blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  7. What a nice thing for you to do - and so cute.

  8. What pretty buntings....I made a few for my daughters baby shower! I just love them...we hung them in his room after the shower! Your paper lanterns are so sweet...I wish I would have seen them before Micheles shower...

  9. Absolutely love showers...of any kind. Baby showers are so sweet and I just know your's is going to be darling. Thanks for the tutorial on the bunting. I think they are just so cute.

  10. Thank you for sharing...I will have to give it a try sometime ... Happy weekend.with love Janice

  11. Super cute!~ I am sure your niece will enjoy all of your decorations.

    M :)

  12. So adorable and sweet!!! xo Heather

  13. Such a sweet idea! I'd like to try that for a shower late in the spring.

  14. Hello, my sweet friend,
    Oh...What a darling touch for a baby shower. Thank you for sharing such a great tutorial.
    Carolynn xoxo

  15. You really did a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing your tips. I better stick with a 'prim' look. I'm not sure I can get something so exact...but maybe I should try! Sweet hugs!

  16. Your bunting turned out really cute. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial.

  17. I just had to stop by and thank you for your inspiration. Today, I made up two buntings for Valentines gifts...and, I even got them in the mail. One is a selection of soft baby pinks and the other an assortment of lavenders.
    I am grateful to you for getting me motivated to finally make one. Now...I need to make one for my own home, too.
    Carolynn xoxo


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