Monday, June 27, 2011

Red, White and Blue

Decking the halls
in red, white and blue!!

DH hung the flag buntings under the windows. 
I love my little house, especially when she's dressed for the holidays.

Do you see my kitty cat at the door?
She meows when the flag waves in the breeze.

All this sunshine and rain is making the herbs happy!   

Do you have big plans for Independence Day?
It's really hot here, so look for us near the water.


  1. Hi Gayle,

    Your charming home is ready for the big day. Who doesn't thrill at red, white, blue and bright? Thanks for reminding me I need to decorate the patio tomorrow. Your herb garden is an inspiration! Have a happy 4th...

  2. Your house looks like the illustration in a story book tale of July 4th.

  3. What a beautiful house you have, . here it's hot too, Yesterday I was inside the whole day, French houses have thick walls so inside it's cool.... Don't hurry for the tea's too hot to hurry!

  4. I love how you decorated your home for the 4th. Looks beautiful!

  5. very festive, have fun by the water and send me a little heat!

  6. Gayle your house looks so charming. You live in the charming area of town not out in the treeless suburb like us....and we are stuck at the ball park this weekend of course...98'F must mean baseball. Bartle starts Monday bright and early. Your collages always make me smile...lovely...Renee

  7. You have a beautiful home! And it makes me feel so proud when I see the American flag and all of the red white and blue! Happy Fourth! We have company coming...which includes sweet grandkids! We can't wait! ♥

  8. Sitting on the porch, eating a good meal, enjoying each others' company...good times!
    Your house is lovely, nice decorations and cute kitty.

  9. Your RED white and blue looks wonderful. Have a Happy 4th!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment!


  10. Oh that looks so very pretty... I love your house!
    We are visiting friends this weekend and then back home on the 4th and maybe some local celebrations!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  11. I love your house too! The bunting looks great..and so does your herb patch.

  12. Oh Gayle, your blog is adorable! Thanks for visiting and commenting! Your bunting looks great. Today: hottest day of the year so far for us!

  13. Oh, I love your house too! I've hung some buntings and flags, but ours doesn't look nearly as festive as yours. I must get busy and put up some more ;).

  14. Oh I love the bunting at your windows!

    Fondant is kind of marshmallow-y, kind of dough-y and very sweet. Some people love it and some don't :)

  15. Your home is gorgeous and looks so good all dressed up for the 4th. Very nice pictures.
    I'll be participating in a craft show in a beautiful park in Ashland, Oregon. Hope your holiday is a safe and happy one. Thank you so much for visiting with me.

  16. Gayle your home is beautiful! Looks very patriotic... Your herbs are amazing. Have fun, enjoy your long weekend.
    Hugs Rosemary...XX

  17. I love your house! That is one of my favorite paint colors! You look so festive there! Sounds like you are ready to sparkle.

  18. I did enjoy hearing about your family traditions. They are so fun and so important.

  19. It's just perfect!

    Blessings, Debbie

  20. Oh, what a happy looking home! I ♥ your bunting beneath the windows, Gayle! I've always wanted to do that with the gazebo. Maybe I can pick some up on sale, next week.

    I do hope you didn't mind me "borrowing" your photo of all your pretty cozies. I honestly meant to get over here & ask your permission first but you came to visit before I had a chance. They looked so great, all together like that, I thought it might interest others in coming over to your blog.

    Hoping you have a safe & happy holiday!

  21. p.s. Thanks for your help with my cozy construction, too!

  22. It's in the summer that I really miss the midwest. The yards are so lovely and lush and yours is no exception. So very cute! :)


  23. I love your decorations! Looking at them is just the incentive I need to get out my decorations.
    Thank you for the lovely tea cozy and gifts!!! I will post about them tomorrow.

  24. Your decorations for the 4th are great!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments.

  25. Your home is so beautiful. Happy 4th of July.

  26. Going to the Lenexa parade in the a.m. then later having an early supper with friends and then going to Corporate Woods for their festivities.

    Stay cool and enjoy!


  27. Great pictures!
    Your house is picture-perfect for the summer!
    Let's hope for as much good weather as possible!
    And Thank You Gayle for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog.


  28. Hi Gayle

    Your house is so pretty, and looks so wonderfully patriotic! Happy 4th of July!

  29. your house looks so pretty with the bunting ~ I'd be tempted to leave it there year round! Your herbs do look gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend. laurie

  30. So pretty. Your place looks great! We are in Colorado for the week. Going to spend the 4th in Telluride watching fireworks over the mountains! So excited!

  31. Such a lovely home you have...and it's looking so pretty all decked out in red, white and blue! Have a happy 4th!
    Marianne :)

  32. Your home is just charming with all the patriotic bunting. Have a splendid holiday weekend.


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