Monday, May 3, 2010

We Saw Loads Of Pretty Things!

So to continue the story of our trip to the antiques store...   My friend and I saw loads of pretty things.

This purple star quilt was gorgeous!
More quilts.

McCoy pottery anyone?
Look at all that aqua! 
Blue Spice jars.
Biscuit barrels and parrots!

Before I go any further let me just say that my friend and I have been best buddies for forever and a day-  since we were two years old.  And when we get together, we have a lot of fun.  Sometimes we call each other  made up names like "Gertie" and  "Hilda" and pretend we are from Sweden.   We laugh the whole day.    So you will not be surprised....

We saw this hat rack.
She tried on a lovely flowered hat.
A couple of booths down we found a lovely blue number.
In another booth she discovered a green and white hat and decided it matched my outfit!
And while looking at pretty teacups, we found yet another hat. 

Then we behaved ourselves for a little while.

Look at this cool purple Melmac!
And vintage kitchenware.
Beautiful Belleek!
Sweet little Christening gowns!

But then .......  
We found a tambourine!  Jingle jingle!
And believe it or not, in another booth, 
a second tambourine, this one with ribbons attached.  
Just perfect for a gypsy girl!

We saw cool lighting!
She loved a chandelier that had been converted from gas.
I preferred one with blue prisms as big as my hand!

And so the day went.  We laughed 'til we hurt.  The other shoppers probably thought we were nuts.  We didn't mind.   The shop owners might have.  Do you think they will let us come back?   Or will they post a sign on the front door that says  "No shenanigans!"

Aren't best friends wonderful?


  1. Best Friends are so special. You can laugh, be silly and have a wonderful time over nothing! Love you showing us the hats!

  2. Oh how cute I love it you and your friend had so much fun in the shop. I drool at all that cool stuff in the shops you have in your state which I now forget which one it is. I would not know what to grab first. Alaska has nothing like this, my friend and I were just saying that today.

  3. Best friends Are wonderful fun to do just that sort of thing...shenanigans. So nice you have maintained your friendship all these years. Loved the hat show. So cute.
    So fun.
    Bless You Both

  4. Love this store!!! Where is it??? No, don't tell me...I'll just want to go there and be bad :) Can I go with you two the nest time??? Sounds like you have so much fun. I remember wearing hats like that when I was a young girl....mostly at Easter and to church. Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

  5. how wonderful to still be best friends
    after all this time . . . 5 years? :)

    thank you for the lovely tour.

  6. What a lovely post. It is so uplifting to see and hear people enjoying themselves. You two sound like a hoot to be with.

  7. Yes, best friends ARE wonderful, Gayle! I loved the unique tour you gave us of the antique shop from your day out with your best friend. She looks like so much fun...and it sounds as if you had a blast. Truthfully, the hat looked rather becoming on you!

    My VERY favorite of everything you showed displayed in the shop were the blue and white spice jars!

    Hope you have a wonderful week! We are headed to Maine in just a few more days!

  8. Sure looks like you had a whole lot of eye candy! Wow!!

  9. How fun!!!!
    You both are so fortunate to be such good friends!
    Thanks for sharing all the goodies...
    Loved the gowns...McCoy and well...everything!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. Oh my goodness...what an amzing shop! So much to see, and try on :)
    Thanks for sharing all the pics...and yes, best friends are wonderful!

  11. HOORAY FOR shenanigans! It is my firm belief we all need MORE (not fewer) in our lives! My bff is supposed to come down in June...oh the fun we'll have!

    Thanks for sharing (and photographically documenting) your time together! Let's hope the pictures will not end up being used as 'evidence' of anything but a dear friendship!

  12. Best friends are wonderful! And looks like you gals had the best time ever!!!

    Your post has left me with a huge smile in my heart!

    Have a great week.


  13. Best friends are wonderful indeed! What fun it looks like! Love those turquoise things! xo m.

  14. Wow, thanks for the great tour of antiques and 'Best Friends Bonnet Fun'. My very best friend and fellow Antique and Bonnet Gal is my and your Friend reminded me of how much I need to go and do crazy with her real soon.

  15. It looks like you guys were having so much fun...I need to shop with you!
    Lots of wonderful stuff at the antique stores...I love the hats!

