Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lemons From Jenny

Would you just look at this basket full of happy lemony sunshine! 

Jenny must have had extras from her lemon giveaway last week,
 because these arrived on my doorstep today, 
with a note to pucker up and enjoy!

You betcha!!

Yes, an entire box full of lemons! 
They're bigger than my hand!

I love anything having to do with lemons:
Lemon pie, lemon bars, lemonade, lemon curd and lemon tea.
I clean my garbage disposal with lemon peel. 
I swear that smelling a lemon makes me feel happy.
Golly, just looking at a lemon makes me happy.

Jenny, thank you so much!
 You really could not have sent these to a more appreciative lemon-enthusiast.

I'm getting ready to make fresh squeezed lemonade right now, so c'mon over.

And for dinner we might be having
lemon chicken,
with lemon dressing on our salad, 
and lemon zest on our green beans,
and lemon cake
with lemon glaze,
and lemon....

PS- And a sweet little 2 year old gave me the daffodils this morning! Two beautiful yellow surprises in one day.    Life is good.

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  1. Mmmmmm ... lovely - lemon curd for me please! x

  2. a fellow lemon lover here, too. those are 'ginormous'.


  3. I'll bring the tea. Get those lemon bars ready!!!

  4. I love lemons too. I just got some from a relative in AZ. GIANT. It's amazing.

    Hey, I think I saw won a giveaway on "Birdie Blue". I just found that blog today and happened to see you as her winner!

  5. Lemons seem so springy - and oh the wonderful things you can make with them. What a lucky girl you are.

  6. wow I can not imagine so many lemons and so big!

  7. What a lovely, bright, cheery post Gayle.

    Beautiful looking lemons, wish my tree would produce such wonderful specimens.

    Have fun juicing, squeezing and zesting those beauties.

    Claire :}

  8. Lemon bars & lemon curd, yum yum, & I use them in my home made tonic water recipe too before they go down the drain,LOL.

  9. What a lovely treat to view your blog today. The lemons look luscious and the daffodils are beautiful. How blessed you are! I loved what I saw so I signed right up to follow. I hope you can follow me back. So fun to read what everyone is up to.
    Blessings to you,

  10. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to meet other folks who love hammered aluminum. :-) Your lemons are sunny and delicious looking.

  11. What is it about lemons? There are like a bunch of sunshine, aren't they? I do love lemons. Thanks for sharing your sunshiny happiness!

  12. What a wonderful blessing, and I love lemons too, I use them in so many things, including in my chicken I baked tonight. Lol. Enjoy.

  13. I love lemon in food...especially lemon sponge cake! Have a lovely weekend xx

  14. I love anything lemon! I am envious of you and your box of lemons-LOL!! Enjoy!

  15. They're so pretty-just perfect! Enjoy and have fun cooking:@)

  16. I just love lemons. You'll have to try the Lemon Cloud Pie recipe at my blog. So good!


  17. what a pretty vignette you have created!
    I love that pitcher and I love lemons too, they make me happy too!

  18. I never saw such lemons. I also LOVE lemons, lemon cheesecake is one of my favorites.

  19. Love lemons! Now, I'm craving something lemon in it!


  20. Those look so good!!
    I love all of your plans for them:)

  21. Just wanted to say thank you for your message earlier - it's all too hard to take in right now and seems so unfair. I so enjoyed posting about Archie when he was little and looked forward to so many years to come - I'd just taken a video of him chasing his tail! Thanks again xx

  22. Oh yes, you are blessed. I actually have lemon envy!

    Blessings, Debbie

  23. Wow are you ever blessed..those lemons are amazing. Happy baking.xooxo

  24. Wow...those are some big lemons!! I love your dinner menu!! lol! What a sweet girl Jenny is!!

    Thanks for the advice on the hawks. The general advice has been to go out with the dogs and I think I will. I am just too worried. It's going to be a long summer!!

    Have a great weekend!


  25. I love Lemon! And I love Yellow! :)
    Such endless possibilities! :)

    You can link your Pringles can any time! I'm going to leave the linking tool active so you won't have to worry about it.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments. :)


  26. What a lovely giveaway you have won! Those are beautiful, big lemons.
    I love how you paired them with the very special daffodils and that pretty pitcher.

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog -- I really appreciate it.

    I agree 100% with everything you said about lemons. I have yet to find anything that doesn't improve with a little zest!

  28. Your jug is lovely! and the lemons so big!

  29. Everything is lemony perfect and lovely! Makes me happy just to look at the photos! And also makes me want to make something with LEMONS!

  30. LOVE lemon chicken, one of my fav dishes hands down.
    Now I was here earlier, but I scrolled down and got wrapped up in the covered bridges. Coming from Canada I was wondering where ours were. Well then I just went on and on and on.
    I LOVED Bridges of Madison County. One of my fav also.
    Ok must watch a movie now, wish I had that one on hand, but then it always made me reflect.
    Love Claudie

  31. I'm so enjoying your sunny disposition, my friend! It is contagious, you know!

    The lemons are wonder they make you happy!

    And I love your pottery pieces, as well!

  32. Yellow is my favorite color, so I love the yellow surprises too. And, we are crazy about anything lemon...the smell, the taste, the color. These are lovely photos.
    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad to have found you. :)

  33. I love lemons! this is a lovely vignette too. Hugs and sending wishes for a peaceful Sunday.

  34. Oh how Wonderful!!! Lemon anything is pure bliss in my opinion!!!
    Very nice:)

  35. Oh I aree ~ I love to smell lemon, and I love it in or on almost any food. Your display looks so pretty, and I love your pitcher. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  36. What a wonderful gift!
    So many lemons and so many possibilities - lucky you!
    Hope you enjoy them.

  37. Those lemons look delicious! I am sure they were very much appreciated.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  38. Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous. I LOVE lemons! I've been known to even eat them just plain out of the peel...but love them in ice water too! :)


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