Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pretty In Pink

Pretty, pink, flowering trees,
on a rainy day.

I am so amazed by nature's beauty
at this time of year.


 Eastern Redbud

Purple-leaved Plum

Take a peek out your window, 
and tell me what beautiful things you see.


  1. I live on the west coast of Canada and Spring has not even poked her head out. There is not a bud or a blossom to be seen. Oh wait, I saw some crocuses the other day. I need Spring and I need it soon! Thank you for your beautiful pictures!

  2. These are beautiful Gayle - I just love blossoms like this. They are so dainty and pretty!

  3. I live on the east coast of Canada and today temps broke all records! The snow is pretty much gone and oh, what a glorious day it has been! We don't have any blooms out yet but soon, very soon!
    Your blossoms are just gorgeous, Gayle! Thanks for sharing and visiting. Hope the rest of your week is lovely.


  4. We had crabapple trees at our last house that grew wild in the woods by the creek. I always enjoyed the pretty blossoms. All of your photos are so beautiful today. We are enjoying tulips, Bradford Pear trees and creeping phlox in the yard currently. Hope you'll enjoy the evening.

  5. Beautiful shots! We're getting the dead ash tree that's in our front yard cut down next week, so I hope to plant a crab apple tree there. They're just stunning when they're in bloom!

  6. Pretty even in the rain...We laughed that the pears looked like snow from the wind and rain...smiles...Rene

  7. Such a pretty view from your windows. My daffodils are blooming but that is about it unless the snow got them. Pretty photos!


  8. So super jealous we had 2 below this morning yuck!!!

  9. I see blue hills, golden grass, gum trees and our maples changing colour.......a beautiful time of year as is Spring in your part of the country Gayle.
    I love all the Spring blossom, so beautiful and delicate.....enjoy it.

    Claire x

  10. Just beautiful! Our neighbour has a big old cherry tree which I can see from the backyard, is just lovely when in bloom. Then it starts to snow cherry blossoms afterwards, so pretty :)

  11. What gorgeous blooms. We're starting to seem evidence of spring with our crazy warm temperatures. It's exciting!

  12. You do have lots of pink! Very pretty.

  13. Things are just starting to bloom here. You are so right about those spectacular pinks!


  14. Are your trees already in bloom? Ours are only just starting to awaken from a long winter's sleep but our daffodils are starting to spread open their pretty yellow dresses...

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. It is a beautiful time of year and your photos highlight that so well.
    My cherry trees are blooming and the dogwoods are beginning to bloom too.

  16. Oso berry bush blooming in the undergrowth of the woods across the road, daffodils, crocus, pussy willows, hazelnuts

  17. Snap! I did flowering trees today too. Love those beautiful pink blossoms.

  18. Not much here except green grass....that already needs mowed!! I do have some grape hyacinth and creeping phlox blooming. I need to add some spring bloomers to my garden :)

  19. So pretty. We have the windows open today. It feels so nice to hear the birds sing.

  20. I love those things about spring too
    ONLY....they aren't here where I live yet.
    It snowed yesterday, and I am surrounded by mud.
    But, I'll be patient, YOU HAVE TO BE if you live in Alberta.

  21. Oh so very pretty! Still waiting for blooms! Can't wait!


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