  16. Best friends are essential. Cool stuff. Thanks for coming by my blog! I love hearing from you. For some reason I am not getting your posts on my blog roll, so I am working on fixing that. I hope to be a common poster of yours!

  17. What a fantastic post. I o-o-o and a-h-a-h'd all the way through it. How did you keep from taking it all home? Laughed right out loud, the first time today (yes) about the sign on the door!!! love ya, Jammie

  18. There is nothing like spending time with a friend. I can see the two of you had a wonderful time. I can't believe all of the wonderful things you found. I really liked those hats :>) Thank you for shaing your day. I was smiling looking at all of the great pictures you posted.

  19. Yes ooo-rah! Best friends are the bestest! So glad you had fun and I'm sure you were well behaved...with a little "hey I'm old enough to be proper, but still young enough to enjoy LIFE!!!
    lol...Sounds awesome. thanks for sharing the Friend Fun!! hugs.

  20. My BFF and I do this too, although there are usually bonnets involved!!! True friends are one of God's greatest gifts!
    Thanks for sharing your friend!

  21. This was such a cute post! Thanks, it almost felt as though i was a part of the excursion! Looks like fun! You two are great together!

    I love all that aqua pottery in particular!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  22. I hope you never get to the point where you don't indulge in shenanigans! I'll bet you brought some life to that store - it sure looks like you had fun!

  23. Gertie and two are adorable...and I'm a little envious of your day and fun...okay a LOT envious!!!!!! I really like and want that chandelier!!! OH MY~~~What a beauty!!!!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the great planting 25 pots done and put MANY of your tips to work today. I will hopefully have some luck with them. Have a great evening and a great Wednesday!!! :)

  24. They sure are!!!
    Oh, how I could get lost in there...
    Have a fantastic day!

  25. That must be an enormous antiques store! I love all that cool lighting, you usually don't see so much in one place.

  26. Best friends are the best thing in life! You are very fortunate you and your friend get to hang out and enjoy each others company like that. The place looked amazing by the way!

  27. This store looks like so much fun! New things to find at every turn. Best friends are...well...the best! They can turn anything into a good time.

  28. It would be so much fun to shop with a forever friend! I love the little green kitty I see on a shelf and those Christening gowns would be so pretty on my dollies! Love everything! And don't the 2 of you look divine! What fun! ♥

  29. You two are too cute! Looks like a fun day...and I must say those quilts!!! Wow!!!

  30. Life gets to serious--you gotta have fun once in awhile.
    Best friends are great!

  31. Thanks for letting us tag along. What a fun time. Reminds me of a shop I need to pay a visit to soon.
    There is so much blue here you could link this to my little meme, Midweek Blues

  32. oh what a delightful store, I'm so happy to have found your Blog. The quilts were amazing! Hugs, Catherine x

  33. I needed those hats for my Bathroom Diva post! Y'all look so cute, and it looks like you're having such a great time! Your photos really made me want to shop in this store. What wonderful merchandise! I could go broke very quickly in that place. laurie

  34. Hi,
    I just dropped by and I love your blog. I love it when someone posts about a trip to the antique store. Looks like you and your friend had so much fun! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  35. Well, you had some fun together! And what a lovely shop, I could stay in there for quite some time ;) Nice to see a picture of you, by the way!

    Happy Mother's Day & greetings,

  36. Oh what fun! Love the hats - did you buy one? And so many other lovelies too!

  37. I could get lost in there for hours! Gorgeous quilts.

  38. The star quilt and aqua pottery are to die for. Looks like a great shop and a great friend made for a great day!

  39. I love the photos from this outing! What fun you gals must have had! There are a couple of antique shops like that in my town too.. I so enjoy visiting them frequently!

  40. Oh my goodness!!! I just came across your blog and LOVE it! This post made me laugh silly...YES! best friends are wonderful...and this post reminds me of my sister and I when we venture into antique stores...or any store for that matter. What fun! THANK YOU for sharing your pictures, thoughts, ideas.....I love your blog!
    happy day to you:))

  41. Wow, what a wonderful store...looks like you had fun!

    Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment about my laundry room...I appreciate it.


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